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Turkey To Be Transformed As Erdogan Sworn In With Vastly Expanded Powers

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WEB Notes: Erdogan has been consolidating power for a number of years now. Looking at this from a more global scale, this will help the globalists in the long run consolidate power globally. Remember, Turkey is a part of the globalist system, they are even a part of NATO.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan will cap his years-long drive to transform Turkey’s government on Monday as he’s sworn in as an executive president with vastly expanded powers.

Erdogan, modern Turkey’s longest-serving ruler, will be sworn in at parliament late in the afternoon. In the evening, he’ll mark the inauguration of the presidential system at a grand reception attended by foreign dignitaries, before unveiling the members of a cabinet expected to be pared to 16 positions from the current 27.

The coronation of the presidential office as the nexus of political power takes place at a critical juncture. The 64-year-old president, who has governed since 2003, won a mandate in the June 24 elections to govern with sweeping new powers on the platform that a powerful presidential office would ensure stability in turbulent times. Those times have already arrived, with the economic boom he’s presided over threatening to turn into a bust, and a crackdown on dissent gaining new momentum.

Source: Turkey to Be Transformed as Erdogan Sworn in With Vastly Expanded Powers – Bloomberg Quint

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