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Bible Question and Answer (Legacy)

Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question and Answer

This page will serve as our legacy Bible Questions Archive. 

We are in the process of migrating our Bible Question and Answer articles into a new format that features one question presented in one article. Past editions of this post featured multiple questions within one article. While this section of our site has been very helpful to our readers from the feedback we have recieved, the now former format made finding archived Bible Q&A articles difficult.

The new Bible Questions format makes it much easier to find past editons of this helpful site feature. While we continue the migration process we encourge you to visit both archives until we have consolodated it into our new Bible Questions Archive which can be found here.

We thank you for your patience while we continue to make this exciting new change to our site.

Note: As we continue the migration, you may experiance some unexpected results using the topical archive found below.

Bible Question and Answer Archive

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Topical: Bible Question and Answer Archive

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Do I continue to share the Truth with my congregation if they will not listen?Religion6/30/2017
Why is one left and one taken in Matthew 24?Tribulation6/30/2017
Why are Satan's children not giants?Giants6/30/2017
What scriptures document Jesus Christ was not a vegetarian?Food6/30/2017
Is the 10th day before Passover when Satan is cast to earth the time the Saints are Sealed?Sealing6/16/2017
Can a women be fulfilled or spiritually effective without a husband?Misc.6/16/2017
Are we to be in a relationship with another race?People of the Bible6/16/2017
I disagree and struggle with the belief, that God puts every leader in office, what are your thoughts?Government6/16/2017
Are any of Satan's angels on earth at this time?Supernatural6/2/2017
How do I prove to my friends, associates that the rapture is just not Biblical?Religion6/2/2017
If Satan is bound in Heaven, how did he conceive with Eve?Satan6/2/2017
Why do people believe in and follow Satan knowing he is condemned to death?Satan6/2/2017
You state the sealing has been taking place for years, will you document that?Bible5/19/2017
Why does this site not talk about habitual sin?Sin5/19/2017
I would like to understand more mysteries of God’s Kingdom.Bible5/19/2017
Can you help me understand the Twelve Tribes of Israel and what they mean?People of the Bible5/19/2017
I would like to better understand the Battle of Gog and MagogTribulation5/5/2017
Does God forbid man from leaving the earth and traveling into space?Bible5/5/2017
I would like to join your site to learn more about God’s Word.Misc.5/5/2017
How will a lot of people be in the 1000 year reign if most people on earth take the mark?Millenium5/5/2017
Were Jesus’ legs broken when He was crucified?Jesus Christ4/21/2017
How do we pay our bills during the Tribulation?Tribulation4/21/2017
Do all people spend the Millennium with Christ?Millenium4/21/2017
Is the word “Easter” a mistranslation in the Bible?Bible4/21/2017
Do you believe there is a New World Order in the making?Government4/7/2017
If you kill yourself do you go to hell?Sin4/7/2017
Will Christians be killed by the government before the Tribulation?Government4/7/2017
Is the earth flat?Creation3/24/2017
Are traditional holidays pagan and how should we celebrate Passover?Holidays3/24/2017
Can the date of Jesus Christ's return be changed?Prophecy3/24/2017
How will the Antichrist make his appearance on earth?Satan3/10/2017
Is it a sin to live with someone of the opposite sex?Sin3/10/2017
If someone is biracial can they make a stand for God during the Tribulation?Tribulation3/10/2017
Do we need to observe the Sabbath and the old Laws?Holidays2/24/2017
Does the Bible say anything about each one of us having a “Guardian Angel”?Angels2/24/2017
Can you explain the significance of the “Last Supper”?Religion2/24/2017
Does the Holy Spirit dwell in us that believe in Christ?Holy Spirit2/10/2017
How do we prepare ourselves for the day when the Ten Clay Kings take power?Prophecy2/10/2017
Who is the sixth kingdom that recieves the Deadly Wound?Prophecy1/27/2017
Satan does not seem to appear on earth until later in Revelation 13, can you explain?Tribulation1/27/2017
