U.S. President Donald Trump called to re-open the nation before Easter. “Would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter,” Trump said.

Trump: Open By Easter

VP Mike Pence said the Federal Government would respect the states who continue their own containment policies. A statement made during yesterday’s Fox News Town Hall.

I find it ironic how the Federal Government is concerned about states rights. Any other time, the Federal Government lays down the iron boot to states rights.

This whole government shutdown is a self-created crisis, and everyone within our government is to blame for this. Simply meaning, the Coronavirus has been made out to be more than what it is, (see: The Coronavirus Fiasco).

Worse yet, the focus on Easter, which features bunnies and eggs, traditions the church acquired from heathen practices, (see: Is The Easter Holiday Biblical, How Does God Feel About It?).

US Record Bailout

If you were purposely trying to destroy the United States, you would shut down the economy for an extended period. Then you would bail out the failed companies with Monopoly money, and that is exactly what we are witnessing right now. This will not solve the problem, it papers it over.

You will typically find the new government bailout listed as $2 trillion dollars, however, it actually stands at $6 trillion due to an additional $4 trillion that will be issued by the not so Federal Reserve.

Listen to our government officials tell the tale…

Government To Bailout Almost Everyone Out

Hey, big brother promises to save you a slice of apple pie! That is unless you are an entrepreneur. I see nothing in the bill for private business, but hey, those fat cat airline companies will receive $50 billion dollars!

Let me tell you what. I save money for rainy days. It is pouring outside! So why couldn’t these big companies who make billions do the same? Please do not make excuses for them, it only compounds the problem.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite Senator Chuck Schumer tells us, if you lose your job, big brother will pay your full wages for four months.

Don’t you feel blessed?

The government will save you, oh dear heavens where have I heard that message before. Oh yeah, Satan is going to sing you the same tune while claiming to be God, but I digress, let’s hear about it from the donkey’s mouth, (2 Thessalonians 2).


No manufactured Coronavirus Pandemic article would be complete without telling you who else is hurting financially.

The retail sector is having it’s worst month ever. General Motors is tapping $16 billion in credit, yes acquiring more debt to stay afloat.

What about other nations?

The Eurozone as they calling it, is undergoing its largest business collapse ever.

This manufactured crisis is so bad, the G7 nations have said, they will do ‘whatever is necessary’ to save the financially bankrupt system.

Finally, India has moved to lock down their nation over Coronavirus, one of the most strict lockdowns in the world.


God gave you a brain to think for yourself. To our younger readers, if you recall the events of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, then you understand the world all collapsed at the same time.

To everyone, is that not coincidental?

It was by design due to globalization.

Together, the world was bailed out. Governments became more insolvent, along with businesses and red-blooded Americans.

Today, the world is all reacting in the same fashion to a manufactured crisis. The nations of the world have shut down their businesses and economies which obviously creates joblessness and destroys businesses.

Accident? Coincidence?

Not a chance.

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