Brandon, I Went To A Health Freedom Rally!

Just a few days ago, I woke up to an email from Mr. Antonio G. He’s a long-time reader who has been vocal about standing up against the tyranny we face these days. He wanted to let me know, he attended a Health Freedom rally in Illinois.

It was pretty inspiring, hearing from a reader who made the decision to attend one of these rallies. He said it was actually set up by one of his friends who did a fantastic job from Antonio’s report. So without further ado, let me share one of his emails with you.

Hi Brandon,

Yep! Those pics were taken from me. The meeting was in a very fancy barn (yes I said fancy, lol)

It was very educational. They had Doctors and other medical experts. Some Lawyers and local citizens ready to run for office. They informed about reaching out to to certain lawyers for religious exemptions forms. Also contact informations to Dr. who are willing to give us ivermectin and other medicine besides vaccines. They also educated the crowd on other ways to treat covid, because we know we will all get it one way or another. The important use of supplement vitamins, rest, and exercise.

Ever heard the Vegas system? That one is a new one to me. If you do, please will you let me know?? Lol

They also talked about how useless mask are and had a demonstration. Even with a 95 mask.

They even talked about the immigration problem and how stupid Biden is for doing that.

They also talked about China, good merit system, depending how good of citizen you are, you’ll get good paid. And how that will come to America if we don’t make a stand against it.

I would say a few hundred people showed up and it was very big crowd. And we all listened and talked. My friend Jessica really put this thing together really nicely. I know a few people who want to go to the next event. Maybe I’ll take better pics. Lol

I had to share with you to show you that even in Illinois there are people willing stand and fight against this crap.

Lastly, like I said, most of the stuff they shared was stuff I learned from your site. So thank you for digging deep on this and helping us. Hearing the speakers talk was a 2nd witness. So I appreciate your time and education. Thank you.

God bless you,

Antonio G

Event Flyer

Brandon: Thanks Antonio!

That is fantastic stuff right here.

We need everyone to get involved in these local events. Just getting together, and talking about these things can set our minds at ease. It helps us understand, we are not alone. Hey, if we turn on the news, they are not covering these venues. It’s not popular and goes against the narrative.

So this was very encouraging.

It was great to hear that some of the people are going to run for office. That is exactly what we need at this point, good people running for office. Without that, evil will continue to triumph.

I also felt encouraged that doctors and lawyers were presenting at the venue. We need everyone involved, but especially people with these backgrounds.

In case anyone is wondering about the social credit bit, make sure you check out these articles:

Now I know there are some Christians who get a little over-excited about the Last Days. They are probably thinking, we don’t rebel against this. For anyone having those thoughts, I encourage you to read this:

Thanks so much for sharing Antonio, I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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