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Announcement: New Member Profiles And Comment Changes

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We are migrating our comment platform away from the Disqus comment solution we currently have in place. Going forward, comments will be hosted locally on our server using our software. This will go into effect on Monday, August 20th.

Why The Change?

Primarily, there are some administrative level concerns we have with the Disqus platform and how we retain user comments on our server. Your comments are an important asset to our site and we need to ensure we have the ability to back up your comments locally (on our site). While we have been able to do so with Disqus, the process was not ideal and questionable looking forward.

Additionally, with the addition of GDPR, the European Union (EU) law concerning privacy, Disqus added a few more checkboxes for Guest commenters to click on each time they want to comment. This makes it a bit more cumbersome for Guests to deal with, when other solutions could have been implemented.

What Do I Have To Do?

Nothing. Guest comments will be enabled on our local site.

You will still need to provide a name and email address in order to comment. This process helps fight spam and makes the moderation process easier and keeps our comments clean.

Your Disqus account will still remain active, we have no authority over Disqus accounts. You may continue to use your Disqus account after the change, just not on our site.

Are Recent Comments Staying?

Yes. Though, we will no longer display five comments at the bottom (footer) of our site. You will still find the “Recent Comments“ link there which will take you to the Recent Comments page as usual.

This decision was made in order to increase the speed of our site across all of our pages.

What Happens To Existing Comments?

They will stay on our site. However, since we did not have user profiles, the comments will not be tied to a specific user, but they will remain on each specific post they were originally published on.

New Member Profiles

With the removal of Disqus that means your Disqus member profile stays with Disqus, including your profile photo and they are not available on our site through our comment system. I do not like to take something away without providing another solution in its place.

With that, we have created Member Profiles on our site where readers can signup. You can use this account to comment if you like or simply create an account to share a little more about yourself with our Christian Community. Our Member Profiles will be private, so you will need an account to view our member profiles. They will not be available to the general public. This, of course, would include your comment history as well (aside from the most recent comments as mentioned above).

For readers who would like to create an account, we require a double opt-in process to avoid spam. This means once you register, you will receive an automated email from us. Open the email, click the link to confirm your registration and it is official, you are a member of World Events and the Bible’s Christian Community!

What Does A Member Profile Do?

Users who create a Member Profile will be able to upload a profile photo that will be visible next to their name when they comment on our site. Just like many of you have today.

With a profile we will also be able to migrate over your past comments into your new profile for your own reference and other members who like to read what you have to say.

Finally, Member Profiles will not only help to build up our growing Christian Community, but now, customize it.

Navigation Changes

Starting today, Friday, August 17th we have added a new item to our navigation bar toward the top of our site. It is labeled, “Login”.

For users who wish to create an account (Member Profile), they may do so by clicking that link or the link that appears under it labeled, “Register“.

Our “About” link navigation has been moved under “Home” for your reference.

After signup, you will need to “opt-in” as mentioned previously by clicking the email we will send you. You can then upload a photo and add what you wish to your profile. Profiles will not be used for commenting until Monday, August 20th when we make the comment change. But this will give you a few days to see if a Member Profile is a good idea for you and update it to your liking if so.

Note: Once you are logged in, instead of seeing the “Login” link, you will now see an “Account” link which will enable you to jump to your “Account” settings, “Members” area and of course “Logout“.

We hope you will enjoy the new comment platform and the added value Member Profiles will bring to our site. Our ears are always open, so please reach out if you would like to see additional fields placed within our Member Profiles. We can take this in a lot of directions, but will keep it basic for now.

Thank You,

Brandon T. Ward

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  1. well this wasn’t as hard as i thought, you know me, computer dumb, and when you say change, right away panic sets in. will do profile later in the game. thanks Brandon!

  2. Feels like a new home, really like the format Brandon. seems more private and secure, excellent idea!!

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