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Garden Of Eden

What Happened In The Garden Of Eden?

Adam and Eve's sin made them ashamed they were naked. A child was the result of the sin which led to multiplied birth pains. An apple has no part in this story.


What Is God's Name?

From Hebrew, we will translate God's name together. Then you will know of a certainty it's Jehovah in English, and Yehovah (YHVH, not YHWH) in Hebrew.


What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?

A woman who has had an abortion can repent and be forgiven by God. King David provides a great example, as he murdered his servant, but was forgiven.

Jesus Christ

Why Did Jesus Say, Ye Are Gods?

Christ told the Jews, “ye are gods”. Jesus was actually citing Scripture to let the Jews know there was no sin in Christ being called the Son of God.

God's Laws

What Does The Bible Say About Marijuana?

While there is no specific verse about marijuana, we can come to a Biblical conclusion by understanding what God said about several “works of the flesh”.

Christian Basics

Is Believing In Jesus Enough To Be Saved?

The Bible explains we must believe in Jesus to be saved. Yet, there is more to salvation as Scripture reveals. We must believe and do the words of Christ.


Will A Third Temple Be Built?

A third temple will not be built prior to the Tribulation. We learn, God and the Lamb are the temple, and Christians make up the pillar of this symbolic temple.

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