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Many Populations Fear Big Job Loss From Automation

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WEB Notes: Technology and automation are amazing. Unfortunately, it can be used and has been used to boot people out of the work force. You will recall in the 60s we use to have real live operators that would “patch” your phone calls…

Those days are long gone and a lot of people were replaced by machines. That did open up new doors for new jobs, higher skilled I might add.

But overall, and where technology is today. Automation is taking its toll. There is not a whole lot you can do about it, naturally, a company wants to produce more profit.

I tell you what…

Never, ever let the news scare you or get you all wound up.

Do be aware of the events of our world and always keep that line of Communication open with your Father. I am talking about prayer.

The world is going to do what the world will do. Even so, our Father is more than capable of keeping and preserving you and your family.

Understand that. Believe that. Know that, (Psalms 121:7-8).

The public is broadly fearful that automation will lead to significant job losses, with many populations skeptical the technologies will boost economic efficiency, according to a survey of 10 countries released Thursday.

The survey, by the Pew Research Center, revealed some variation among the countries polled, with Greece, South Africa and Argentina expressing the highest degree of certainty on the displacement of human workers by technology.

But large majorities in all 10 countries agreed that automation would “definitely” or “probably” lead to significant job losses. The lowest percentage was the United States, with 65 percent, the report said.

Source: Flash – Many populations fear big job loss from automation: survey – France 24

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