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650,000 Die From Seasonal Flu Globally

That is right, every year, up to 650,000 people die globally from the Seasonal Flu. These numbers come right from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Yet, the Coronavirus has only killed 224,000 globally according to the WHO.

That means, Coronavirus has killed about a 1/3 less than the Seasonal Flu. Yet, we do not lock down the world over the Seasonal Flu do we?

Of course not.

Folks, I keep pointing this stuff out so you understand we are living through an unprecedented time in world history. This is a great con, a lie perpetrated on the people to obtain an agenda.

You read, The Planned Financial Collapse Of The World. You understand the history there.

The world order that was established in the 1940s looks to be about over, that is where we are. Everyone is talking about this. It is all over the news. Each day, I find more and more articles talking about a new world order.

Here is a quote from a CEO in India,

There will surely be a new world order in place and we should prepare for it.

The article is just about his daily life, but he had to throw that in there. It is becoming obvious, plain as day this is coming.

A part of me still has a hard time believing it myself. Could we really live at a point in history to see such a thing, considering its Biblical implications?

I feel the question will answer itself to a large degree in the coming months. If the trends continue as they are today, it will be nearly certain.


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