The Epic Battle Of The Saints

In Chapter 6 of our study, we discussed “The Hour of Temptation” and documented in the Scriptures Satan will be on earth for the entire Tribulation. As a matter of fact, Satan is the Tribulation that will come upon the earth.

In Chapter 7 of our study, we discussed, specifically, what will transpire at the “Midst of the Week” which is the moment in time when Satan makes war with the Saints. We also discovered this is the moment in time, the “Midst of the Week,” when the Two Witnesses will make their appearance in order to support and march forward with the Saints.

In this Chapter of our study, we will take a deeper look into the Tribulation. We will document the Battle the Saints will wage against Satan and the actions of each side during this Battle. The Saints are those with the Seal of God that will be spiritually attacked by Satan, his wicked angels (Iron Kings), the kings (Clay Kings) and rulers of the earth including the inhabitants of it who Satan has deceived. Though the Saints are few in number, they will literally make a stand for God before Heaven and earth. This will literally be the final Battle of this age of flesh as Christ will appear at the end of the Tribulation to finish this great spiritual war that has been raging for thousands of years.

What an exciting time to live!

Before we start our Bible study, let us ask our Father for wisdom and understanding of His Word, in Jesus Name amen.

The King Of Babylon

We should understand while the ancient nation of Babylon fell thousands of years ago, spiritual Babylon lived on. In Revelation 18-19 we learn “Mystery Babylon” is symbolic for the woman, “the great whore” who “the kings of the earth have committed fornication with”.

Mystery Babylon” is simply the governmental system that has reigned over each of the six kingdoms (six heads) throughout history down to our present time. Revelation 17 tells us “Mystery Babylon”, the woman sits on and is carried by the seven headed beast which is, in fact, symbolic of Satan. The heads of this beast are simply the governments or “kingdoms” that have reigned throughout time.

Today, we are under the power of the sixth head, the sixth kingdom. In the future, we are going to be under the power of both the sixth (Clay Kingdom) and seventh kingdom (Iron Kingdom) which reign simultaneously and both of these kingdoms make up Babylon of the Last Days. We learned all of this in Chapter 1 of our study, “The Scarlet Beast With Seven Heads And Ten Horns”.

From Revelation 13:5-7 we know at the “Midst of the Week” Satan finally obtains absolute power over the earth, meaning the kings (Clay Kings) and people of the earth finally crown Satan king.

This quite literally makes Satan the king of Babylon, the king of the sixth and seventh kingdom which reigns over the entire earth, (Revelation 13:5-7). This should not be a surprise to us, our Father outlined this in Isaiah 14:3-15 where Satan is referred to as the king of Babylon under the name of Lucifer which is yet another one of Satan’s names.

During the Tribulation, before the Return of Christ, the Seven Vials will be unleashed on the earth. When the Seventh Vial is poured out, one of the Angels with one of these Vials told us, Babylon “the great city was divided into three parts,” (Revelation 16:19). This event documents for us without a doubt “Mystery Babylon” reigns during the Tribulation and her king is Satan who will claim to be God, (2 Thessalonians 2:1-9).

Understanding The Battle

The Battle of the Saints no doubt begins when the Four Winds are loosened. When the Saints see the rise of the Ten Clay Kings of the sixth kingdom and speak against them as we covered in Chapter 3 of our study, “The Four Winds Of Revelation”. However, the Battle will be absolute when Satan appears on earth claiming to God which initiates the Tribulation and by the “Midst of the Week” full-on spiritual warfare will be waged between the Saints and Satan.

Upon the arrival of Satan on earth, he will establish a covenant with world leaders for the final week of Daniel's Seventy Weeks. The Saints being Sealed against Satan’s lies and deception will bring this spiritual Battle to Satan as they will not accept him as king and god of the earth, instead, they will recognize him as the Antichrist, the false messiah and begin to witness against him. Unfortunately, the entire world will not be sealed with truth and “they” will believe Satan is king and god of the earth as “they" begin to worship him marking The Great Apostasy. This by default makes the Saints the enemy not only of Satan, but of the world.

