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Conservatives Call For Constitutional Intervention Last Seen 230 Years Ago

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WEB Notes: This is not the first call for a Constitutional Convention and it certainly will not be the last. Why do they want to have one you are asking, I just know it. Well here is why according to the article, “Lawmakers push for ‘constitutional convention’ to restrict federal government – and it’s not as far fetched as it sounds“. Now come on really…

When was the last time you heard about government trying to give up power? Give me a break already. These turkeys cannot follow the laws of the land already, what do you think they are going to do to the Constitution if they are given and eraser and a pen. I will tell you what they are going to do, erase the last of your rights, but they will make it sound ohhh so sweet. Don’t you worry your barbie doll head over that one.

To any American who knows a lick about the Constitution you understand the Federal Government is already limited. Our founding documents make that, very, very clear to a person with common sense. So the only reason to open the Constitution is to make radical changes.

Bad idea, horrible idea.

It’s been more than 230 years since America’s last constitutional convention, but there is growing confidence in some conservative circles that the next one is right around the corner – and could spell disaster for entitlement programs like medicare and social security, as well court decisions like Roe v Wade.

“I think we’re three or four years away,” said the former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn on Friday, speaking at the annual convention for American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec) – a powerful rightwing organization that links corporate lobbyists with state lawmakers from across the country.

Coburn, a veteran Republican lawmaker, now works as a senior adviser for the advocacy group Convention of States, which seeks to use a little known clause in article V of the US constitution to call a constitutional convention for new amendments to dramatically restrict the power of the federal government.

Source: Conservatives call for constitutional intervention last seen 230 years ago | US news | The Guardian

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    Well said Brandon. 🙄🙄😁😁

  2. nice going Brandon, don’t think any of us could of said it better!

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