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Have You Considered Publishing The Timeline of the Tribulation In Book Form?

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Bible Question and Answer

Bible Question and Answer

Have You Considered Publishing The Timeline of the Tribulation In Book Form?

Welcome to Bible Question and Answer, our bi-weekly series where we provide Bible verses, answers and advice to the questions and concerns you have. During the course of the last two weeks readers have submitted their questions and today we are going to answer one of them.


Name: David Collins
Question: Hi Brandon, I love the site! I was wondering if you have a recommended book list that covers such topics as the rapture, end time prophecy, Kenites, etc? Have you ever considered compiling your Timeline of the Tribulation study into book form? I’d love to have that!


Name: Brandon T. Ward
Answer: Thank you for the question David and the kind words. We cannot take the credit though, we pass that on to Him.

We certainly cover all of those topics on our site. You can find them in our Bible Study section which I am sure you are aware of, (new readers: start from the top of that list). If you hover your mouse over the Bible Study link at the top of the site you will see another link titled, “Featured“. Those are also important studies, just not ones I placed front and center as seen in our Bible Study section.

I never really thought about publishing a literal book.

It is interesting this comes up.

I was in the “library” of a facility the other day and by the reading chair and lamp were two books in plain sight. One I forget and another that said ‘Prophecy for Beginners,’ something to that effect. I opened it up and just shook my head as I browsed the pages, I actually thought about writing something on this site about what is taught in that book, maybe I still will. But it made me think, if people do not have the truth how will they learn?

I know God is more than capable of leading people to the truth, but I also know it is our job to broadcast that truth to the world as well.

Maybe your question piles onto that for me, I do not know.

What I do know is my goal has always been to make our content free for everyone, no fees, no ads, etc., money complicates things. If I ever pursue a book form, lots of prayers would be needed beforehand and then my thought becomes, how do I use that money to expand the ministry? So there is a lot to think about there.

As for that book in the library, I set it off on a shelf and replaced it with a more useful book about nature.


Maybe I should add a copy of The Timeline to their library…

Thanks David.

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Thank you for reading this edition of Bible Question and Answer. We sincerely thank our readers for the opportunity to answer their questions and share them with the rest of our audience. We also thank our Father for providing us with this platform in order to share His most precious Word.

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