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Lodi Teen Kicked Out Of Class Over NRA Shirt 

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WEB Notes: Don’t play that “its a California problem” with me. This is transpiring all over our country and no one is doing a darn thing about it. My Georgia friends were just telling me they have to make sure their kids do not wear offensive shirts to school or they get the boot for the day. Offensive includes firearm shirts or even words that reference firearms.

An angry mother is speaking out after she says a Lodi High School history teacher targeted students wearing T-shirts advertising the National Rifle Association.

“She was basically being attacked in class,” said mother Charlene Craig.

Two sophomores were wearing the NRA shirts when they say they were singled out in class by their teacher, who started schooling them on why guns are bad.

Source: Lodi Teen Kicked Out Of Class Over NRA Shirt « CBS Sacramento

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  1. But yet it’s o.k. to kneel in the stadium against the National Athem while paid by your employer! Where else does that happen!

    Put your shirt back on at the sidewalk and stand strong! Always put the Lord first! 😁👍👊

  2. next to come is uniforms for all, so everyone is the same.

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