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The Great Dollar Dump: Russia Liquidates US Treasury Holdings

WEB Notes: So Russia is not so convinced all those dollars have the “full faith and credit” of the US government. Afterall, the US is bankrupt, that is just a fact of life at this point, unfortunately.

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US Embassy In Jerusalem To Cost More Than $21 Million, Nearly 100 Times President Trump’s Estimate

WEB Notes: Well hey, come on, Trump said it would only cost $250,000, now we come to find out the price tag is over $21 million and rising. Trump’s son in law has “lineage” from that nation, so that must make it okay.

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Financial Stocks Are Giving Us A ‘Warning Sign’

WEB Notes: In the last few editions of our daily newsletter these have been the headlines…

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Google Vs EU: Europe Hits Alphabet With Big Android Antitrust Fine

WEB Notes: I cracked up in the third paragraph. For the “old timers,” remember back in the 90s when Microsoft got in trouble for pushing their Internet Explorer web browser over, wait for it… Netscape!…

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Morocco: Around One Third Of Households Are Borrowing Money To Cover Their Expenses

WEB Notes: When we hear about people in debt, it is not only Americans. It is once again happening to everyone.

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Genetically Modified Babies Given Go Ahead By UK Ethics Body

WEB Notes: First it was Dolly the sheep right, they cloned her. I am sure there were things in between since then, but what jumps out to me next is the three-parent baby, you remember that one…

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Jeff Bezos Named Richest Man in History As Amazon Workers Strike Over Pay and Conditions

WEB Notes: The man is worth $152 billion dollars. I said, billion dollars. You cannot even fathom that kind of money. Let’s look at the numbers $152,000,000,000. You could not spend that kind of money if you tried, you could buy nations, all the land your heart desires, islands, anything. But for some, that is just not enough…

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Israel Passes Facebook Bill Which Will Authorise Deleting Content Considered Incitement

WEB Notes: More fascism with your coffee! Say something they do not like and they press the delete button. How does that make you feel? It should make you understand the world is gearing up for the end times. When Satan arrives on earth claiming to be God it will be very easy for him to control the information being transmitted across the globe. Never fear, our Father will counter it. Satan can only accomplish what our Father will allow him to accomplish

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Facebook Admits It Shadow-Bans Posts, Pages It Deems ‘False’

WEB Notes: What is a shadowban? It simply means your posts and comments still go up, but no one sees them. So you end up wasting your time going through the motions of posting for no one to receive your message. This is distorting truth and the sense of a open platform of sharing which goes against the whole concept of Facebook. But hey, they have millions and millions of users which means they have money and power which you have provided them with.

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School District Threatens to Call Police After Mystery Person Gives Out Free Bibles on Campus

WEB Notes: What a horrible thing this person did. They passed out free Bibles. Can you believe the world today? Have you ever heard of someone calling the police on those folks who hand out brochures in parking lots? This is the same thing. This is a classic example of those who have pleasure in unrighteousness, (2 Thessalonians 2:12). Some people just hate our Father, what a shame.

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The $247 Trillion Global Debt Bomb Is Ticking

WEB Notes: Note the bold and underline we added below. You should read the whole article from the source. Everyone’s debt is peaking is the point with rate hikes to boot and of course how could we forget, inflation

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Lockheed To Double Patriot Missile Production As Orders Explode

WEB Notes: So within just days of Trump convincing the NATO members they need to spend more money for NATO defense, they open up their wallets. Not sure how believable that is, but let us go with it. For a President who is not a globalist, (whoops, he is) he promoted a world governing body and just made it stronger, not weaker. If Trump was not a globalist he would have sought the demise of NATO, not its expansion and on another level…

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