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Mainstream Media Questioning the Official Story of Michael Hastings Death

Michael Hasting's Car

(Video) – We reported on an article we posted June 25th 2013 titled, “Michael Hastings: New Video Reveals He Was Murdered.” The title explains our position, journalist Micheal Hastings was murdered. Now the mainstream media in San Diego, California is asking some questions concerning this “accident.” We highly encourage you to view the following news clip.
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EGYPTIAN AGAINST EGYPTIAN: Escalation as 51 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Killed in Bloodbath (Cairo)

Update: 51 killed.

WEB Notes: The burden of Egypt.

“And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.” – Isaiah 19:2

The financial collapse of the world looms closer with each passing day. The scriptures are coming to life right before your eyes. Open them, read them, ask God for wisdom and understanding. The Egyptian “revolution” is now entering the next phase where it appears Egyptian will battle his fellow brother We documented these scriptures in, “Bloodbath Looms: Egypt’s Morsi Pledges Life to Remain in Power, Military Will Sacrifice Their Lives For the People, Biblical Elements….

(Video) – A deadly shooting at the site of a sit-in by Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo, demanding the reinstatement of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, has left dozens of people dead. 

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Turkey police arrest 59 protesters, journalists

Turkish police seized 59 people overnight as more protests erupted at the entrance of Istanbul’s Gezi park cordoned off by police.

Demonstrations began on Saturday and continued into Sunday night. International media claim that 12 of the arrested were journalists, while Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper put this figure much lower, at just two reporters.

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Texas troopers under fire for yet another roadside strip-search

WEB Notes: No one has the right to do this to you. NEVER allow this to happen to you or your loved one. Fourth Amendment.

Two Houston women have filed a lawsuit against the Texas Department of Public Safety claiming they were subjected to a humiliating roadside body cavity search that left them violated and traumatized.

I was embarrassed, in a bikini, on the side of the freeway. And it hurts so bad to even go through something like that,” 27-year-old Brandy Hamilton told KTRK News.

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7.2M: Earthquake Strikes Below Sea East of Papua New Guinea

An earthquake measuring 7.2 magnitude struck deep below the sea east of Papua New Guinea on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake, which was 379 kms (235 miles) deep, struck 110 km (68 miles) northeast of the town of Taron, said the USGS.

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41 IMF Bailouts And Counting – How Long Before The Entire System Collapses?

Broke nations are bailing out other broke nations with borrowed money.  Round and round we go – where we stop nobody knows.  As of April, 41 different countries had active financial “arrangements” with the IMF.
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Bombs, clashes kill at least 54 in Iraq, officials say

WEB Notes: The Implosion of the Middle East and its Biblical Elements

Insurgents unleashed a new wave of attacks on Tuesday in Iraq, killing at least 47 people, officials said, the latest in a surge in violence across the country that has raised concerns over a return to sectarian bloodshed. Also, seven militants were killed.

There was no claim of responsibility for the attacks, mostly car bombs in Shia areas. Al-Qaida’s Iraq branch, which has been gaining strength in recent months, frequently targets Shia, security forces and civil servants in an effort to undermine the Shia-led government in Baghdad.

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John Williams – We Are Beginning To Approach The End Game

With tremendous volatility continuing in global markets this summer, John Williams, of Shadowstats, released an incredibly important report which contained an ominous warning.  Below is a key portion of this tremendous report, and King World News wanted to pass it along to our global readers:   

Here is the ominous warning from John Williams of Shadowstats: “Nothing is normal: not the economy, not the financial system, not the financial markets and not the political system.  The financial system still remains in the throes and aftershocks of the 2008 panic and near-systemic collapse, and from the ongoing responses to same by the Federal Reserve and federal government.  

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Syria Warplanes Bomb Damascus Outskirts

Syrian warplanes launched a series of strikes on the outskirts of Damascus on Saturday as President Bashar al-Assad’s regime pressed a bid to drive back rebels, a monitoring group says.
Fresh fighting meanwhile erupted in several flashpoint areas around the capital, while the army renewed its shelling on besieged rebel areas of the central city of Homs, says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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Bestiality brothels are ‘spreading through Germany’ warns campaigner as abusers turn to sex with animals as ‘lifestyle choice’

WEB Notes: ABOMINATION: National Cathedral Rings Bells to Cheer Gay Marriage

Bestiality brothels are spreading through Germany faster than ever thanks to a law that makes animal porn illegal but sex with animals legal, a livestock protection officer has warned.

Madeleine Martin told the Frankfurter Rundschau that current laws were not protecting animals from predatory zoophiles who are increasingly able to turn to bestiality as a ‘lifestyle choice’.

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Christians in Syria: Separating Grim Reality from Islamist Propaganda

A recently released video of an interview with a Syrian rebel — and would-be-martyr – gives extraordinary insight into the mentality of the Syrian opposition. Believing that he’s speaking to European jihadist volunteers, the rebel says that Christians must be killed to impose a Sharia state in Syria, after which they will be given the classic choice: pay the jizya, convert or die. He also says that the rebels intend to move on from Syria to attack Europe and America.

Similarly, another rebel clearly explains that Islam must be the sole source of authority of the future Syrian state.  In the meantime, Syrian militants just massacred a Christian village’s population. Many Syrian Christians have been kidnapped and killed or never seen again.

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Over 10,000 Feared Dead in India Floods

The death toll in floods and landslides, triggered by heavy rains in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, has probably exceeded 10,000 people, China’s Xinhua news agency said on Sunday citing local authorities.

Previous estimates put the death toll at 6,500 people. Regional officials earlier said that nearly 3,000 people are listed as missing.

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