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Trump Is Rushing A Coronavirus Vaccine

Previously, Trump’s top medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci stated it would take at least 12-18 months to bring a Coronavirus vaccine to market. That was a very ambitious time frame, yet, they have shortened the time even more.

Vaccine Before The End Of Year

Bloomberg explains the new rush for a vaccine will cost billions of taxpayer dollars,

And it will almost certainly result in significant waste by making inoculations at scale before knowing if they’ll be safe and effective — meaning that vaccines that fail will be useless. But it could mean having doses of vaccine available for the American public by the end of this year, instead of by next summer.

The vaccine will not be properly vetted for safety. The article also states the vaccine that does not work, will be useless…

How about the word “harmful”?

If the vaccine is not properly tested, it will not only be useless, but potentially harmful to the American people.

Remember the Swine Flu Vaccine Fraud Of 1976?

Even well-tested vaccines have been proven to cause harm to people. There are numerous lawsuits that have been filed and won by those who have received such inoculations.

Government In Charge Of Testing

Bloomberg also states,

The group is also discussing the use of what’s known as a master protocol to test the vaccines. Instead of multiple clinical trials run by each drugmaker, competing for patients and resources, the government would organize one large trial to test several vaccines at once and advance the most promising ones.

Anything government touches goes south, just as the Postal Service and so many other government programs. Is this something government should be involved with considering past fiasco’s like the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976 and 2009?

Light Speed Vaccine Testing

But even Fauci’s prospective 12-to-18-month timetable would be years faster than typical vaccine development. A vaccine for the Ebola virus that went into clinical trials in 2014 received approval from U.S. regulators in December — a five-year effort considered remarkable for its speed.

So we can see, the Ebola vaccine took five years to develop and test before it was considered safe to use. Five years, and that was considered fast.

Now our government is talking about developing a vaccine and having it ready for use in less than a year?

Does anyone else find a problem with that?

The goal is to have 300 million doses of this vaccine available before January. There are roughly 330 million Americans, so they are producing enough vaccine for nearly everyone in the country.

Very disturbing.

Will Vaccination Work?

We should understand how vaccines work.

A vaccine consists of a live weakened virus. The idea is to get the body to build a defense against the virus without having to get sick.

This is when you become immune to an illness, and the point of a vaccine.

Yet, the World Health Organization has stated, there is no evidence you can become immune to Coronavirus. If there is no evidence, then why are governments around the globe pursuing a vaccine?

If you cannot become immune, then a vaccine is worthless. The first line of testing should be to see if one can become immune. We have all read the news reports about people getting Coronavirus twice, and living to tell I might add.

In fact, the survival rate of the Coronavirus is 99.9%. So why are we rushing a vaccine, when there is no proof it will even work?


The most disturbing part of all of this for me is how they have presented everything to the American people.

First Dr. Fauci said the Coronavirus could become seasonal. Then, that became an accepted fact, and the pursuit of a vaccine began.

Now the news media is reporting the Coronavirus is not going to go away…


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