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Hebrew Inscription On 3,000 Year Old Jar Could Redraw Borders Of Ancient Israel

WEB Notes: There is so much evidence that points to Hebrew roots in Israel. Anyone who thinks the Bible is untrue really has not looked hard enough at history…

So then one should ask, who are the Hebrews

Nearly 3,000 years ago, a scribe inked a single Hebrew word on a large jar filled with wine or something else, which had been stored in a building at Abel Beth Maacah, an ancient settlement at the northern tip of today’s Israel. Now archaeologists have found it. That one word in an “unexpected” place could redraw the map of the ancient kingdom of Israel in the 10th-9th century B.C.E., showing it may have stretched farther north than is currently supposed.

There is a big debate among archaeologists on whether Abel Beth Maacah, which is mentioned in the Bible three times, was under the control of Israel, the Phoenicians, the Arameans, or was independent during this period.

Source: Hebrew inscription on a jar could redraw borders of ancient Israel – Archaeology –


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