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MailChimp Bans Alex Jones For Hateful Conduct

WEB Notes: MailChimp is a platform for sending out email newsletters. Suddenly they are now jumping on the censorship bandwagon. While Jones problems are making national news, smaller websites will not. They will be blocked and banned and no one will ever know. We are entering dangerous territory and few seem to care. I do not think many realize how far down the rabbit hole we have gone.

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Government Plans Takeover Of The Internet

WEB Notes: The source has the details. We have discussed this subject for years. You may remember back in 2013 the government pondered the thought, should Bloggers be granted rights under the First Amendment. Roughly six months later a Federal Court said, yes Bloggers are covered by the First Amendment. In those days Republicans were on the bandwagon to deny our rights just as the Democrats are today, so do not play the whole R verse D thing with me…

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Trump Issues Full Scale Trade War: If You Do Business With Iran, You Can’t Do Business With the United States

WEB Notes: A trade war is a war, period. Iran is being backed into a corner at this point. The Trump administration continues to paint Iran in the colors of the enemy though they have held fast to the nuclear agreement signed by them and world powers.

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Northern California Blazes Now Largest In State History

WEB Notes: Keep the prayers going for our brothers and sisters in harms way. There are over 14,000 firefighters battling 18 major fires.

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Scottland: Eight-Year-Olds To Be Taught, ‘Your Gender Is What You Decide’

WEB Notes: Perversion has crept into every nation in the world in one form or another. This is not some grand accident. First they removed God from our nations as He was deemed too offensive for the population. Then they replaced Him with sin. Do you see how that works? When you remove God which is the Light, you are left in darkness, (1 John 1:5).

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Wells Fargo Says Hundreds Of Customers Lost Homes After Computer Glitch

WEB Notes: Living in a digital world can be a great thing. It can also be a very, very bad thing. Can you imagine the frustration felt by those who lost their homes over a computer “glitch”?

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Apple Removes Most Of U.S. Conspiracy Theorist’s Podcasts From iTunes

WEB Notes: Remember the other article from today? 40% of Americans cannot name their First Amendment rights? Since we do not know our rights, it is easy for them to be removed. These podcasts should not be removed, this is a violation of free speech. Call the podcasts fables, whatever they may be. It is still the persons right. I realize this is a corporate entity, Apple that is. However, when we stay silent and allow this sort of thing to happen, we let corporate America tell us what is right and wrong.

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40 Percent of Americans Can’t Name First Amendment Rights

WEB Notes: But hey, we know how to download apps and which ones are the best! We know we can buy anything on Amazon and Google will help you find it. What a sad world we live in these days.

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Israel Seeks Truce With Hamas To Get Ready For Iran

Director of the International Consultations Centre in Haifa, Wadi Abu-Nassar said yesterday that Israel is seeking a truce with Hamas in order to get ready for confrontation with Iran, Quds Net News reported.

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Head Of Syrian Arms Research Program Has Been Assassinated

WEB Notes: So within a 24 hour period Venezuela’s Maduro was almost assassinated and one of Syria’s main military members was assassinated. Personally, I do not believe in coincidences this big.

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Maduro Says He Escaped ‘Assassination’ Attempt Claimed By Rebel Group

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he was “more determined than ever” after he escaped an “assassination” attempt using an explosive-laden drone as he gave a speech during a Caracas military parade.

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Iran Guards Say It Held Gulf Drills As U.S. Tensions Rise

WEB Notes: Any blockage of the Stait of Hormuz will cause a lot of trouble. Keep an eye on this one, though as of right now it is doubtful that it will escalate.

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