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IMF: Coronavirus May Cause Global Recession, Worse Than Global Financial Crisis

WEB Notes: No! Really? Of course! You would have to be a fool not to recognize that by now. Folks, all these global organizations are doing is reading you the script…

What happened to common sense?

President Trump has none.

He showed some signs of intelligence in the beginning when he tweeted the coronavirus was overblown, but that changed because of his handlers. Now he is saying the country will open back up in weeks, not months.

Well, guess what?

The damage is done buddy, but it will become worse. Look what the oil execs are saying… This is only the beginning of economic pain. Trump needs to fire all these quacks people call leaders. His surgeon general said this week, it is going to be bad with reference to the coronavirus.

You mean to tell me in the 3-4 weeks since this kicked off 500 dead Americans is bad compared to the seasonal flu that has now killed over 40,000? Where are the brains!

Churches, do your pastors not have brains? Stoping reacting to what you are told and use your brain! 500 people have died in this country and the states and Federal Government have locked it down. No one is questioning why we have shut down a nation over the coronavirus, all they do is go with the motions.

That is a sheep. Sheep get led to the slaughter.

Folks, this is not about politics. I cannot stress that enough. This is about doing what is right. If our leaders were doing right, our nation and world for that matter would not be shut down. Trump is a business man, he knows shutting down things will crash the economy. No one is that stupid. I have liked some of the things the President has said, he has shown flashes of wanting to do the right thing. But he is not due to those around him. Read: The Planned Financial Collapse Of The World

Economists at the International Monetary Fund now expect a global recession this year as a result of the coronavirus that could be worse than during the global financial crisis, the global financial institution’s leader said Monday. In a statement after a conference call with G-20 finance leaders, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said 80 countries have requested emergency IMF help. The IMF is also considering making an SDR allocation to add liquidity to the global economic system as it did during the financial crisis. The move would supplement IMF members’ foreign exchange reserves. Georgieva said more swap lines are needed with emerging market countries. She said the IMF was considering its own IMF-swap type facility.

Source: IMF says coronavirus may cause a global recession that is worse during global financial crisis – MarketWatch


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