The Survey's Done, Thank You! + Note On Comments

Folks, thank you so much for taking the time to fill out the 2022 survey! Our family gathered around the table, and we read the reviews so we could see what you think of the work we are doing here.

We had a great time reading all the feedback. It’s was pretty encouraging reading the details and stories so many of you provided. It really puts things into perspective hearing from you.

Sometimes, when you are typing away on a screen, you really lose sight of who is reading on the other end, and what they are going through in life. These survey’s have helped me better understand you, so again, we appreciate your participation.

From the survey results, overwhelmingly you enjoy the work we are doing here. Great to hear! On the question, “How likely are you to share our site with family and friends?” From the 0-10 scale in the survey, you gave us a 9.08. This is a tremendous, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Some of you asked for more Bible study and videos…

Spoiler alert, a video is in progress, while I work on a few new Bible studies/questions as well. Also, I continue to rewrite older Biblical content on the site. This provides more substance and detail. It’s been quite a task, and it will take much more time. I will continue to promote those re-written works on Saturdays and Sundays when new content is not being posted, depending on what I feel is appropriate that week. Nevertheless, they are in the archives already.

About 10% of survey respondents said they miss the comments. They liked hearing from everyone and would like a sense of community. However, about 50% of that number made the point to say, they get why we removed comments and agreed with the decision. They felt the same as we did about the whole deal. If you are wondering why we removed comments, see this post.

So on this side of the screen, we talked about it as a family, kids and all, and prayed about it. While I still have some reservations, I would like to try and bring comments back, but in “beta” mode. Simply meaning, it’s a trial basis to see how things go.

I went ahead and rewrote our Community Guidelines from the ground up, please give them a read, you may even chuckle. The one thing that sticks out to me on this though, is what I explained in the linked post, 

“If comments are enabled in the future, they must add value to the site for all of our readers.”

That sums it up right there.

Comments have to add value for everyone. If we only get a few comments here or there, or they don't offer value for everyone, then we will just remove them. So that’s why we will run in beta mode. I figure, give it 2-3 months, and then reaccess to see if we will keep them or not.

Sometimes comments will be on for an article, other times they will be off. Comments will mostly be on for Current Event articles, possibly Devotions in the future, but not really other content.

We are trying to give you folks what you want. If you really want it though, then use it, and own it. Also, please make sure to read the new Community Guidelines.

Oh, one other note here.

I have been thinking about adding a prayer request section to the site. It turns out, we had a survey respondent who brought that up as well. So we might post one every month or every other month and give everyone an opportunity to ask for a prayer, and say a prayer for each other.

The first one goes up on the Blog page this Sunday, you can participate by leaving a comment on that post. The archive for it will live under the “Commentary” list within our menu.

We will see how it goes, and if it's something you are interested in. 

Volume will tell.

So thank you again, and hey, we cannot take credit for the work here. We asked God long ago to help us, and I believe He does, a little each day. So thank you Father, and we thank all of you for your readership and support.

Your brother in Christ,

Brandon T. Ward

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