The Battle of the Saints is not about blood and death. That should be obvious as Satan and his angels are supernatural while we are flesh. Flesh cannot harm that which is spiritual, only our Father can. Further, as we have learned, at the “Midst of the Week,” Satan obtains power of the sixth kingdom through “peace and flatteries,(Daniel 11:21). So obviously Satan is not physically attacking the Saints nor can he harm a single hair on their head which documents this is a spiritual war, (Luke 21:18). This spiritual war is “against spiritual wickedness in high places”, Satan who is the king of it, (Ephesians 6:12).

However, this spiritual and psychological war will have real mental, physical and spiritual consequences. The Saints will no doubt lose many of their freedoms during the Tribulation, they certainly will not be able to “buy or sell” which will make it hard for them to provide for their families, (Daniel 7:25, Revelation 13:17).

Some of the Saints will be turned over to the rulers of the world by their own family members who believe they are doing our Father’s Will, when in reality, they are doing the service of Satan, (Luke 21:12-19). Those who perform these acts for Satan, who they perceive to be Christ, accept the Mark Of The Beast. They become a citizen of Babylon and accept Satan as their king who they believe to be our Father and His Kingdom.

Each and every day we should make a stand for God against Satan. During the Tribulation, the Saints will amplify the work we are already accomplishing and embrace this spiritual Battle against Satan. We should understand our Father does not need anyone to destroy Satan. Our Father will do that on His own and He is the only one capable of doing so, (Revelation 20:10).

However, He will lead the Saints into Battle against Babylon which helps to bring down Satan and his kingdom. Our Father has always used men to accomplish His Work. To show the world how a people will stand by Him and due to that He displays miracles through them, as it was, so will it be again.

Our Father also wants to see who is going to stand for Him, who will stand with the Saints and Two Witnesses after hearing the Testimony they will deliver. The Testimony that will convert many during the final 2 ½ months of the Tribulation. Those that stand for our Father will seal their position in our Father’s Kingdom. Even the Saints that are Sealed will be refined by this Battle.

The Gospel Armour And Parallels Of David

In order to be victorious in Battle, the Saints need the proper training and weapons. Remember, this is a spiritual war, not a physical one.

For the Saints, the training comes from the Bible, they have diligently studied and asked our Father for wisdom and understanding of His Word. Due to that they have been ‘Sealed against the day of redemption,’ (Ephesians 4:30). Sealed with our Father’s Word for the coming Tribulation, though we know the Saints were predestined for this Battle for the stand they made against Satan during The World That Was, (Romans 8:29-30).

The Saints will need weapons in order to defeat Satan and their weapons come from our Heavenly Father. The weapons of the Saints are the items that comprise the whole Gospel Armour, their weapons are the Oil in our Lamps and Vessels and they need that Oil which is our Father’s Spirit to light their path on their journey through the Tribulation.

We are going to turn our Bible to Ephesians in a moment, and as we read, we will parallel the days of David which is extremely relevant for the days ahead.

Our Father’s Word is very clear, the events recorded in the Bible,

“Happened unto them for examples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.” - 1 Corinthians 10:11

The historical accounts in the Bible are examples for us today and in the future.

Now let us turn our Bible too,

Ephesians 6:10
10 “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.”

To be strong in the Lord means to trust Him absolutely and have a solid foundation in His Word. When we have accomplished that we know we can count on Him and trust Him to be there.

The Saints must be as strong as David was when he encountered the giant named Goliath. When David brought bread to the Israelite army he found his brothers terrified of the giant Goliath. In fact, for forty days no man of Israel would stand for God to defeat Goliath who was the child of Fallen Angels. None of the Israelites were strong in the Lord, only a young man named David (the few, not many) was willing to make a stand for God.

Ephesians 6:11
11Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

This is spiritual armour my friends and we need to ensure we have it to do what? Stand against the Devil who is Satan, (Ephesians 6:16, Revelation 12:7).

David would request permission from king Saul to engage Goliath and Saul said, “thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth,(1 Samuel 17:33). To men, the odds were stacked against David.

