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Friday: Preparing Our Households For The Tribulation

On Friday, we will release a complete re-write of our 2015 commentary, Preparing Our Household For The Tribulation.

This re-write was inspired by a lot of peoples renewed interest in this topic. Not to mention how much our world has changed since 2015. I think it is an appropriate time to revisit this subject. As always, read with discernment and use your own judgement.

This article will no longer be considered a commentary, but Bible study, as we have doubled the size of the article which primarily focuses on Scripture now. On Friday, the existing article will be updated, and pinned to the top of our site.

Thank you,

Brandon T. Ward


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  1. Dear Brandon
    THANK YOU so VERY much for all you have done to help educate folks, I am surprised how much this little town in montana has fallen for this scare the government has tried to impose upon our brains. Normally Montanain’s are very independent folks but not this time, they have swallowed it hook, line and sinker, so sad. I have been trying to convince my son that this is baloney and the government is just pulling the wool over our eyes, I think we are making some progress.
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done. Thank you, sincerely, Rebecca

    • Hey you are very welcome, thank you for reading along. Keep working on your son! We were a bit surprised by some of the panic Montana bought into as well. Unfortunately, it has captivated everyone. “An invisible enemy”, man if they would have came up with this one years ago, they would have never needed 9/11.

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