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Saudi Officials Think ISIS Fighters May Hit Them Next. 21 Killed as ISIS, Nusra Front Invade Lebanon.

WEB Notes: This sounds like something out of a bad movie script. Saudi Arabia calling on other nations to secure their borders against the ‘terrifying ISIS’. Did everyone forget drones exists? Did everyone forget satellite imagery exists? Does ISIS crawl inside the ground to hide or do they have a home base like any other army? Take note, every time you see photos of ISIS they are dressed in black or very well dressed. The point is up to this date we have never seen a militia or whatever you want to call them outfitted so well. Nor have we seen a group like this equipped with so many M-16s. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind they are being funded by governments and being used to destabilize the middle east.
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Bible Verse of the Day – James 1:22

Bible Verse of the Day
Bible Verse of the Day and Thoughts

James 1:22  
“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

What good is someone who only hears the Word of God, but neither applies it to their life or shares it with another soul? That individual would be hiding their candle from the world.

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Gerald Celente: “Make Love Not War!”

(Video) – The latest video from Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente.

EU imposes additional economic sanctions against Russia, US approves sending $225 million dollars for Israel’s defense department & keep piling on those dead Palestinian children! They mean even less than the dead Ukraine civilians! How many more atrocities does it take for people to wake up & stand up!?”

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Israel Is Stealing and Murdering Its Way Through Palestine

(Source: Paul Craig Roberts) – …Moreover, I am not an expert on Israel’s conquest and occupation of Palestine. I know more than most people. I was rescued from Zionist propaganda by Israeli historians, such as Ilan Pappe, by Jewish intellectuals, such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, by documentary film makers, such as John Pilger, by Israeli journalists such as Uri Avnery and the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, and by an Israeli houseguest who is an Israeli member of an Israeli peace group that opposes Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes, villages, and orchards in order to build apartment blocks for settlers.

There is only one take on the current Israeli slaughter of Palestinians, which Netanyahu, the demonic Israeli leader, declares will be a “protracted campaign” this time. We are witnessing yet again Israeli war crimes that are supported by the Great Moral West that is so concerned about the deaths of 290 passengers on MH-17 that they are about to drive the world to a major war, while Palestinian casualties pile up so fast that they are out of date by the time you put the numbers in a column. So far more than 1,200 deaths, with injuries to 2,000 children, 1,170 women, and 257 elderly.

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Fox News Hosts Mock and Chastise Citizens for Filming the Police

WEB Notes: Notice how the media and works. When they do not like something you do they mock it to make you look like a fool. Those who are wise would understand only a fool would mock those who wish to stand up for their God given rights. Those who are wise should ask themselves why is the media not mocking the government for all of the cameras they have in existence today to surveillance the people? Why is the media not mocking the government for capturing all of our digital data? Why is the media not mocking the government for the TSA groping our loved ones at the airports? The answer. Because these things are being used to control and keep tabs on the American people. These policies are NOT to counter terrorism, not one single terrorist has ever been caught due to these outrageous policies. Look on top of the stop lights in your town, I am willing to bet you have a camera on every corner on the top of those stop lights. Those are NOT red light cameras. America is literally under surveillance and not a word from the media.

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Massive Emergency Drill in New York City

WEB Notes: Do not forget, obama just signed an Executive Order that will allow the government to detain American citizens with respiratory illnesses.

(Video, Source: Fox) -The New York City Department of Health conducted a massive emergency preparedness drill at 30 facilities across the city on Friday.

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IMF Urges Higher Energy Taxes to Fight Climate Change as Average Price of Electricity Climbs to All-Time Record

One Worldism.

IMF Urges Higher Energy Taxes to Fight Climate Change

(Source: Yahoo) – Energy taxes in much of the world are far below what they should be to reflect the harmful environmental and health impact of fossil fuels use, the International Monetary Fund said in a new book on Thursday.

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Deadly diseases crossing border with illegals. Signs Posted For Illegals Increasingly Written In Chinese

Deadly diseases crossing border with illegals

(Source: WND) – A flood of illegals has massively surged at our southwestern borders. The economic impact of medical care, education and incarceration for illegals forced on taxpayers is bankrupting Arizona.

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Bible Verse of the Day – Psalms 119:114

Bible Verse of the Day
Bible Verse of the Day and Thoughts

Psalms 119:114  
“Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.”

As we learned in today’s “Bible Question Answer and Discussion,” the armour we should be equipped with is the armour of God which is spiritual armour for the spiritual war against Satan.

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Senate Bombshell Testimony Today: Citigroup and Bank of America Stock Worthless Without Implied Government Guarantees

(Source: Wall Street on Parade) – Senator Sherrod Brown, Chairman of the Senate Banking Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection, will take testimony at 2 p.m. today on market subsidies enjoyed by implied future government bailouts of the too-big-to-fail status of Wall Street’s bloated and serially malfeasant banks. The hearing is set to coincide with a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

An early peek at written testimony by three separate professors set to testify guarantees a belated July 4 fireworks display — one that is not likely to enjoy a welcome reception within the Wall Street corridors of power. Expect the phone lines of lobbyists and congressional campaign managers to be lighting up all over the nation’s capitol this afternoon.

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Argentina Declared in Default by S&P as Talks Fail

(Source: Bloomberg) -Standard & Poor’s declared Argentina in default after the government missed a deadline for paying interest on $13 billion of restructured bonds.

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Cease Fire Cancelled: Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip. Despite concerns, US restocks Israel with ammunition

WEB Notes: Look at the destruction taking place in Gaza. The US tells Israel not to continue the assault while continuing to re-supply their depleted ammunition caches. The loss of live on both sides is a very sad thing to witness.

Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip

(Source: RT) – The death toll in Gaza has hit over 1,300 since Israel launched operation Protective Edge on July 8. The international community is pushing the sides to ceasefire as the world opinion rallies against Tel Aviv’s operation.
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