David being just a young shepherd would persuade Saul explaining, he killed a lion and bear that tried to harm his sheep. David said, “The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine,(1 Samuel 17:37). David was wise enough to know it was not he that defeated the lion or bear, but our Father and it would be our Father who would grant David the victory over Goliath.

Saul would grant David’s request and put physical armour on David, but it was far too big and bulky for the young David to bear. David had no need of physical armour, just as the Saints will have no need of it as well. David simply took his shepherds staff, his sling and five smooth stones from a brook and headed to confront Goliath.

Ephesians 6:12
12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Always remember our fight is not of this world. The coming war is not against men of flesh, our battle is against ‘the rulers of darkness’ and “spiritual wickedness in high places”.

Ephesians 6:13
13 “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

What evil day?

The Tribulation.

We need to ensure beforehand that we have the Oil in our Lamps and Vessels, the complete Armour of God so there are no gaps or fractures in our spiritual armour.

Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness.” We ensure our “feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace”. We take “the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked,(Ephesians 6:14-16).

Spiritual fiery darts will be shot at the Saints from every angle during the Tribulation.

Finally, we must ensure we have “the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,” the same Sword we spoke of in Chapter 4 of our study, “The Deadly Wound,” (Ephesians 6:17).

I cannot stress enough, the Battle of the Tribulation is not about blood and death, but souls and Eternal Salvation. It is a spiritual war against spiritual wickedness that we just learned.

Let me ask, do you know why David could stand for our Father when he encountered Goliath? He had the surety that our Father was with him and his spiritual armor was impenetrable.

The Defeat Of Goliath

Please turn your Bible with me and listen to the words of the confident David speaking to Goliath.

1 Samuel 17:46
46This day will the LORD deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will give the carcases of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.”

It was the Lord that would deliver the giant Goliath into the young David’s hand, meaning to give David the victory. This, in turn, provided inspiration to the rest of the Israelite army and let the Philistines know that our Father is God.

Just as in Egypt when our Father told Moses,

The Egyptians shall know that I am the LORD, when I stretch forth Mine hand upon Egypt, and bring out the children of Israel from among them.” - Exodus 7:5

The Saints along with the Two Witnesses will show the world that our God is God when they bring forward the Testimony of Christ as we have documented throughout this Bible study.

1 Samuel 17:47
47 “And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD'S, and He will give you into our hands.”

The Battle is not with a literal sword as we learned in Ephesians and David provided an example here as well. It was promised in the days of old, and it has been promised to the Saints, when they spiritually war against Satan, he will be delivered into their hands. This Battle is the Lord’s, He has already won it, the Saints must simply stand as David did and claim it.

As Christians, we are to stand united in order to finish this Battle just as David rose to the occasion and defeated Goliath through our Father’s Spirit. This emboldened the rest of Israelites who before were too afraid to fight, but now “shouted” and charged after the Philistines when they saw the giant Goliath was killed. This should remind us of those who will be converted during the Tribulation by the witnessing of the Saints and the Two Witnesses.

Learning From The Past

As we have documented in this study, there is nothing new under the sun. “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done” and all Scripture is an example for us in these End Times, (Ecclesiastes 1:9, 1 Corinthians 10:11). That means it is up to us to read and understand the Scriptures and the examples found within them and apply the examples to our lives, apply them for the days ahead which is the Tribulation of Satan.

Before we move forward to the days of the Tribulation, we are going back in time to further document to you when we stand by our Father and listen to His instruction, we are always victorious. It is important that we document this from past examples so you have the surety that our Father ‘will never leave you, nor forsake you,(Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13:5).

The Battle For Jericho

You may recall from Chapter 5, “The Timing of Satan’s Appearance” we covered Joshua 4 where our Father dried up the waters of the Jordan River five days before passover. This allowed the Israelites to cross the Jordan on dry land and they found themselves in Gilgal where they kept passover. Shortly after passover the Israelites led by Joshua would surround the city of Jericho...

