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Alabama Putting God Back in Schools with Ten Commandments, ‘In God We Trust’ Displays

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WEB Notes: Go Bama! To those in the school system, I would highly encourage you to install these displays at your schools. Just a simple reminder of God in our daily life goes a long way, especially when we are surrounded by a world that walks contrary to His Ways.

Alabama public schools are hoping to bring God back into their schools by displaying the US motto “In God We Trust” on school buildings.

In February, the Alabama legislature approved a new law allowing such displays on public property, and now is giving schools the right to exhibit the motto as well.

The national motto, approved by Congress in 1956, is already displayed in 17 public venues in Alabama, and the Blount County school board plans to be the first to implement the motto in its schools.

Officials say the legislation is not a mandate, like what was approved by Tennessee lawmakers this spring requiring the motto to be on display inside all public schools.

Source: CBN

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