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Trump Will Tell NATO Nations U.S. Cannot Be The World’s Piggy Bank

WEB Notes: Oh gag me with a spoon already. If we were not the world’s piggy bank we would not give 96% of the nations on earth $48 billion a year in aid. We would not provide the UN and NATO with 22% of their budget (the max allowed for a single nation). We would not have over 800 military bases in 70 nations. We would not be in a never ending war in the middle east and around the world. We would not support terrorism or seek the downfall of soverign nations. So do not put on this grand act as if we are doing things right and saving money. We already are the world’s piggy bank and you Mr. President are doing nothing to change that.

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Warning Of A Global Crisis, Germany’s Angela Merkel Pledges ‘Every Effort’ To Avert A U.S. Trade War

WEB Notes: In other news, “China: US Is ‘Firing At The Whole World’ With Tariffs“. Even though we have a global order today, it is not complete and will not be complete until the six kingdom becomes solidified. Right now we are seeing the current global structure become a little rocky and yes, this is by design and when it crumbles it will bring about the completion of the sixth kingdom, no we are not talking about the “Deadly Wound“.

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‘Round Up’ Pesticide Cancer Link On Trial

WEB Notes: People use this stuff all the time and I have no doubt in my mind it is bad for our environment and us. But, hey they sell it in the stores so it must be okay. Not so my friends, not so. History has proven time and time again, the things we “think” or are led to believe are safe are not.

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Turkey To Be Transformed As Erdogan Sworn In With Vastly Expanded Powers

WEB Notes: Erdogan has been consolidating power for a number of years now. Looking at this from a more global scale, this will help the globalists in the long run consolidate power globally. Remember, Turkey is a part of the globalist system, they are even a part of NATO.

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A Month’s Pay In Venezuela Now Only Buys Just A Few Cups Of Coffee

Five million Venezuelan bolivars is the equivalent of $1.45. It’s also roughly a minimum-wage worker’s entire monthly salary in the South American country.

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California: MASSIVE Data Breach and Significant Registration Problems with CA DOJ’s “Assault Weapon” Registration System

WEB Notes: This whole assault weapons ban/registration is a complete joke. So California has turned law-abiding citizens into felons if they do not “register” their “assault weapons”. Mind you, this includes the popular AR-15 rifle and there is nothing “assault” about it, other than it looks like the military’s M16…

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Candidate AIDS Vaccine Passes Key Early Test

The near 40-year quest for an AIDS vaccine received a hopeful boost Saturday when scientists announced that a trial drug triggered an immune response in humans and shielded monkeys from infection.

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U.N. Official Calls For ‘Ark’ To Save World From Global Warming

WEB Notes: While their ark is just an idea, the Tower of Babel started out with an idea as well. It is very unfortunate that these people just do not get it…

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America’s Youth Are Trapped In Vicious Cycle of Loneliness — For Many, This Is the Reason

WEB Notes: Now why on earth are people more lonely? There are many reasons for that I am quite sure, but the one thing that jumps out at me this morning is our extensive use of our phones. When you go out to dinner, how many people are on their phone instead of talking to one another. I will say, in big to bigger cities this is extremely common, though in very small rural towns you will note this trend does not exist so much, at least in my travels…

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Playing Politics With The Economic Numbers, Record 155M Employed in June

BLS Job Statistics July 2018

WEB Notes: I have noticed a disturbing trend by those on the right side of the fence since Trump became the President. For the most part, he can do no wrong. You will notice the media is touting these employment numbers as well, a media who many say is completely against Trump. You should know those who control the mainstream media control both sides of the argument, this is by design. On the softer side of the matter Obama was certainly not a good President, though I never read about those on the “right” praising him for the economy, yet the “official” numbers say the economy improved…

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Facebook Thought Declaration Of Independence Quotes Were Hate Speech

WEB Notes: This is the problem with algorithms, they are machines that make the decisions. No excuse can be made for that, Facebook made the decision to remove this type of content and that should show you where our future will bring us. Limited speech, speech only approved by those of a higher power. Something to think about.

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Trade Wars: Trump Loads Decisive Volley Against China

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