Joshua 6:2
2 “And the LORD said unto Joshua, See, I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valour.”

The victory against Jericho was sealed, all the Israelites had to do was follow the instruction of our Father. Just as our Father gave the victory to Joshua and David, He has given it to the Saints against Satan, his angels (Iron Kings), and the kings of the earth (Clay Kings) during the Tribulation.

God would instruct the “men of war” to go around Jericho once for six consecutive days, and on the seventh day, they would go around Jericho seven times “and the priests shall blow with the trumpets,(Joshua 6:3-4).

Joshua 6:5
5 “And it shall come to pass, that when they make a long blast with the ram's horn, and when ye hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city shall fall down flat, and the People shall ascend up every man straight before him.”

This was our Father’s battle plan, all the Israelites had to do is execute the strategy laid before them.

Joshua 6:10
10 “And Joshua had commanded the People, saying, Ye shall not shout, nor make any noise with your voice, neither shall any word proceed out of your mouth, until the day I bid you shout; then shall ye shout.”

That is discipline, ensuring the troops understood the plan so it can be properly executed. Though the Israelites stood right at the gate of their enemy, they were not to make a sound with their mouth until it was time.

God’s Word is so complete and full of depth. “Joshua” gave this command and his name comes from Strong’s word H3091 which means, “Jehovah-saved”. While the name of our Lord and Savior “Jesus” comes from the base of the same word as “Joshua,” (H3091), as Joshua was an example of Christ.

Joshua told the Israelites not to allow ‘any word to proceed out of their mouth, until the day I bid you shout.’ Similarly, Jesus Christ told us in Mark 13:11 when the Saints are delivered up, they are not to premeditate the words they will speak, they are to simply allow the Holy Spirit to speak through them when it is time. As you can see, our Father’s Word provides example after example through history how it would be in the Last Days.

We should also note, the trumpets sounded each and every day during the siege of Jericho as the Israelites were in position and ready for battle.

This should remind us how the Seven Trumpets of Revelation do not sound until the release of the Four Winds. That event marks the completion of the Sealing of the Saints and the moment in time when the Ten Clay Kings stand up to solidify the sixth kingdom. You should understand, the Trumpets do not sound until the troops are ready for war, once the Sealing of Revelation 7 has been completed, then the troops (Saints) are ready for Battle.

And it came to pass” when the Israelites went around Jericho seven times on the seventh day ‘the priests blew with the trumpets and Joshua said unto the People’.

Shout; for the LORD hath given you the city.” - Joshua 6:16

It was now time, the Israelites would once again “shout” when they had the victory just as they had done during the time of David and Goliath.

Looking forward, the Saints will follow this example when they are in the gate of their enemy which Christ told us about as well, they will not speak their own words when they stand before kings, rulers, councilors and Satan until the Holy Spirit provides the words for them to speak.

Do not lose sight of the fact that Jehovah, our Father in Heaven gave the Israelites the victory as they followed the instruction provided to them.

Joshua 6:20
20 “So the People shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the People heard the sound of the trumpet, and the People shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the People went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.”

This was the death blow for Jericho as the Israelites “utterly destroyed all that was in the city” due to the supernatural act provided by our Father, (Joshua 6:21). The walls of the city literally went straight into the ground as if they were built on a trap door, (“flat” Strong’s: H8478, “the bottom (as depressed); beneath”).

This is yet another example for us how the Saints will pave the way for the destruction of “Mystery Babylon”.

The Battle Of The Saints

The books of Revelation and Daniel are a perfect complement to one another and due to that we are going to reference both of these books in this section. This will provide you with numerous witnesses for what we will discuss. 

In Chapter 6 of our study, “The Hour of Temptation,” we document the Clay Kings of the sixth kingdom turn over power to Satan at the “Midst of the Week”. That is the moment in time when the Battle between Satan who is the king of Babylon and the Saints escalates dramatically.

Please turn your Bible with me too,

Revelation 13:5
5 “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.”

The “him” being spoken of is the Dragon who is Satan. This point in time marks the “Midst of the Week when the Clay Kings finally transfer power of the sixth kingdom to Satan, when they crown him not only king of Babylon, but god of this world.