Thank you for clarifiying Satan is on earth for five months the whole week of Daniel.Prophecy1/27/2017
Are the four angels bound in the Euphrates tied to the book of Daniel?Prophecy1/13/2017
What is the first day of the year on the Hebrew calendar?Misc.1/13/2017
Who are the Two Witnesses?Two Witnesses12/30/2016
Can you help me understand a few Strong's Concordance words?Bible12/30/2016
How can we be sure the Tribulation has been shortened?Tribulation12/30/2016
How do I know that I am following the correct Christian teachings?Bible12/16/2016
Can you explain Christ's Words in Mark 13:23?Jesus Christ12/16/2016
Do microchips play a apart in the mark of the beast?Mark of the Beast12/16/2016
Is the temple the antichrist will sit in physical?AntiChrist12/2/2016
Why did God allow other religions?Religion12/2/2016
Is saying a cuss word without harmful intent a sin?Sin11/19/2016
What is the best way to study the Bible?Bible11/19/2016
Does 1 Timothy 2:12 mean woman have no authority in church?Religion11/4/2016
Why was the book of Enoch left out of the Bible?Religion11/4/2016
Has the Sixth Trumpet sounded?Prophecy10/21/2016
Is there a 13th zodiac?Misc.10/21/2016
How do we know the difference between the True Tribe of Judah and the Kenites?People of the Bible10/21/2016
If you are saved can you be condemed to hell?Judgement10/7/2016
What can we expect during the Tribulation?Tribulation10/7/2016
Is our freedom real or an illusion in America?Misc.10/7/2016
I was born Buddist, did I fight for God in the first earth age?First Earth Age9/23/2016
What is God's name?God9/23/2016
Can you explain the difference between the wife and the bride
of Christ?
Jesus Christ9/9/2016
Can Christians defend themselves or do we "turn the other cheek"?Misc.9/9/2016
What is your scriptural belief of hell?Hell9/9/2016
Why do Bibles differ in translation?Bible8/26/2016
How close are we to the Fifth Trumpet?Prophecy8/26/2016
Do we need to go through water Baptism to be saved?Baptism8/26/2016
Does the moon mark a new month?Holidays8/12/2016
Can you explain "judging others"?Judgement8/12/2016
Can you discuss the timing of Satan's apperance?Tribulation8/12/2016
Does Satan make his apperance at the begining of the Tribulation?Tribulation7/29/2016
People seem much colder today than in the days prior, is this scrriptural?Prophecy7/29/2016
In Revelation 21 God describes all the things that would happen and calls it the first world age. How do you explain this?First Earth Age7/15/2016
If we are in the generation of the fig tree, can we assume the return of the Lord is near?Millenium7/15/2016
Is it the Kenites or the Muslims behind the world's problems?Prophecy7/1/2016
What was Adam's sin in the Garden of Eden?Sin7/1/2016
Have you considered writing a Bible study on the Deadly Wound?Bible7/1/2016
Was Cain the first murder?People of the Bible6/17/2016
Does the Bible tell us to love one another and to turn the other cheek at offense?Bible6/17/2016
Is there sin during the Millenium and what will people be doing?Millenium6/17/2016
Why did the Apostles have to die so brutally?People of the Bible6/17/2016
How many years have passed since the time of Adam?Misc.6/3/2016
How will the Elect be delivered up?Election6/3/2016
Does God love the soul of a homosexual or pedophile, but just hate what they do?Sin6/3/2016
Can you provide me Bible study tips?Bible5/20/2016
Does Islam play a part in prophecy?Religion5/20/2016
How do I explain sin to a non-believer?Sin5/20/2016
Would you do a few articles on the Parables of Christ?Bible5/20/2016
Who is the mighty king and raiser of taxes in Daniel 11?Bible5/6/2016
What does Isaiah 54:11 and Revelations 21:10 mean?Bible5/6/2016
Is cremation okay with God?Death5/6/2016
Can you provide some clarification on the Locust Army?Bible5/6/2016
What will be the deciding factor in establishing a one world order?New World Order4/22/2016
What happens when we die?Death4/22/2016
What does the Bible say about tears in Heaven?Heaven4/22/2016
How do I reconcile verses like Psalm 91:3 with what I see happening to Christians today?Bible4/8/2016
Does the Bible speak about relationships between different races?People of the Bible4/8/2016
Are Russia and China breaking the new world order?New World Order4/8/2016
Should we learn the Song of Moses?Bible3/25/2016
Was the fat not to be consumed during sacrifice due to health concerns?Sin3/25/2016
When Christ assended to Heaven was a vehicle used?Misc.3/25/2016
