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COVID-19 Summary & Facts

There has been so much news about the Coronavirus, we have become inundated with headlines, and we forget which articles matter most. So we have consolidated our most important articles into this post for easy reference. We will pin this to the sidebar.

CDC Facts And Information

Second Wave


Information from the CDC and other official sources.

Other Facts

Government Tyranny

Our entire nation has been locked down over a virus that has killed far less people than the Seasonal Flu. Watch this video about the Coronavirus and listen to quote after quote from the CDC explaining this virus is not that bad. Government has no right to stop our lives.

Financial Collapse

Note the article below about “Fallen Angel” bonds. The Bank of England also took over the entire British bond market. Coordinated efforts across the globe, this is not an accident.

Vaccines & ID

As we have seen, the powers that be have presented a problem to the world known as COVID-19. Therefore, they have come up with a solution that has been to remove your rights locking you down in your home. This has collapsed the global economy. Next comes salvation from your troubles, they are working on a vaccine. How far will it go…

New World Order

The Bible clearly explains, there will be a global government, that will eventually be led by Satan who is the Antichrist. We are now witnessing the greatest push for that in human history. God’s Word is Alive.

COVID-19 And God

COVID-19 is not from God, if it was a plague from God millions upon millions would be dead. That is not the case, not even close. Further, it is not documented in the Bible. Stick to the Bible, not man.


Whatever you believe, however, you feel about this situation now presented to us. Do not leave God out of your life. He is always there for you, but you have to knock on His Door and ask Him into your life.


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