Daniel 11:31 also records this event where Satan is referred to as “the abomination that maketh desolate”. Satan is the abomination for deceiving the world into believing he is God, and Christ told us this in Matthew 24:15-16 as well.

You may also recall from “The Hour of Temptation,” Satan is on earth for the entire Tribulation which originally spanned a 7 year period, the same 84 months, the same 2,520 days (five months shortened). So 42 months into the Tribulation simply marks the “Midst of the Week”, the center of the Tribulation and recall, 42 months is equal to 3 ½ years or 2 ½ months on a shortened Tribulation timeline.

Revelation 12:17
17 “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Naturally, “the woman” along with “the remnant of her seed” make up the 144,000 and they made Satan angry, no doubt due to them witnessing against Satan during the early stages of the Tribulation.

Verse 14 tells us “the woman” was “given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.”

Not only is Satan the Serpent, but Satan is the Dragon (Strong’s: G1404) as well which is just another word for “serpent”. Satan the Dragon was angry with “the woman” and she was removed from his presence “for a time, and times, and half a time” which is 3 ½ times, that is the latter half of the Tribulation as we documented in Chapter 7 of our study, “The Silence in Heaven and the Two Witnesses”.

With the woman in the wilderness firmly out of Satan’s grasp, Satan goes to make war with a separate group of Saints, “the remnant of her seed,” (Revelation 12:17).

Revelation 13:7
7 “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.”

Power of the sixth kingdom was given to “him”, Satan as verse 5 told us.

In “The Silence in Heaven and the Two Witnesses”, we covered verse 7 in depth. This word “overcome” simply means, “subdue”. One of the ways Satan will “subdue” the Saints is by blocking them from his Beast Government, known as “Mystery Babylon”. The Saints will not be able to participate in it for their refusal to worship him. Meaning, they will not be able to “buy or sell”, (Revelation 13:16-17).

Further, we know the Saints “overcome” Satan “by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony” a subject we also covered in depth in Chapter 7 of our study.

As we have uncovered from Revelation 13:5, at the “Midst of the Week”, 42 months into the Tribulation, Satan makes war with the Saints. This moment in time is once again defined for us in Revelation 12:17 as the woman” is “away from the face of the serpent for 3 ½ times, which is half of the Tribulation, the final half.

Satan, unable to make war with the Saints known as “the woman” goes to make war with Saints known as “the remnant of her seed”. During the first half of the Tribulation, Satan will not be able to wage war against any of the Saints as he must build a case against them before the world. Remember, Satan comes in ‘peaceably and obtains the kingdom by flatteries’, he cannot arrive on earth claiming to be God and persecute an innocent people, (Daniel 11:21).

Daniel 7:25
25 “And he shall speak great words against the MOST HIGH, and shall wear out the saints of the MOST HIGH, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

This verse documents the same event we learned about in Revelation 13:5-7. Satan will “wear out(Strong’s: H1080) the Saints, a word “used only in a mental sense”. The Saints will be under constant bombardment by Satan, his angels, the Clay Kings, and other rulers of the earth including seven billion souls.

I do not think any of us can truly fathom what this will be like. If you think it is rough being a Christian today. We should be reminded of David’s bravery for the stand he made against Goliath. We should also remember the days of Elisha and recall the Armies in the Heavens above us, (2 King 6:6-17).

How long does Satan “wear out” the Saints? “A time and times and the dividing of time” which is 3 ½ times, 3 ½ years, the same 42 months, the same 1,260 days (2 ½ months shortened) as we covered in Chapter 6, “The Hour of Temptation”.

Daniel 11:36
36 “And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every GOD, and shall speak marvellous things against the GOD of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done,” - (Reference: 2 Thessalonians 2:4).

This king is Satan, the king of Babylon, the Little Horn, Devil, Dragon, Serpent and Satan, all the same entity as we documented in Chapter 4, “The Deadly Wound”.

