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Trump Eyes Grounding Jets, Halting Stock Trading, And Ordering Shelter In Place

WEB Notes: Do you see how they have laid this all out for you? Both political parties, yes, so that includes your favorite one so pay very close attention to what is transpiring…

To even think the President is considering locking down the entire nation shows how far our government has lost it. Civil liberties goodbye, all in the name of peace and safety.

The coronavirus is being blown out of proportion to steal power from the people. To steal their wealth and maybe even their sovereignty. That is yet to be decided.

The governments have scared the people into submission. Do you see how this has unfolded so far?

Businesses and cities began to shut down, then some states. This all continues to build in the American mind and it becomes more acceptable to you by the day. Now comes the big lockdown over a virus that has killed 150 Americans. At a time when the seasonal flu has killed 38,000!

You notice we never have a seasonal panic over the flu, but when 150 people die over the coronavirus, it’s like its the end of the world.

On another note, these vermin we call elected representatives were tipped off about this whole mess and sold off their stocks before the economic collapse. They sure care about you Mr. and Mrs. America.

One of the vermin is a Republican named Burr, the other that we know about so far is another Republican named Kelly Loeffler. These are vermin who only care about themselves and used their positions of power to obtain wealth and used privileged information to save their own skin.

What about your skin?

Only a couple Republicans have been caught, but you better believe many of the Rs and Ds have done this thing to you.

But I am sure we are more than willing to let the rest of our outstanding representatives make decisions that will forever change our nation (insert sarcasm).

The Trump administration, moving quickly to halt the spread of the coronavirus, is seriously considering grounding all passenger air traffic for up to 30 days, temporarily halting stock trading on Wall Street, and imposing a shelter-in-place rule, according to officials.

Key officials have begun alerting industry leaders, Capitol Hill, and agencies that the “radical” plan could come early next week if the warlike efforts to stop the spread of the virus fail.

On Thursday, the administration began to prepare the nation for 9/11-style moves when the State Department issued a “Level Four” warning against traveling overseas. The warning is the most severe that the department has.

Source: Trump eyes grounding jets, halting stock trading, and ordering shelter in place


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