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TSA Screeners Win Immunity From Abuse Claims

WEB Notes: This actually turns my stomach. These creepers can feel up your family and there is no recourse if someone gets out of hand with a process that is already out of hand? I would say, what has this nation come to, but we all know that answer already. What happened to that tagline, Make America Great Again?…

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Businessman is So Moved By Homeless Man’s Story, He Offers Him a Job On the Spot

WEB Notes: James did not just give the homeless guy a fish, he taught him how to fish. This is a great example for us to take with us in our daily life.

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China, Russia, And The US Are All Building Centers for Military AI

WEB Notes: They are and have been discussing AI with drones for a number of years now. I find this truly disturbing. When we allow machines to make life or death decisions we have lost off semblance of humanity.

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Russia Pursues Jehovah’s Witnesses As ‘Extremists’

WEB Notes: They really recycle the news these days. We discussed this just over a year ago right here on our site in an article titled, “Jehovah’s Witnesses Banned As ‘Extremist’ In Russia, Property To Be Seized – Court Decision“. It was not good then and it still is not a good decision. When you see the doors close in around our faith, that is a very bad sign.

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How To See A Supermoon Solar Eclipse On Friday The 13th

While the superstitious may avoid venturing outdoors this Friday the 13th, some lucky sky-watchers around the South Pacific may get to witness an event not seen on this spooky date in 44 years: a super-size new moon blocking out part of the sun.

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California University Works To Reduce Number Of White People On Campus

WEB Notes: Come on folks, seriously now. If this headline read anything other than “white” this would be all over the mainstream news. But it reads “white” so hey, who really cares right? The parents should care. There has been an enormous push the last or two to make white folks feel bad about their heritage which I find absolutely disgusting. I am not going to get into our heritage, which is great actually. But I am going to say to those “white” parents and students attending these colleges. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Transfer out, they do not want you so give them what they are asking for…

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BMW Will Move Some Suv Production Out Of US Into China Response To Trump’s Tariffs

WEB Notes: There is no doubt in my mind, this “trade war” is a part of the next phase the globalists have in their playbook. This will continue to cause economic uncertainty and change the economic landscape.

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Drug Deaths Reach Record High In Scotland

WEB Notes: In all the nations that have kicked out God, you never hear how things become better in those nations do you? Of course you do not. When you push out our Father, you push out the Light and when you do that you are left in darkness.

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Thursday: World Events and the Bible Video

We will release our latest video this Thursday which is a short semi-documentary that we believe you will find interesting. Please join us.

Australia Now Issuing Fines to Citizens Who Refuse Vaccines for Their Kids

WEB Notes: You know, a lot of people always ask me. Brandon what is it going to be like during the end times, what will the Tribulation look like. We have talked about this in length on our site and specifically in Bible Q&A

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New Harvard Research Says U.S. Christianity Is Not Shrinking, But Growing Stronger

WEB Notes: The subject appears to lean more towards, ‘since church attendance is declining, is that making Christians have anxiety’. The answer is “no” to that statement. However, church attendance is and has declined, this article even points that out. I am not here to puff up your sails with lies, I am here to tell you the truth…

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Christian Doctor Loses Job For Saying ‘We Are Made Male Or Female’

WEB Notes: More “perceived truth”. This Christian doctor knows what he is talking about here. To say someone should be called by the gender they “identify” with is distorting reality. You are born male or female, you cannot change that as you go through life. That is trying to manipulate truth. Truth is truth, it cannot be made into a lie.

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