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UK Coronavirus Lockdown: ‘If You Don’t Follow the Rules, the Police Will Have the Powers to Enforce Them’

WEB Notes: I hope you notice that so called “Populist” leaders (read it) have been some of the first to use extreme measures to lock down their countries…

Watch this video of the British PM tell you not to gather, no more church or baptism and so on. You tell me that is okay. You tell me it is worth giving the government such power, all in the name of a virus that has killed less globally than have died in the US due to the seasonal flu.

We should also mention, the world has even cancelled the Olympics which do not start until the end of July.

People have been talking about the movie 1984 for years, people have been talking about big brother for years.

Where have you all gone?

It is here.

Additional Reading:

The British government has ordered people to stay in their homes and only to leave in a very limited number of circumstances, as well as banning public gatherings of more than two people in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Addressing the nation on Monday evening after a three-hour meeting of the government COBRA emergency planning group, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that measures announced so far — which included ordering pubs, bars, and restaurants to close and advising the public to stay at home — were no longer enough to prevent coronavirus spreading through the country too quickly.

Source: UK Govt Announces Police-Enforced Coronavirus Lockdown


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  1. I totally agree with you on this. I’ve said all along this was planned and about government control. But most are just following the masses, like sheep to thd slaughter.

    • Jeannine, thank you for your readership. I am glad you are asking questions and understand. Since you are one of those, ensure you try and help people understand. Tactfully help them think and understand if the situation presents itself. People will also be looking for spiritual help, you can help out in your own way there. Pray about it. I encourage all readers to take this step. Many of you have been practicing your Christian faith all your life, now you are going to put it to the test. Will you stand with us?

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