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Lockheed To Double Patriot Missile Production As Orders Explode

WEB Notes: So within just days of Trump convincing the NATO members they need to spend more money for NATO defense, they open up their wallets. Not sure how believable that is, but let us go with it. For a President who is not a globalist, (whoops, he is) he promoted a world governing body and just made it stronger, not weaker. If Trump was not a globalist he would have sought the demise of NATO, not its expansion and on another level…

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WHO Recognises ‘Compulsive Sexual Behaviour’ As Mental Disorder

WEB Notes: So let’s see here. One can have a mental illness if they seek sex too often, but hey, if you are a homosexual than it means you have a clean bill of mental health because no one sees anything wrong with that state of mind. Look, make your own decisions in life, but if you care about your Father you should seek out His Word and His thoughts on that concept.

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You’ve Gotta Love Millennials – Micah Tyler

WEB Notes: Micah Tyler is a Christian artist, while this song is not Christian it is humorous and I think we could use some of that this Monday morning!

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Illegal Immigrant Family Detention Facilities Below Capacity

WEB Notes: Notice the last sentence below. Big words, little to no results.

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Israeli Rockets Strike Military Position Near Aleppo: Syrian State Media

WEB Notes: For the record, Iran has been in Syria for years and years. They have been allies for more years then I can remember. This is just an excuse to escalate the attack on Syria. Even John Bolton just stated the situation in Syria is becoming “more serious”.

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Bolton: US Troops Will Remain in Syria ‘As Long As the Iranian Menace Continues’

WEB Notes: The ISIS Caliphate? Give me a break already, they never had one and when was ISIS even in the news last. Oh yes, now it is the Iranian menace? Why does that phrase remind me of a comic series? These guys will come up with any reason to stay in Syria, there is too much sand will be next.

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EU Official Urges Trump, Putin Not To Destroy Global Order

A senior European official on Monday urged U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China to work with Europe to avoid trade wars and prevent conflict and chaos.

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Inflation Hits 6-Year High, Wiping Out Wage Gains For The Average American

WEB Notes: Inflation is a sign of a growing economy they say. They will spin the web anyway they can to brainwash you into their version of the truth. The economy maybe growing for the bankers, but not for the American taxpayer.

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Is This A Political Ad? Facebook Thinks So

WEB Notes: How many of these headlines have we posted in the last week or two now? This is a constant trend that is occoring daily at this point, not just when we read an article about it. They are purposely removing content that goes against their agenda.

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Netanyahu Targets Hamas Militants As Israeli-Gaza Clashes Flare

Israel launched its harshest assault against the Gaza Strip’s Hamas rulers since their 2014 war, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, in waves of airstrikes that drew barrages of Palestinian mortar and rocket fire.
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UK PM: There Could Be ‘No Brexit At All’

WEB Notes: Continuing reading from the source and you will find that statement. None of this should surprise anyone. It has been a few years already since the people voted.

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12 Russians Indicted For Meddling In 2016 US Election

WEB Notes: Surely no one is surprised that the US election system can be rigged or “tampered” with…

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