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Syrian rebels bombard central Damascus, army artillery hits back

Syrian rebels fired dozens of mortar bombs into central Damascus on Monday, hitting a high-security area within a kilometer (less than a mile) of President Bashar al-Assad‘s residence, residents and a security source said.

The military retaliated with artillery fire from Mount Qasioun, overlooking the Syrian capital. “I’ve heard dozens of regime shells so far, pounding rebels,” one resident said.

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In Cyprus, Big Losses Expected on Deposits

With time running out until Cyprus’s devastated banks must reopen their doors to the public, Cypriot and European officials are scrambling to put in place a set of measures that would allow jittery depositors access to their savings while preventing many billions of euros from fleeing the country.

But the situation is now looking even worse than anticipated. Instead of the relatively modest decline of 3 percent that is built into the forecast that underpins the country’s international bailout package, many economists say that estimate will need to be revised sharply downward given the shock that the island’s small economy has endured from the extended closure of its banks. 

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Russia to ban cash transactions over $10,000

Russia may ban cash payments for purchases of more than 300,000 rubles (around $10,000) starting in 2015. The move is expected to boost banks’ cash reserves and put a damper on Russia’s shadow economy. However, the middle class will most likely end up having to pay the price for the scheme.

Moscow is looking to kill two birds with one stone: Firstly, it wants to bring some of the population’s “grey” income out of the shadow; secondly, it wants to increase the volume of cash reserves in the banks. The government’s bill will introduce the new rule to the State Duma. The document was prepared by the Ministry of Finance and approved by the government.

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BRICS plan new 50bn bank to rival World Bank and IMF

The ‘big five’ of the developing world will discuss creating their own global World Bank as their 5th annual summit kicks off Tuesday in sunny Durban.

The move is linked to the developing world’s disillusionment with the status quo of world financial institutions. The World Bank and IMF continue to favor US and European presidents over BRICS nations, and in 2010, the US failed to ratify a 2010 agreement which would allow more IMF funds to be allocated to developing nations.

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Arab League approves $1b plan to protect ‘Islamic and Arab character’ of East Jlem

The Arab League on Tuesday approved a Qatari proposal to set up a $1 billion fund for Arab East Jerusalem, which Palestinians want as the capital of an independent state under any peace deal with Israel.

Arabs say that Israeli settlement-building on land captured in the 1967 Middle East war, including Arab East Jerusalem, has made a two-state solution backed by the United States unfeasible.

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Senate Passes Monsanto Protection Act Granting Monsanto Power Over US Govt

(Video) In the typical slippery nature of Monsanto’s legislation-based actions, the biotech giant is now virtually guaranteed the ability to recklessly plant experimental GM crops without having to worry about the United States government and its subsequent courts.

The Monsanto Protection Act buried deep within the budget resolution has passed the Senate, and now nothing short of a presidential veto will put an end to the ruling.

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Obama to Bring Gun Confiscation Dictates to the Streets

So Obama is to hit the campaign trail once again to reignite the push for gun control. I guess Netanyahu must have straightened him out when he was in Israeli and told him to get his Uncle Tom ass back to the United States and get the confiscations underway, so here comes Obama rope-a-dope across the country, on our dollar, of course.

Yesterday it was reported that the US Senate voted to reject the UN Small Arms Treaty, but don’t be lulled into complacency as they still have four more days to accomplish their sedition, thus the rush to get Obama back in our faces.

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Argentina & Cyprus Collapses: “Gold & Silver Protects You From These Events; You’ll Have Leverage and Resources”

I had the chance yesterday to speak with Fernando Aguirre, author of a book entitled, Surviving The Economic Collapse“,  based on his first-hand experience of the 2001 economic collapse in Argentina. It was a powerful interview as Fernando and his family lived through one of the more extreme financial crises of Argentina’s modern history.

Part of what he experienced was a full banking-system shutdown cycle, a dramatic currency write-down, and the witnessing of human desperation that always follows. All of which he explained, is happening again in Cyprus, which may be, “the guinea-pig experiment” for the rest of the European Union.

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6.1M Earthquake shakes buildings in Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan – A powerful earthquake measured at 6.1 magnitude by seismologists shook buildings in Taipei on Wednesday but there were with no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

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Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest

Islamic hard-liners stormed a mosque in suburban Cairo, turning it into torture chamber for Christians who had been demonstrating against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in the latest case of violent persecution that experts fear will only get worse.

Such stories have become increasingly common as tensions between Egypt’s Muslims and Copts mount, but in the latest case, mosque officials corroborated much of the account and even filed a police report.

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Supreme Court hints that it won’t issue sweeping ruling on same-sex marriage

In a historic oral argument on a challenge to state laws that limit marriage to heterosexual couples, the Supreme Court indicated Tuesday that it might not strike down such laws.

The justice whom many observers view as the swing vote in the case, Justice Anthony Kennedy, voiced worry at one point during the argument that proponents of same-sex marriages were asking the court to issue a decision that would “go into uncharted waters.”

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Officials investigate cause behind massive earth-split in Brazil

The cause of massive land collapse in Brazil is being investigated. The prosecutor Douglas Roberto Ribeiro de Magalhaes Chegury is investigating responsibility for environmental disasters in the cities of Santo Domingo and Campos Belos, Goias in the Northeast. Since yesterday (14/3), and surveys are being carried out by the technical-skills expert prosecutors in places, where there were the disasters generated by the collapse of land.

This information will educate the public civil inquiries which proceed through the Prosecutor’s Office and Justice of São Domingos Campos Belos to liability for damages.

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