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Damascus: Syrian capital rocked by suicide bombers in latest bloodshed from civil war

WEB Notes: 70% of the population in Syria is pro-Assad.

Car bombs ripped through a military airbase in Aleppo and a pro-government area of Damascus, while suicide bombers tried to storm two police stations elsewhere in the capital. At least 25 people were reported killed in the escalating battles to control Syria’s top two cities.

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Israel hits Gaza targets in response to rocket fire

Two weapons storage facilities and a rocket-launching site in Gaza were targeted by the Israeli Air Force in the early hours of Monday morning, the IDF Spokesperson’s office said, after at least six rockets were launched from the Strip into southern Israel late Sunday night and early Monday. 
“The IDF will not tolerate attempts to harm Israeli citizens, and our soldiers will continue to act against anyone who engages in terror against the State of Israel. The Hamas terror organization is held responsible,” the IDF said in a statement. 

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‘They are killing each other’: Western weapons for Syrian rebels will intensify war

The US decision to arm the Syrian rebels fighting government troops has sparked feuds among various rebel factions dominated by radical Islamist fighters. RT contributor Afshin Rattansi warns against the move, as internal schisms among the rebels deepen.

A power struggle may also be brewing in the rebels’ ranks: Fighters from the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front have reportedly assassinated a large number of officers of the Free Syrian Army.  

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UN: Impossible to determine Syria chemical attack perpetrator even with US evidence

(Video) – The UN is still unable to determine which side used chemical weapons in Syria’s conflict, the organization’s investigative committee has said. The statement came as reports of Syrian rebels being armed intensify and fears of more bloodshed mount.

Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the UN commission’s inquiry into rights violations in Syria, refused to comment on evidence received from the US, UK, and France which, they claim, shows Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces using chemical weapons.  

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Wildfire, one of dozens in West, threatens Colorado mountain town

A  large wildfire raging in southwest Colorado was threatening a small mountain town on Friday, with high winds and hot weather hindering efforts to battle the flames.

Residents were evacuated as the blaze moved within seven miles of the tourist town of South Fork on Friday. The town has 400 permanent residents, but many as 4,000 people were living there in summer residences, said Steve Till, public information officer for the U.S. Forest Service. Till did not have an estimate for the number of homes threatened by the flames.

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First Congressman Allowed to Read Secret Treaty Says “This … Hands The Sovereignty of Our Country Over to Corporate Interests”

WEB Notes: We reported this story on June 7th 2013 titled, “Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama’s Covert Trade Deal“.

(Video) – We reported last year:

Democratic Senator Wyden – the head of the committee which is supposed to oversee it – is so furious about the lack of access that he has introduced legislation to force disclosure.
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Air Force Removes “Inspirational” Painting

An inspirational painting that referenced a Bible verse has been removed from a dining hall at Mountain Home Air Force Base after an anti-religion group filed a complaint, Fox News has learned.

The painting featured a medieval crusader and referenced Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

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World At Odds: Nations Question and Block Flow of Weapons to Syrian Rebels as U.S. Trains Them in Secret

White House officials refused to comment Friday on a Los Angeles Times report that CIA operatives and U.S. special operations troops have been secretly training Syrian rebels with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons since late last year, saying only that the U.S. had increased its assistance to the rebellion.

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Guardian: Documents expose massive UK spying op

British spies are running an online eavesdropping operation so vast that internal documents say it even outstrips the United States’ international Internet surveillance effort, the Guardian newspaper reported Friday.

The paper cited British intelligence memos leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden to claim that U.K. spies were tapping into the world’s network of fiber optic cables to deliver the “biggest internet access” of any member of the Five Eyes — the name given to the espionage alliance composed of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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63: Steam plume eruption recorded at Vanuatu’s Mt. Gharat Volcano


Just 20 kilometers (12 miles) in diameter, Gaua Island is actually the exposed upper cone and summit of a stratovolcano that is 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) high and 40 kilometers (25 miles) in diameter. Most of the volcano is submerged beneath the Pacific Ocean. Also known as Santa Maria Island, Gaua is part of the Vanuatu Archipelago, a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific Ocean governed by the Republic of Vanuatu. According to the Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program, the most recent report of eruption activity at Gaua was a steam plume observed on April 29, 2013.

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Experts on the Left and the Right Agree: America Is Running the World’s Largest Terrorist Operation

Chomsky: “Obama Is Running The Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists”
Leading liberal Noam Chomsky  said yesterday:
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Canada floods: Troops deployed to help with evacuation of 100,000 people

Army troops have been deployed in Calgary and across Canada’s Alberta province as the government declares a state of emergency ordering 100,000 residents to evacuate. Authorities say 3 bodies have been found.

The bodies have been discovered in a river but the officers have only recovered two as the last one lies in a dangerous to reach area. The identities of the victims have not been released. More people are presumed dead.

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