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Bank Of America Merrill Lynch: The ‘Great Bull’ Market Is ‘Dead’

WEB Notes: You know, I actually cracked a grin about this one. I have heard very, very little talk about the trillons of dollars pumped into the system or the artifically low interest rates that have existed for 10 years. I rant and rave about it fairly often, but not many other people; news organizations, etc seem to bring it up…

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Mortgage Rates Head to 6%, 10-Year Yield to 4%, Yield Curve Fails to “Invert,” and Fed Keeps Hiking

WEB Notes: Not quite 6% just yet, but they are moving in that direction. Higher rates means that home loan will cost you more, which means you can afford less house, which means house prices come tumbling down. We just discussed how America is drowning in debt and people are using their homes as ATM cards…

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Female ‘Bishop’ Claims Church of England Should Avoid Only Calling God ‘He’

WEB Notes: Is she, this bishop, a bishop of God? Of course not. She may be “ordained” of a church, but she is certainly not “ordained” of God. There is a big difference. We have these fakes who are a part of the church system and they are altering the Word of God to fit the moment, to fit their ideology. Show me in the Word of God where God should be called a she? Show me. Why on earth people worship men is beyond me. Worship God for Heavens sake, not man.

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Israel Strikes Syria, Russia Gets Hit: A Crisis With Moscow Could Reach All The Way To Iran

WEB Notes: Fear and hype. Putin already “absolved” Israel of any responsibility. Iran is the global enemy, it has been that way for years and will continue to be so until regime change takes place. Inserting a regime who goes along with the global agenda. Read: The Ram And The He Goat

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4,000% Explosion in Kids Identifying as Transgender, Docs Perform Double Mastectomies on Healthy Teen Girls

WEB Notes: You do realize these events are unprecedented in human history? There have always been homosexuals, but it has never been this open across the entire globe and these procedures were never possible until the modern era…

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Divisive Brazil Election Careens Into ‘Dangerous’ Polarization

Brazil’s presidential campaign, already the most divisive since the end of military rule three decades ago, is growing increasingly polarized each day and raising concerns about the future of the country’s democracy.

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Friday: Bible Question And Answer

Christian Cross Mountain Clouds

We most likely will include “bonus” Bible Q&As this week. We have received several questions concerning the same topic, a topic we have discussed many times in the past on our site. We will make a special post so those readers can still have their questions answered. Keep an eye out for that on Friday and enjoy the rest of the week!

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DeVos Signs Onto Globalist U.N. Education Agenda, Grassroots Parents Call For Her Dismissal

WEB Notes: She did not do this all by her lonesome folks, she has the President’s backing here. Despite the “news” about the US removing itself from the UN recently, we continue to see it not only participate, but build upon the sixth kingdom

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Cash-Strapped Americans Are Leveraging Their Homes to Pay the Bills

WEB Notes: Well, where have we heard this before? Rewind that tape back to 2007-2008 and you will hear the same news. That would be right before the last economic collapse. Readers, listen and listen well. Do not, do not, do not “tap” into your home equity to pay your bills…

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US Military Given More Authority To Launch Preventative Cyberattacks

WEB Notes: Here is the first step in automating cyberwar, maybe warfare in general. Due process should always be streamlined, but it needs to be there. We are walking a very dangerous line that very few probably even see.

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Google Vows to Fight U.S. Air Pollution While Censoring Data on Chinese Smog

WEB Notes: They will publish the truth when it is convenient. I am sure this has nothing to do with Google’s push to enter the Chinese market (insert sarcasm). Our world is controlled by a few corporations when you really get down to it. The truth is being silenced from every angle possible. How much longer will free speech live on the internet is anyone’s guess… How many really care?

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Who Bought the $1.47 Trillion of New US National Debt over the Past 12 Months?

WEB Notes: It turns out to be the same song we heard before. It is “American investors”. Are they really “American investors”, or foreign individuals working to prop up the US Treasury market? No one has those answers, but foreign governments continue to shed their holdings of US Treasuries.

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