Are there two different one thousand year periods of time?Millenium3/11/2016
What is the specific time length of the Tribulation?Tribulation3/11/2016
Does the talmud teach Jesus Christ is the Savior?Religion3/11/2016
Do the Elect need to be redeemed by God?Election3/11/2016
Does the name of Christ have power over all evil spirits?Supernatural2/26/2016
Does the Bible describe the earth as being flat?Creation2/26/2016
How do we observe Passover today?Holidays2/26/2016
Where is the holy place that antichrist will stand on?Tribulation2/26/2016
Will the trumpets of Revelation make an audible sound?Tribulation2/12/2016
Can a woman go to church without covering her head?Church2/12/2016
Why do bad things happen to good people?Free Will1/29/2016
Were the seven churches in Revelation the only churches at that time?Religion1/29/2016
How does one obtain the title “Reverend”?Religion1/15/2016
Is Obama the raiser of taxes spoken of in Daniel?Prophecy1/15/2016
Do you think their are people out there with special gifts?Misc.1/15/2016
What does God do to those that commit suicide?Sin1/1/2016
Who are Gog and Magog?People of the Bible1/1/2016
What do you think about Russia moving into the
Middle East near Jerusalem?
Do you have to get re-baptized?Salvation1/1/2016
With the elections heating up, is Trump good or bad for our nation?Government12/18/2015
Why did God allow Abraham and others to have concubines when
they were married?
People of the Bible12/18/2015
How do I keep my family from being deceived during the Tribulaton?Tribulation12/18/2015
Do you believe that our government is using the Alinsky, “rules for radicals” to divide the people?Lies and Deception12/4/2015
When Gog and Magog happen what form of body will we be in?Tribulaton12/4/2015
Does God love Satan?Satan12/4/2015
Will Satan remind us of our sins during the Tribulation?Tribulation11/20/2015
Was Moses father-in-law a Kenite or simply lived among them?People of the Bible11/20/2015
Who or what are the evil spirits that possess people?Supernatural11/20/2015
Is there record of Jesus existed beside the New Testament?Jesus Christ11/6/2015
What does Hebrew mean?People of the Bible11/6/2015
Why is there no
marriage after Jesus comes to earth?
Is the battle of Hamon-Gog and Gog before the
Millennium or after it?
What is the meaning of John 2:10 and the good wine?Bible10/23/2015
How can we prepare for the Tribulation when we do not have any money to spare?Preperation10/23/2015
How did the Kenites survive the flood?People of the Bible10/9/2015
Are hybrid species okay with God?Creation10/9/2015
If you were asked, are you Christian and said no in order to protect yourself how would God judge you?Judgement10/9/2015
What is your opinion of Acts 16:31?Salvation9/25/2015
Can you explain the Gap Theory?Misc.9/25/2015
Will the 144,000 be killed during the tribulation?Tribulation9/25/2015
Did all the people who had died prior to Christ return to paradise in their spiritual bodies before Christ's death?Salvation11/9/2015
Do you have a study on the raiser of taxes?Bible8/28/2015
Should we keep the feast days mentioned in the Bible?Holidays8/28/2015
What is your opinion about whether Queen Elizabeth II represents the seed of David?Genealogies8/14/2015
Has Noah's Ark been recreated and if so where can a person go see it?Misc.8/14/2015
Please explain how the Tribulation will last just under 4 years if we are to believe that ‘one day is with the Lord as a thousand years’.Tribulation7/31/2015
I have a hard time with family who believes the book of Revelations was written for the people of long ago and that it does not pertain to the people now. Please advise.Religion7/31/2015
Should I buy coins and will my paper money be good during the Tribulation?Mark of the Beast7/17/2015
Should we keep our jobs during the Tribulation and how does money relate to the Mark of the Beast during that time?Mark of the Beast7/17/2015
How can a spirit have “seed,” “sperm” to have a child and seduce Eve?Supernatural7/3/2015
I do not attend my local baptist church due to the fact I do not agree with their teachings of the fly away doctrine and not knowing who the Kenites are. Am I wrong in this decision?Religion7/3/2015
Have you seen where in the state of Israel they have developed a mobile alter in which to start up animal sacrifices at the Temple Mount?Religion6/15/2015
Is the mark of the beast implemented before satan gets here or after he’s already here?Mark of the Beast6/15/2015
