Has The 5th Trumpet Sounded?

Name: Martha Wells-Smith
Question: I have several questions. It’s my understanding that we are in the 5th Trump at this time. Has the 5th seal already happened to open our eyes to the 5th Trump? Has a corresponding seal happened prior to each trump? What is the order of the vials and woes? And is the locust army devouring at this time? Thank you and God bless!

Answer: Thank you for the question Martha.

The 5th Trumpet

You know Martha, I do not believe we are in the 5th Trumpet, neither does Scripture provide any support for that idea. I mean where is the evidence in our world that the first 5 Trumpets have sounded?

I do not believe a single Trumpet has sounded, nor will any of the Seven Trumpets begin to sound until The Four Winds Of Revelation have been released which is a future event (as of this writing).

Allow me to provide an excerpt from the introduction of that study which I encourage you to read.

This will be the moment in time when the Four Winds are released. The moment when the Sealing of our Father’s Saints (Election) has been completed. The moment when the Seven Trumpets begin to sound. The moment when the four beasts of Daniel rise which are simply four offices of the sixth kingdom that will be led by Ten Clay Kings. This will be the completion of the children of Satan’s work, but it will not stand as this will lead to the Deadly Wound which will usher in Satan and his angels which and only then initiates the Tribulation.

The Sealing

I think a lot of Christians misunderstand the entire purpose of the Sealing mentioned in Revelation 7. It is to Seal the Saints with our Father’s Word so they cannot be deceived by Satan who will appear on earth as the false messiah.  That is the Tribulation.

Why are they Sealed?

To stand for God, to stand against Satan, his angels, children and those who would follow him. Remember, only those with the Seal of God cannot be “harmed” during the Tribulation, (Revelation 9:4-5).

I want you to understand this is a spiritual harm, we are not talking about war here. If you have a hard time understanding that, please see, “The Great Apostasy” in “The Hour of Temptation“.

The point is, the 144,000 who are Sealed along with other tribes of the earth are going to stand against Satan and they have to be Sealed with God’s Word in order for that to take place, (see: Can All People Stand For God During The Tribulation?).

The Four Winds

What we must understand is the Sealing is not complete.

How do I know?

I read The Book.

When we study the Bible we have to look at it with a level head, we have to analyze the Scriptures through prayer and look at it unbiased.

We cannot be in the 5th Trumpet or any Trumpet for that matter as the Sealing is not yet complete and the Four Winds have not yet been unleashed on the earth. Neither have the Ten Clay Kings risen, which means, we still have prophecy that needs to transpire.

You can document everything I said in our Bible study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. One of the many reasons I wrote it was to clear up so much confusion I see concerning the end times and how they unfold.

When we study Scripture and look forward to the end of this present age, we cannot become so anxious where we sideline certain parts of Scripture in order to rush other parts. That will not make prophecy come to pass any faster, the day is set, all that will do is hinder our understanding of the Bible. I think we all can understand that.

Seals, Trumpets and Vials

Seal: We need a Bible study on this subject, but until then let me just say the Seals are just that, seals. Think of a letter by an ancient king long ago. They would “seal” a message with wax using their ring. This kept the message secret and from everyone’s view ensuring it was only opened when the intended party was ready to view it.

There is a lot there in that statement.

Now apply that to the Saints in these end times. When it is time, the Seals (the message) will be revealed to them as well.

Trumpet: When we think about the Trumpets sounding, we should think about a war signal. We should recall from history, trumpets were used to signal action. That was their method of communication in order to call the troops into battle and other signals of action.

Likewise, when the Trumpets of the Bible begin to sound, we will begin to see action on earth. The Trumpets unleash the action contained within the “message” of the seal.

Vial: When we think about the Vials in the Bible we think about those narrow skinny tubes. However, the word “Vial(Strong’s: G5357) in the Bible actually means, “a broad shallow cup“, think of a teacup saucer or the like. When the Vials of the Bible are poured out the “action” unfolds very rapidly. Meaning, it will not take long to see the results here on earth.

The Order Of Events

Lastly, let me address your question concerning the order of the Vials and woes (I will add Seals and Trumpets).

God’s Word does not bring about confusion when understood properly, rather it brings clarity, (1 Corinthians 14:33). Yet, for years I have seen Bible students perplexed by the order of the Seals, Trumpets and Vials. They forget the order and jumble it up, when the order was already laid out in the Bible.

When things become confusing, something is wrong.

We cannot force Scripture to fit our belief, our belief must conform to the Bible. Always remember those two statements.

God, our Heavenly Father labeled the Seals, Trumpets and Vials from 1 through 7 for a reason. We can all count to seven. God did not mix them up. 5 and 6 does not really mean 1 and 2 and so on. That is confusion, utter confusion. God does not work that way, He never has and He never will.

Additional Reading:

Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.
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1 year ago

I concur that the fifth trumpet has not sounded. There is still sealing taking place. My opinion is that all must be sealed by the fifth trump, for that is when the locust and scorpions sting takes place. Those who are sealed, the locust and scorpions cannot hurt; Rev. 9:4. The scorpion will sting those that are not sealed in their foreheads with God’s Word. And we know in 1 Corinthians 15: 55 that that sting is death…Hebrews 2:14. They are stung by believing Antichrist is Jesus.

1 year ago

Brandon, thank you so much for clearing up the idea that Ancient Aliens suggested,, it really did help me look at things a bit differently.
Also, I want to complement you on a VERY good question and answers from the Bible today. I wish more people would read this, it is so well explained not only today’s issue but all of the others. Thank you.
I do wish there was a good in depth study from the Bible on all of the things that we find here on earth and know ancient man could not have created, but was it like in the book of Enoch where people were taught from the Angels? just wondering,, there is so much on this earth that makes me wonder where it came from. The other thing I would like to go into depth about are the other human species that were on earth many eons ago,, really surprised me when I read about them, what were they like? I do believe Jehovah created this earth with the help of Jesus, and boy did they have fun, enjoyment,.. Maybe I will have to wait until we are able to ask Him in person.
Again, thanks for all of your help.
Sincerely, Rebecca

Tommy G
Tommy G
1 year ago

Hello Brandon, Love The Timeline Of The Tribulation. Thanks so much for that massive amount of work. A WORD IN CHAPTER 3 in the paragraph after you have rev 8 :7 posted. Should be on page7 after the first trumpet harms the earth and trees. That paragraph uses the word BEFORE the seven trumpets can begin to sound. Just before that it reads God’s Word just documented for you AT the sound of the First Trumpet. Which is it before the sound or at the sounding of the first. Just trying to get understanding, Have heard 5th trump forever and no one could tell me what the first four were,until I rear this article and that cleared it up for me. Not being pickey just asking,Tommy

Tommy G
Tommy G
1 year ago

Chapter 3 ,The first trumpet harms the earth and trees, in the second paragraph of commentary.It states This means The Four Winds Of Revelation must occurBEFORE the seven trumpets can begin to sound.. maybe saying when the 7 trumps can begin to sound would work better.I kept reading it trying to make that work because our group was making a chart. Do you know how many people say we are in the 5 trump,but no one ever teaches that and documents it. I have ask a lot of popular sites to show me and all go blank. you are still my go to guy