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China asks U.S. to explain Internet surveillance

China made its first substantive comments on Monday to reports of U.S. surveillance of the Internet, demanding that Washington explain its monitoring programs to the international community.

Several nations, including U.S. allies, have reacted angrily to revelations by an ex-CIA employee over a week ago that U.S. authorities had tapped the servers of internet companies for personal data.

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Egypt: Muslims Warn Christians From Demonstrating Against Muslim Brotherhood President

Christians in Egypt, you’ve been warned. And we know what Muslims do to religious minorities under the sharia. Devout Muslims are calling the Christians who live in fear “extremist Coptics.” Yes, any Christian who wants to live without fear, any Copt who doesn’t want his children kidnapped by Muslims and converted to Islam, any Christians who don’t want their churches destroyed are “extremist Coptics.”
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Religious War: U.S. Arms Sunni Muslims in Conflict with Shiites, Iran Sends 4,000 Soldiers to Back Assad While Egypt Closes Embassy and Calls For No-Fly Zone in Syria

Washington’s decision to arm Syria’s Sunni Muslim rebels has plunged America into the great Sunni-Shia conflict of the Islamic Middle East, entering a struggle that now dwarfs the Arab revolutions which overthrew dictatorships across the region.

For the first time, all of America’s ‘friends’ in the region are Sunni Muslims and all of its enemies are Shiites. Breaking all President Barack Obama’s rules of disengagement, the US is now fully engaged on the side of armed groups which include the most extreme Sunni Islamist movements in the Middle East. 

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New World Order: The UN Prepares To Go To War For The First Time, with a 3,000-strong task force sent to fight rebels in the Congo

The UN is about to go to war for the first time in its history after the Security Council voted unanimously to intervene to fight rebels in the Congo.

Around 3,000 UN troops wearing the blue insignia, are being deployed to the central African nation which has been wracked by years of civil war and lawlessness.

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NATO Data: 70% of Syrians Support Assad

After two years of civil war, support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad was said to have sharply increased.

NATO has been studying data that told of a sharp rise in support for Assad. The data, compiled by Western-sponsored activists and organizations, showed that a majority of Syrians were alarmed by the Al Qaida takeover of the Sunni revolt and preferred to return to Assad, Middle East Newsline reported.

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6.5M: Quake Hits off Pacific Coast of Nicaragua

The US Geological Survey (USGS) said on Saturday that the quake, which had a depth of 35.8 kilometers (22.3miles), struck about 50 kilometers (31 miles) west of the Nicaraguan beach town of Masachapa at 11:34 a.m. local time (1734 GMT).

“Thank God, so far we haven’t heard of any damage,” Nicaraguan government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo said in an interview with local television and radio stations. 

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3rd World: Louisiana rocked by week’s second chemical plant blast

(Video) – A chemical plant has exploded in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, less than two days after a deadly blast in the nearby town of Geismar. At least one person was killed Friday evening, and some seven injured.

Sheriff Jeff Wiley told The Baton Rougue Advocate that workers at CF industries were running nitrogen through hoses from an 18-wheeler and pressurizing an unspecified tank. Though the tank was designed to hold a large pressure, it failed and exploded when the pressure built.

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62: Indonesia’s Mount Merapi volcano shaken by small ash eruption

(Central Java) A small ash eruption was reported yesterday at around 09:15 local time. Residents near the volcano heard an explosion sound and some volcanic ash fell on nearby villages. The volcano last erupted in 2011. Unrest among Indonesia’s many volcanoes continues.  – Volcano Discovery, via TEP

Police Storm Park in Istanbul, Setting Off a Night of Chaos

After 18 days of anti-government demonstrations that presented a broad rebuke to the country’s leadership, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the riot police to storm the center of the protest movement in Gezi Park on Saturday evening, setting off a night of chaos in downtown Istanbul.

As protesters fled the tear gas and water cannons, the police pursued them, in one case into a luxury hotel near the park where medics tended to people injured in the raid. Within hours, thousands of people began streaming downtown to protest the crackdown, setting bonfires on the city’s main boulevard as tear gas wafted through streets normally bustling on a Saturday night. 

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6.2M: Earthquake Strikes Southern Coast of Greece

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake rumbled off the southern coast of the Greek island of Crete Saturday, according to the US Geological Survey, but there was no immediate warning of a tsunami.

The earthquake struck at 6:11 p.m. (1611 GMT) around 60 kilometers (37 miles) south of the town of Pirgos at a depth of 10 kilometers, the USGS said, adding that there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

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Vaccinations and the Right to Refuse


By: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

By way of introduction, I like to tell people I’m a physician by training and a compulsive researcher by inclination. To be specific, I’ve invested more than seven-thousand hours investigating the under-reported health hazards associated with vaccinations, along with the attendant ethical and legal issues.

What started as a fairly modest research exercise has turned into a second full-time career. I’ve discussed vaccination hazards on more than 50 radio and television programs, addressed hundreds of professional, political, and trade groups, produced two informational DVDs, and authored numerous articles for both print publications and Internet sites. In addition, I’m scheduled to produce two books relating to the subject over the next year.

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6.0M: Earthquake Strikes the South Kermadec Islands of New Zealand

Event Time

2013-06-15 11:20:34 UTC
2013-06-15 23:20:34 UTC+12:00 at epicenter
2013-06-15 04:20:34 UTC-07:00 system time


33.895°S 179.455°E depth=172.4km (107.1mi)
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