Are The Seven Seals In Order?

Are The Seven Seals In Order?

Name: Evelyn
Question: Thank you for all your time and work in presenting the truth of God's Word. I enjoy reading the daily emails and I share them with our Bible Study group and friends who are interested in learning the truth.

Do you believe that the Seals spoken of in the Book of Revelations are written in chronological order? If not, would you please give us the order you believe to be chronological?

Thanks again and may God continue to bless you and yours.

Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Evelyn, thank you for the question.

Our Father gets all the credit for any good that comes out of this site. I sincerely appreciate you sharing our work with your Bible Study group and friends. You are sharing your light, that is exactly what we are supposed to do. That is how we help bring Truth and Light to this dark world. Thank you.

Unfortunately, a lot of Bible students have become confused by this topic over the years. I believe a big portion of that is due to prophecy being rushed. We cannot rush Scripture, we cannot become so impatient that we mold Scripture to fit our belief system, that is a grave error.

I want everyone to remember our Heavenly Father "is not the author of confusion, but of peace," (1 Corinthians 14:33). Our Father is quite simply the author of perfection.

We know from the book of Revelation the Seals, Trumpets and Vials are all numbered from 1 to 7.

  • Since our Father's Word brings peace and harmony, why would the order be mixed up?
  • Why would the order be 5,6 and then 1, when our Father numbered them from 1 to 7?
  • Is that not changing the Word of God?
  • Would that not introduce confusion into the Word, something we were just told our Father is not the author of?

I am throwing these questions out there to give everyone something to think about.

Hey, we all make mistakes and none of us are perfect, but we cannot change God's Word to fit our beliefs. When we rearrange the order of the Seals, Trumpets and Vials that is exactly what we are trying to do. We should not try and become so wise that we become fools and make "the Word of God of none effect", (Romans 1:22, Mark 7:13).

Just as God labeled them from 1 to 7, they will transpire in the same manner bringing peace and harmony to the subject, not confusion.

Evelyn, we went further into this subject in a Bible Q&A titled, "Has The 5th Trumpet Sounded?" The last two sections titled, "Seals, Trumpets and Vials" and "The Order Of Events" will help dive in a bit further. I also encourage you to read, "Do The Seven Seals Occur Before The Seven Trumpets?"

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