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U.S. Judge Strikes Down Texas Law Requiring Burial or Cremation of Aborted Babies

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WEB Notes: So a Federal Judge overruled state law. What happened to the right of the states? What a lack of value for life here. If the baby is murdered by a doctor, it is discarded as “medical waste”. Lord have mercy on our souls.

Last week, U.S. District Judge David Ezra struck down a Texas law that would require hospitals and clinics to bury or cremate fetal remains of pre-born babies instead of discarding them as medical waste.

In the 53-page ruling, Ezra said, that requiring this would place a burden on a woman’s “right” to an abortion.

“[T]he court finds the challenged laws impose significant burdens on women seeking an abortion or experiencing pregnancy loss (1) by requiring women’s healthcare facilities to use unreliable and nonviable waste disposal options and thus reducing access to abortion in Texas and (2) by enshrining one view of the status of and respect that should be given to embryonic and fetal tissue remains thereby burdening a woman’s abortion decision,” he wrote.

“At worst,” he said, “the challenged laws intrude into the realm of constitutional protection afforded to ‘personal decisions concerning not only the meaning of procreation but also human responsibility and respect for it.”

Source: U.S. Judge Strikes Down Law Requiring Burial or Cremation of Aborted Babies – Christian News Headlines

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  1. that’s kind of how sin path does—truth cannot jump the path….its deadlocked.

  2. of course, i mean that would be calling murdering an unborn in the womb as the unborn is a person with a soul. they can’t have that and still keep abortion/murder on the books.

    • 500,000 babies are ripped from their mother’s womb every year in the US.
      The numbers alone are a testament to the level of ignorance, greed and evil
      there is in this world. If a waoman ‘wants’ a child, all medical precautions are taken to protect that life, including supplements, medications, and x- ray precautions to name a few. If on life support, a mother is sustained until the baby is born. In states where capital punishment is legal, a woman would not be put to death until her unborn child could be delivered. If
      a pregnant woman should be murdered, her murderer faces two indictments, not one. If the unborn are not medically and legally ‘babies’ –
      why all the precautions? I guess in our society today it’s a baby when you want it and not if you don’t. There’s a reason why ‘ Planned Parenthood’ won’t show an ultrasound or let a prospective ‘client ‘ listen to a heartbeat. Many women today have been indoctrinated to believe the Pro Choice movement empowers them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Centuries before Christianity, societies of old recognized women carried ‘babies.’ Now some 2,000 years after the birth of Christ, our society isn’t sure??? There is no reasoning behind any of this controversy. The Bible makes it clear. Life begins at conception.

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