I realize that Cain is not listed in the genealogy of Adam. Why is Abel not listed there?Genealogies6/5/2015
Well I’m going to get straight to the point, why aren’t nuns allowed to have sex?Religion6/5/2015
Could you help me to understand why the Bible says that sinners who do not make it will be tormented day and night forever and ever?Sin6/5/2015
Could you please explain the “bottomless pit” mentioned so many many times in The Bible?Satan5/22/2015
I saw in an article on here something about that ISIS is not real?Lies and Deception5/22/2015
Would you please define “rightly dividing the Word”?Bible5/22/2015
Is it possible to have the seal of God and not be delivered up before satan to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you?Tribulation5/22/2015
Are the Two Witnesses of Revelation human or supernatural?Two Witnesses5/8/2015
Is Daniel 7:25 talking about the mark of the beast?Mark of the Beast5/8/2015
Could the final five month reign of the evil one be from May 2018 thru September 2018?Tribulation5/8/2015
When the Bible speaks about angels doing battle, such as when Michael and his Angels fight satan and his angels in the first earth age, the question comes to mind as to how do they fight?Supernatural4/24/2015
Is the sin of murder forgiven on earth or only when you die and come before Jesus?Sin4/24/2015
What about casting out devils?Supernatural4/10/2015
I am still a bit confused about Deuteronomy 14:21. So does that mean we shouldn’t have cheeseburgers?Food4/10/2015
Would you please explain “men slept” in Matthew 13:25?Satan4/10/2015
When Satan starts his reign, it will be for five months, right?Tribulation3/27/2015
I know that chickens are clean animals, but what about the eggs of clean animals?Food3/27/2015
Has the time of the Two Witnesses been shortened? Or will they still be doing their work for 42 months?Two Witnesses3/27/2015
Was woman created for God or for man?Creation3/13/2015
Would you please direct me in countering a friend on the facts that there is no such thing as evolution?First Earth Age3/13/2015
I wondered if the economy is totally going to collapse or just a large part of it?Economic3/13/2015
Can you celebrate Easter on Sunday leaving the bunnies and eggs out?Holidays2/27/2015
Would you please explain to me about Ash Wednesday and also direct me to where I can read about it in the Bible?Holidays2/27/2015
Should we as Christians take part in Lent?Holidays2/27/2015
Do the Two Witnesses come just before Satan or during Satan’s time here on earth?Two Witnesses2/27/2015
Is there a study on the courses of Abia?Bible2/13/2015
Since God never had a beginning and He created everything which has a beginning was there a time when He was alone?God2/13/2015
Would Jesus Christ be considered a martyr?Jesus Christ1/30/2015
Assuming there were other Creations before this one, do you believe they had access to the inner planets?First Earth Age1/30/2015
What are your thoughts on what is being said about the Shemitah possibly predicting financial collapse in September 2015?Economic1/30/2015
Does God really want us to kill & eat animals?Food1/16/2015
Many churches are teaching the prosperity gospels where you can and will become very prosperous. Where does the Bible teach these laws?Religion1/16/2015
Would you please direct me to where in the Bible it talks about angels?Angels1/6/2015
How do I share God’s Word with an unbelieving neighbor?Seed Planting12/19/2014
When you give money to your church isn’t it wrong to turn around and take it as write off on your tax return?Donations12/19/2014
Do you think when the fallen angels are kicked out of Heaven they will be scattered throughout the world?Tribulation12/5/2014
Would you please make suggestions as to what Bible would be better to a new student of our Father’s Word?Bible11/21/2014
Can you tell me when Jesus was born?Jesus Christ11/21/2014
Will the people of Israel need the red heifer when they build the temple during the Tribulation?Religion11/21/2014
Can you describe spiritual warfare?Supernatural11/14/2014
Why doesn’t God talk to us like He did in the time of Noah and Jonah?God11/7/2014
What is Diya?Idols and gods11/7/2014
Is it okay to celebrate Christmas?Holidays11/7/2014
Though we will be in our spiritual bodies during the Millennium, will it feel like a thousand years?Millennium11/7/2014
