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Starbucks Partners With Organization Promoting Sex-Changes For Minors

WEB Notes: The wife says no one is happy with who they are anymore. Isn’t that the truth. Hey, many have always wanted to look like that Hollywood so and so, but now we want to change our actual identity, not get a trendy new haircut…

So let me ask Starbucks lovers…

Is your cup of coffee worth this?

How do you feel about supporting a company who is spreading confusion and making it mainstream? This company is against God and Guns to boot. Any person or company against those things is against freedom.

But hey, its early in the morning. You like coffee and they make it. Will you still support them knowing it is going to causes that stand against your Christian faith?

I sure hope not.

Starbucks has launched a new transgender-friendly commercial and campaign that will benefit a controversial British charity that supports overturning the age limit when children can receive cross-sex hormones.

The #WhatsYourName campaign features an ad showing a transgender boy being called “Jemma” by friends and acquaintances until arriving at a Starbucks, where an employee asks, “And what’s your name?”

“James,” the transgender boy answers.

Source: Starbucks Partners with Organization Promoting Sex-Changes for Minors – Michael Foust


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  1. I tried Starbucks coffee when i was in San Fran about 10 years ago… it’s feral stuff… brew your own coffee I say! Cold drip using single origin beans is ideal, no sugar or milk needed at all 😃

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