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Why South Carolina Is Abandoning Its Churches

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WEB Notes: They never really answered the question. People do not note why they stopped attending church in polls or the last time they enter the church doorway, they simply are no longer attracted to the message. Why is the question?…

It has a lot to do with what is taught these days and how the Gospel message is delivered. You could have the whole truth, but if you are unable to relay it to the people of our time, they are not going to receive the message.

You have to be intuned with the modern era. You have to use the tools of the modern era and go to the people. Just like in the days of old. Go to the people, give them that message at their level and then they will come to Christ.

South Carolina churches are shedding thousands of members a year, even as the state’s population grows by tens of thousands.

In the place we call the Bible Belt, where generations have hung their hats on their church-going nature and faithful traditions, an increasing trend of shrinking church attendance — and increasing church closings — signals a fundamental culture shift in South Carolina.

At least 97 Protestant churches across South Carolina have closed since 2011, according to data from the Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Methodist and Southern Baptist denominations. An untold number of other closings, certainly, are not captured by these statistics.

Source: SC churches seek lifelines as attendance drops, closures rise | The State

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  1. ive been looking for years for a church to lean on, but no good, the biggest problem is nobody is teaching the true,i been to church of christ, bap,meth and others no truth, all wonder why there churchs are empty, they dont understand truth i alwaays ask wy jesus wept at luz death,,he felt so sorry??? they didnt understand who jesus really was! plus they didnt then and dont today understand that jesus is the resion and the dont understand it today, they have everybody out here in the hole in the ground,my JESUS says i shall never die, amen

  2. My previous post on Harvard study…

    I believe there are many out their who are counted as myself, a decrease in the statistical number toward the Fed up social club fallacy that diminishes the attendance of church assembly. That being. I DO count myself a DISCONNECT toward the manifest immorality, or unrighteousness within the failings of the 5 churches mentioned in dislike by Yeshua our savior! In addition to the atheistic, agnostic and new age cultic surrounding of any such existence. Be it from the pulpit, or in my physical surroundings. I want NO part in it! And have not for many years. That which Christ spoke of in the book of Revelations. That being! I had no other place to attend but here and the Shepherd’s Chapel. For 27 years I have clinged only to the 2 which I believe to be the Church of Philadelphia and Smyrna! How many out their hold this view? God only knows! I hope it to be many! And I have fought to bring truth to the lives of many with success and failure as it is, or is not meant to be within our Father’s will? Those of free will, or those chosen…

    Where two, or more be present in the Word. Their be the Holy Spirit! If anyone reads this! In the many membered body of Christ WE be! The Assembly of Christ, the Church as we know it! Hallelujah! 😁👍👊

  3. in the article it stated that the Catholic church has grown, i wonder why that is? could it be also that they are accepting of Lgbtq? I believe that in this world we live in now the church should be focusing on the end times, i am not saying that we should stop learning about God and the bible, but we should be focusing on what we are suppose to do in these trying and interesting times we live in.

    • I hear what you are saying Gwen. However, there is something else to consider. The young in Christ and the non-believers who may become future Christians to a large degree do not care about the end times, at least not in their present state of mind. The end times is so far over their head they don’t know what to think. Even for many, many seasoned Christians.

      I think all of it is important, we focus on the end times here as not many understand the end times as I just stated and even a smaller number of churches teach it. It certainly is an important subject, but so is the rest of the Word. Unfortunately, not many churches get that right either, but for th but ones who are trying their best God Bless them.

  4. some people get tired of “reruns”—reruns of milk milk milk. Very little meat as all/most are just taught to “just believe and you are alright” or a salvation message. so if one is saved, why keep going to church? It is a good satanic arrow. The cities and flesh offer the sea so much more than reruns.

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