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California Orders All 40M Californians To Stay Home In Nation’s Strictest State Lockdown

WEB Notes: Little by little, in just two weeks, we have arrived at this point in history. California has 19 dead from the coronavirus out of 40 million people. Most of those people already had health issues and would have died due to the seasonal flu…

Yet, big brother has put on his kicking boots. If you leave your home in California, you will be fined unless it is for food or medicine. Did you ever think you would live to see the day? You are living through world history.

Our nation is being locked down slowly but surely and the men of this nation are going down with a whimper. I remember those big boys always telling me how tough they were, and how they would never stand for the government to take away their rights.

Well, they keep on allowing it, and it turns out those big tough guys were not so tough after all. Big mouths are never tough, they just have big mouths.

Now those little boys are hiding because of an “invisible enemy”. I am sorry folks, I just hate talkers who cannot back up their words.

All in all, this documents for us once again. How a population can be conditioned to except any scenario presented to them. They willingly back down and accept their new condition to escape harm, and for peace and safety.

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday ordered California’s nearly 40 million residents to stay home, making it the first state to impose that strict mandate on all residents to counteract a looming surge of new infections.

The order takes effect immediately and remains in place “until further notice.” Californians are not allowed to leave home except for essential purposes. They are allowed to purchase groceries, prescriptions and health care, as well as commute to jobs deemed essential.

Source: Newsom orders all 40M Californians to stay home in nation’s strictest state lockdown


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  1. I’m amazed at how many of my friends and acquaintances in the sciences have been overrun by the socialist agenda… some actual quotes:

    Re: closing schools
    “It is a hard decision for families to make so I think the govt should close them.”
    Apparently the people cannot think for themselves and need the nanny state.

    “I just wish the elderly would take it seriously and stay at home. So many of them out and about yesterday…. noone was practise social distancing!!”

    We went to a smaller supermarket to pick up dinner stuff and I saw one of the managers marking out huge x’s and arrows on the floor with coloured tape… I didn’t get it so asked what she was doing and she just said ‘social distancing’. I laughed at the floor markings and received a death stare…

    Though it will be interesting how things turn out in Australia as we have a good percentage of society with strong traits of “She’ll be right mate” and a dislike of the authorities (police/nanny state)… interesting times…

    The media/govt is saying the virus won’t peak till June in Australia so we’ve got two whole months of this escalation to witness.

    • You seem to receive the same response from the educated that I received from the general population. We don’t say, “She’ll be right mate”, but we have our own saying and that is what I heard. It will be okay, they will figure it out. Right after the gentlemen explained he understood the seasonal flu kills more. I let a guy talk without trying to influence him to see how he took it all in.

      All people can do is accept the situation they are in without question. That really sums it up.

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