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America Moves Closer To Being A Cashless Society

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WEB Notes: Personally, I am not going to shop at a place that forces me into using some app to pay for my purchase. If cash or plastic does not work, so sorry on to the next store, for now. I understand why some companies prefer this payment method. There is no cash to account for and count, no worries of it being stolen by an employee and the list goes on. Even so, enabling a policy that is cashless only, is a grave mistake.

If you want to buy a beer at Flatstick pub in Seattle, don’t whip out a $10 bill to pay—you’ll walk away thirsty. Flatstick, a hot new mini-chain in the Pacific Northwest, doesn’t take cash. Neither does Bluestone Lane, a coffee chain with locations in New York, Philly and D.C. Patrons there have to pay with plastic or an app called LevelUp. Want to grab a Sweetgreen salad for lunch with cash? No can-do at many locations.

Cashless commerce is popping up around the country, particularly in restaurants catering to a younger crowd, which is likely to leave home without any greenbacks, or even a wallet, and instead choose to live life with a smartphone and a few credit or debit cards attached.

Businesses who’ve gone cashless rave about the results. Flatstick owner Sam Largent told me plastic-only reduces error rates during times of complex accounting, such as calculating tips when shifts change.

Source: America moves closer to being a cashless society – MarketWatch

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  1. ah ha! now we know why “obamaphones” were given away! I don’t use the phone much and only have 1 or 2 apps.

  2. Wow, businesses can just charge whatever they want if low on cash, that ought to make things easier for them, as I have just been charged fraudulent amounts by paypal as they had one of my bank account numbers. I just found this out, have no idea what it is for, but definitely not mine, so cannot imagine just how bad this could get for everyone who works and has no time to fight these fraudulent charges.
    Good luck.

    • You can dispute that charge. I would encourage you to do that. I prefer credit cards for making our purchases. Pay the balance in full each month and any disputes or fraud charges are handled appropriately by the good credit card companies. Helps to protect your personal bank account.

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