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Michigan Protesters Storm Capitol Thursday Against Governor’s Stay At Home Order

These people are getting it done in a peaceful manner. The one and only thing the globalists fear is you. If you play the role of cattle, that is what they like. When you stand up, they are overcome with great fear.


It throws a snag in their plan. As long as we are complacent and do as we are instructed that is a-okay. Yet, we know they are breaking our laws, by implementing unlawful orders. We cannot comply with those unlawful orders.

That is the key here folks, these are unlawful orders. Do not forget that.

So unlawful in fact, the lower levels of government in Michigan have had enough. Instead of extending the Governor’s lockdown, they rejected it, and are voting to sue Gov. Whitmer.

These members of the Michigan government are doing it as the people are standing up and claiming their rights. These are not anarchists and do not let anyone tell you that. These are law-abiding citizens who do not like tyrants ruling over them.

Some of the protestors signs read,

  • “Shut down the lockdown”
  • “No work no freedom”
  • “Tyrants get the rope”

These people are ticked off.

They love their country, and they do not want to see it overrun by some new agenda. That is what is unfolding before our eyes. The coming months are going to be very telling for our future.


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