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Christian Basics

The Parables Of Jesus

Not everyone was meant to understand the parables of Jesus, only the Disciples, and Christians like you. To understand a parable, you need spiritual sight.

Christian Basics

7 Things God Hates

The 7 things God hates include the; arrogant, liars, murderers, wicked hearts, mischief-maker... We bring all 7 things together with Scripture and commentary.


God Appoints The Leaders We Deserve

Our nations are continually led by corrupt leaders, if only someone else was in office we think. Yet, without turning to God, nothing will change for the better.


The Synagogue Of Satan

Jesus made a religious statement in Revelation 2:9. It concerned the Jews of the synagogue who denied Christ, while claiming to be of God, absolute blasphemy.

Christian Basics

The Book Of James

We discover how to overcome sin and learn from our temptations. God provides guidance for all walks of life, teaching us how to be good Christian people.


Luke 21: Jerusalem Surrounded By Armies

Jesus warned us, when armies compass Jerusalem, those in Judea should flee. We typically envision armies of men, but is that what Jesus was referring to?

Christian Basics

The Parable Of The Lost Sheep

This parable provides a glimpse into Heaven where rejoicing takes place over one saved sinner. As Christians, we are to lead The Lost Sheep to Christ.


The Delusion Of The Last Days

Massive delusion has swept our world. This has led to a separation of people evident among every aspect of society. What has caused this delusional shift?


Christian Passover 2021

Today, we honor Christ's sacrifice for us. We remember the final hours before His crucifixion, when He fulfilled passover, and paved the way for our Salvation.


Christian Passover 2021 Study & Calendar

Providing a calendar, we explain the date of Passover. We help you understand the original passover and how Jesus fulfilled it through His Sacrifice on the Cross.

Christian Basics

The Parable Of The Unforgiving Servant

Christ's parable displays our Father's gracious forgiveness, no matter how big our spiritual debt may be. We should remember that, and forgive others as well.

Last Days

Learn A Parable Of The Fig Tree

We explain the parable of the fig tree Jesus told us to learn, and we discover which “generation” will not pass until the signs of Matthew 24 are fulfilled.

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