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Amazon’s Cashier-Free Go Store Opens In Chicago

WEB Notes: I am not going to comment about technology taking our jobs. I am going to comment about this type of technology being used in the future… Specifically, during the Tribulation of Satan. No store clerks and no cash in the transaction…

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Raising Kids With Religion Or Spirituality May Protect Their Mental Health

WEB Notes: This article never mentions a specific religion. However, being a Christian, one who lives their life by The Book to the best of our ability brings us comfort in this world. It keeps us walking the straight path, providing a lamp to our feet in this dark world, (Psalm 119:105)…

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Missiles Fired on Syrian Army Infrastructure in Latakia

Don’t Be A Halfhearted Christian

WEB Notes: Read it all from the source. It is a good message, there are no gray area’s with God, you are either for Him or against Him.

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Israel ‘Strikes Weapons Depot Meant For Iran Or Hezbollah Near Damascus Airport’

WEB Notes: Yet another violation by Israel of Syria’s sovereignty. This is nothing new and has gone unnoticed or with little mentioned for years now. It truely is interesting to see how long Basher Assad has been able to cling to power in Syria. This is why we cannot rush the Word of God and prophecy, (Isaiah 17:1). It will all happen on His Time, we are simply to watch and continue in study.

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China Forbids Children From Churches as Religious Rights Diminish

WEB Notes: I have never seen this much anti-Christian news come out of China as I have seen in the last couple of weeks. This is a major escalation for a nation who has 20% of the world’s population. Our Father is not pleased, but we were warned this would transpire in these last days. Strap on the Gospel Armor, keep it polished and share His Word with those who will listen…

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Machines Will Do More Tasks Than Humans By 2025

WEB Notes: It is an ever changing world and this is where we are going like it or not. If you are in the technology field, keep those skills sharp.

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North Carolina: Flooding Fears Surge As Rivers Rise; 17 Dead

WEB Notes: We hope the readers we have in this part of our country are doing okay. This was a big one, know our prayers are with you.

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People Are Cracking Up At This Video Of A Weather Channel Reporter Being A Little Dramatic During Hurricane Florence

WEB Notes: While this is pretty comical, on another level you can see how the media of all shapes and sizes works to deceive the public at every angle.

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Parents Upset Over Active Shooter Drill Done ‘To Expose Students To Sound Of Gunfire’

WEB Notes: “Active shooter” drills are all about keeping you and your family in a constant state of fear. Do you know how rare a school shooting is? If they want these kids to get used to the sound of a firearm, how about a firearms class. Fear and hype and how many are going to be sucked into this thinking it is a good thing?

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China Moves to Ban Internet Church Activities

WEB Notes: China is banning everything “church” unless it is “approved” ahead of time by the communist nation. That is not freedom of religion. As bad as things may be in the US, we are doing far better than our Chinese counterparts. Make sure to keep them in your prayers. It is a lot harder for them to be Christians than you and I.

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Many Populations Fear Big Job Loss From Automation

WEB Notes: Technology and automation are amazing. Unfortunately, it can be used and has been used to boot people out of the work force. You will recall in the 60s we use to have real live operators that would “patch” your phone calls…

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