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Parents Upset Over Active Shooter Drill Done ‘To Expose Students To Sound Of Gunfire’

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WEB Notes: “Active shooter” drills are all about keeping you and your family in a constant state of fear. Do you know how rare a school shooting is? If they want these kids to get used to the sound of a firearm, how about a firearms class. Fear and hype and how many are going to be sucked into this thinking it is a good thing?

At Bethel Park High School on Thursday, an active shooter drill is scheduled to get underway during an extended third period class.

This drill will include the sound of gunfire, but blanks will be fired, not real bullets. School Police and Bethel Park Police will conduct the exercise.

Nanette Adams has a son who just this year enrolled in the High School. She and some other parents contacted KDKA-TV News saying they were concerned about the drill; more specifically, the fact that blanks were bring used.

Source: Parents Upset Over Active Shooter Drill Done ‘To Expose Students To Sound Of Gunfire’ « CBS Pittsburgh

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  1. I am old enough to remember the ‘duck and cover’ drills in our schools during the Cold War and later the Cuban Missle Crisis. The sound of sirens blaring made my heart pound but we immediately knew what to do.
    Although my school was very rural, and the the possibility of an attack
    remote, I thought it to be a real possibility. It was frightening.
    Gun safety is not what we’re talking about here, which I am for, but students are not going to be carrying firearms. I don’t think empowering our teachers and students with knowlege and a plan, should a shooter enter a school, is a bad idea.

  2. More negative indoctrination of coarse! Not the right path! Yah think they would let the NRA come and train them on the issue in schools? NOT! That’s not their agenda!

    • Great point Todd.

      There are many in our community who would love to come and educate our youth the right way concerning gun safety and general knowledge of firearms. We do not need to be taught to run and hide, but how to defend ourselves and our families.

    • NRA? Excellent choice for teaching our youth about firearms. Of course your correct in your assessment. Imagine the media uproar if the NRA tried to get their knowledge and instructors into our public schools.

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