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Bonus Bible Q&A: Will The Two Witnesses Arrive Before Satan?

Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question and Answer

Update: Additional Reference Material Below.

Will The Two Witnesses Arrive Before Satan?

This is a question we have received many times over the years. In the last few weeks it has popped in a few more times so I feel we need to ensure it is addressed for our readers who have not read our past Bible Q&As on this subject.

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Student Prayer No Longer Allowed Over Loudspeaker Before Football Games in Alabama School District

WEB Notes: Sham on you Alabama, shame on you! I am so sick and tired of hearing stories like this, people with no ounce of backbone. Quit your job already so someone with a backbone can make a stand, these kind of people make me want to puke…

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Why 80% Of Americans Face A Retirement Crisis

WEB Notes: Woah nelly! How can we have headlines like this when everyone is working and the economy is so great? I just don’t get it! How many of you can play “stock market” out there in any meaningful way? How many of you? Well it certainly would not be 95 million of you who cannot seem to find a job, that only leaves another 140 million people roughly who are working age. So that starts to narrow it down a bit.

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Eric Schmidt, Ex-Google CEO, Predicts Internet Bifurcation With China

WEB Notes: We have been and continue to race toward a rapidly changing world. Read the quote below, it is very telling.

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California Pays Millions to Keep Illegal Alien Sex Offenders from Deportation

WEB Notes: This is really disgusting and a major slap in the face to hard working Californian’s who pay taxes and those immigrants who came to this nation the right now. Why on earth would anyone want to keep a sex offender around, much less an illegal one? These people need to be thrown out of office. They have perverted common sense and the Word of God. Do you know what our Father says to do with a sex offender, (Deuteronomy 22:25)?

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US Promises $3.3Bn In Military Aid To Israel But Cuts Humanitarian Aid To Palestinians

WEB Notes: This is simply a continuation of what they have been doing for years now. $3.3 billion dollars a year, your tax dollars to a nation who gives us nothing in return. This is called governmental welfare. You should know our Heavenly Father does not take to kindly to welfare programs, He likes to see His people work, (2 Thes 3:10). Always remember that. God’s people do not take handouts, they have the blessings from God. Have a little Bible lesson about God’s People this morning with your cup of coffee.

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Apple Monitors Your iPhone Usage To Assign You A ‘Trust Score’

WEB Notes: Can you believe this? Of course you can, we live in the digital era. I will say, spam is a major problem, but there are other ways to deal with it. When companys have this much control over data, it is no surprise how rich they become…

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Generation Being Born Now Is The Last To Be Free – Assange In Last Interview Before Blackout

WEB Notes: Of course he is right. In the last few months I have found more and more places of business who no longer accept cash. I understand from a business perspective this makes a lot of sense. However, removing that right in the long run is a bad mistake.

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Bank Of America Merrill Lynch: The ‘Great Bull’ Market Is ‘Dead’

WEB Notes: You know, I actually cracked a grin about this one. I have heard very, very little talk about the trillons of dollars pumped into the system or the artifically low interest rates that have existed for 10 years. I rant and rave about it fairly often, but not many other people; news organizations, etc seem to bring it up…

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Mortgage Rates Head to 6%, 10-Year Yield to 4%, Yield Curve Fails to “Invert,” and Fed Keeps Hiking

WEB Notes: Not quite 6% just yet, but they are moving in that direction. Higher rates means that home loan will cost you more, which means you can afford less house, which means house prices come tumbling down. We just discussed how America is drowning in debt and people are using their homes as ATM cards…

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Female ‘Bishop’ Claims Church of England Should Avoid Only Calling God ‘He’

WEB Notes: Is she, this bishop, a bishop of God? Of course not. She may be “ordained” of a church, but she is certainly not “ordained” of God. There is a big difference. We have these fakes who are a part of the church system and they are altering the Word of God to fit the moment, to fit their ideology. Show me in the Word of God where God should be called a she? Show me. Why on earth people worship men is beyond me. Worship God for Heavens sake, not man.

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Israel Strikes Syria, Russia Gets Hit: A Crisis With Moscow Could Reach All The Way To Iran

WEB Notes: Fear and hype. Putin already “absolved” Israel of any responsibility. Iran is the global enemy, it has been that way for years and will continue to be so until regime change takes place. Inserting a regime who goes along with the global agenda. Read: The Ram And The He Goat

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