My question is in Isaiah 10:16, there is reference to disease, would this be Ebola and the other viruses that have come about lately?Prophecy10/24/2014
Does the Bible say anything about the 4 Blood Moons, gay people and end times?Prophecy10/24/2014
What should a person do that has had to make a decision to abort a child?Sin10/24/2014
Do you feel that God will tell a person at some point if they are of the Elect?Election10/10/2014
Does Ezekiel 44 refer to sacrifices during the Millennium?Prophecy10/10/2014
How do you know if ISIS is really a deception, and where could I go to verify?Lies and Deception9/26/2014
Will you please explain why you say the Antichrist/Satan comes to earth at the sixth trumpet?Tribulation9/26/2014
I expect to see the Two Witnesses before the Antichrist, what is your take on this?Two Witnesses9/12/2014
Can someone lead a sinful life, have no relationship with God, but repent to God and claim Him as their savior with their last dying breaths and still be saved?Sin8/29/2014
Someone told me that God said not all races are created equally & some are meant to be slaves. Is this true?Creation8/15/2014
Why did Satan say to Jesus “if” thou be the son of God in Matthew 4:3?Satan8/15/2014
If Christians expect to witness the arrival of Our Lord and Savior coming in the clouds of Angels then do we look for Satan to do the same?Tribulation8/15/2014
Is God in Control of the world at this time?God8/1/2014
Is a premeditated act forgiven?Sin8/1/2014
With all the Kenites, bad figs, in Israel today, why aren’t there more people speaking up about them?Genealogies8/1/2014
Can you please tell me the difference between Law, Statute and Ordnance?God’s Laws7/4/2014
How old was Solomon when he began his reign?People of the Bible7/4/2014
I was wondering if you knew what role “Enoch” will play in these end times?People of the Bible7/4/2014
Where does it say, once saved always saved?Salvation7/4/2014
Who are the Gentiles? Kings and Queens of the ethnics?People of the Bible6/20/2014
I would like your opinion on 2 Esdras 7.Misc.6/20/2014
Does God want &/or prefer us to pray aloud, or does He mind if we pray silently? Is one more acceptable than the other?Prayer6/20/2014
Do you think what’s going on with Russia and the west is the start up to the Gog and Magog war?Prophecy6/20/2014
Who are the “Elect”?Election6/6/2014
What are the order of events concerning Revelation 14:1 and Revelation 19:11?Millennium6/6/2014
Does God hate me because I am struggling with this horrible addiction?Sin6/6/2014
Does God speak of the third eye or energy points; like those of “chi” or “chakras”?Idols and gods5/23/2014
Is the word “amen” a reference to the Egyptian sun god “amen ra”?Idols and gods5/23/2014
Galatians 3:29 says “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” Does John 8:37 contradict this?Genealogies5/9/2014
What is your position concerning Ezekiel 37 and the war with Gog?Prophecy5/9/2014
Are we to keep the Sabbath day now and if so is Saturday the correct day to keep?God’s Laws4/25/2014
My understanding is that all of us must die a physical death in order to see heaven, correct?Death4/25/2014
Are there sins that are greater than others or is every sin considered the same in God’s eyes no matter the severity?Sin4/25/2014
What was the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar made in Daniel 3:1?Bible4/11/2014
If the Holy Spirit leads you in all things and understanding, should I question my understanding of scripture?Holy Spirit4/11/2014
Does the warning in Revelation 22:19 apply to the entire Bible or just Revelation?Bible3/28/2014
Does the Bible really say the fallen angels mated with the daughters of men?Genealogies3/28/2014
How and when do the Two Witnesses show up and what will they be doing when they get here? Where will they be?Two Witnesses3/28/2014
What happened to the second influx of fallen angels? Were they bound with the first influx?
Can you tell me if the raiser of taxes and the goat from the west are the same entity?Prophecy3/14/2014
How do you feel about the Mormon faith?Religion3/14/2014
I know that we will not be able to buy and sell the 5 months Antichrist is here. How should I go about storing up?Tribulation3/14/2014
The Two Witnesses, when they return do you think they are re-transfigured back to flesh?Two Witnesses3/14/2014
Will we (the church) go through the Tribulation or will we be raptured out before it happens?Tribulation3/14/2014


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