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U.S. Recession Chances in Next Two Years Top 60% – JPMorgan Says

WEB Notes: According to their model. I like that. Let me gaze into my crystal ball… I see, I see… Doom says JP Morgan, (international bankers). I see doom!…

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Russia Liquidates Nearly All Its Holdings Of US Debt & Invests Money In Gold

WEB Notes: Just seven years ago Russia owned $180 billion dollars in US debt, today just $14 billion. So who is buying all the debt? The Federal Reserve and Americans. This further documents for you how the world, while close to be one is not there yet. This is why we will have the events of the Four Winds.

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Twitter Locks Lifesite Out Of Account For ‘Hate’: Fact-Based Post On Rise In Gay STDs

WEB Notes: Apparently Twitter cannot handle the truth. Lifesite is a Christian site, go figure. The truth is not that popular these days. What makes Twitter and Facebook powerful? It is its users. Something to think about.

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Trump Threatens To Call US Military To Close Southern Border As 4,000-Illegal Immigrants Approach

WEB Notes: Psttt, hey Trump. They are not coming for the border, they are coming to cross the border and you will never guess why. They are coming for the benefits. Yeah, the free welfare and healthcare buddy. You have to remove the “cheese” of their desire, remove the freebies and they won’t come.

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90% Of Salt Including Sea Salt Contains Microplastics

WEB Notes: It is coming from pollution, plastics in the oceans. We sure do a good job of poisoning ourselves, we do not need a whole lot of help in that department.

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ISIS ‘Far From Defeated’ Despite Territorial Losses, Joint Chiefs Chairman Warns

WEB Notes: Trump says this, a general says that. What to believe? It does not matter, the story changes when the agenda changes. Who supports ISIS? Learn. In other news Russia’s Putin is saying ISIS is once again taking names and slitting throats.

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200 Youths Write To Youth Synod: We Don’t Want To ‘Shape’ Church, We Want Church To Shape Us

WEB Notes: Good for them for speaking up. This is in response to an article we recently posted titled, “Youth Synod Delegate: Church Must ‘Open Arms Wide To Welcome And Accept Homosexuals’“. One note however, we should not ask for the “Church” to shape us, but Jesus Christ.

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Christian Activist Charged With LGBT ‘Hate Crime’ Sees Expenses Skyrocket As Court Delays

WEB Notes: The guy now has $250k in legal fees. These court case should never be allowed. These people are looking to bring suites against others to bankrupt them and stop their message. This is sick, twisted and a perversion of our nations laws. If you do not like what the guy has to say, walk on by.

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Airline To Host Exclusive Homosexual ‘Pride’ Party At 38,000 Feet With ‘Inter-Seat Speed Dating’

WEB Notes: 2 Thessalonians 2:12. There is a big difference between the occational sin and taking pleasure in sin.

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Robotic Security Forces On Patrol Prompt Privacy Concerns For Some In NYC

WEB Notes: You can find a video at the source.

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Canada Becomes Second Country To Legalize Marijuana Nationwide

WEB Notes: So it begins, first it was the US state of California and now the liberals in Canada think it is a good idea as well. Look for other drugs to be legalized in years to come. This is simply a stepping stone.

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Nearly Half The World Lives On Less Than $5.50 A Day – World Bank

WEB Notes: $5.50 a day people. Now go thank your father you live in a blessed nation and pray for those who do not.

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