When Satan is crowned king and god of the earth at the “Midst of the Week”, the Two Witnesses will appear and the Saints will elevate their spiritual attack against Satan and his dark forces. While Satan will have the upper hand against the Saints for most of the Tribulation, we know the Saints will be victorious.

Mark 13:9
9 “But take heed to yourselves: for they shall deliver you up to councils; and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten: and ye shall be brought before rulers and kings for My sake, for a testimony against them.”

These are the words of Jesus Christ who Himself was brought before councils, rulers and kings.

The word “beaten(Strong’s: G1194) is used as an “analogy in this verse. Notice where the ‘beating’ takes place, in the so-called houses of worship. These verbal “beatings” and assaults will be done in part by religious individuals who will mock the Saints for their beliefs and the stand they are making.

We know the Saints overcome, we have been told that numerous times. Further, Luke 21:18 documents “there shall not an hair of your head perish” when the Saints are delivered up for a witness. You must ensure you rightly divide the Word of God.

Mark 13:11
11 “But when they shall lead you, and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye: for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost.”

Just as Joshua told the people to remain silent during their encirclement of Jericho until it was the proper time.

The Saints will not need a well-written speech to deliver before Satan and the dark rulers of the world, they are not to give it a single thought. Instead, the Holy Spirit will provide the words the Saints will speak and it will be so powerful “all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist,” the Word’s the Holy Spirit will provide, (Luke 21:15).

As Mark 13:9 told us, the Saints will be brought before ‘councils, synagogues, rulers and kings’. I only expect the leaders of the Saints to be brought before Satan himself. Yet there will be testimonies from God ringing out across the globe providing an unprecedented witness against Satan and his Beast Government, “Mystery Babylon”.

Revelation 16:10
10 “And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,”

There are two Beasts in Revelation as we learned in Chapter 1, “The Scarlet Beast With Seven Heads And Ten Horns”. The Beast being referenced in this verse is the Dragon from Revelation 13 that had two horns of power, symbolic of the sixth and seventh kingdom that he reigns over. Naturally, Satan’s “seat” is the throne of Babylon, his rule over the world.

Satan’s kingdom becomes “full of darkness” as the Saints and the Two Witnesses begin to provide a witness through the Holy Spirit so powerful their “adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist”.

The words of the Saints and Two Witnesses will begin to sow seeds of doubt for some of the inhabitants of the earth. They will begin to see through Satan’s lies, his claim of being God and this will be fulfilled when these inhabitants of the earth see the Two Witnesses rise to their feet after being killed in Jerusalem by Satan, (Revelation 11).

Daniel 11:33
33 “And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.”

In this verse it becomes obvious, not all of the “people” understood exactly what they were to do in the spiritual war against Satan. We are literally in the trenches of spiritual warfare at this point, we are talking about the very details.

Let us break the thought in this verse down so we may understand.

People(Strong’s: H5971) means,

a congregated unit; specifically a tribe(as those of Israel); hence (collectively)troops”.

I do not believe this Scripture is only referring to the Twelve Tribes of Israel who are Sealed (144,000) . I am quite sure this includes the other tribes of the earth who choose to stand for our Father as well, (Revelation 7:9).

The Saints that Satan will directly and spiritually war against are the leaders of our Father’s spiritual army, they are the “troops” that “understand” among the 144,000 that are Sealed. Just as David and Joshua “understood” and led their people to victory.

The Saints that “understand” are the “remnant of her seed,” the offspring of “the woman” who is nourished in the wilderness. The Saints that “understand” will “instruct(Strong’s: H995) and “have intelligence” with the rest of the Twelve Tribes of Israel who are Sealed, (woman in the wilderness). This once again documents a separate group of Saints as we discussed in “The Silence in Heaven and the Two Witnesses”.

Daniel 11:32 adds to this thought by stating,

“The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”

All of the Saints who are Sealed with our Father’s Word will work together through the Holy Spirit to bring down “Mystery Babylon” and her king Satan. The leaders of our Father’s spiritual army will execute this through intelligent activities. Together, all of the Saints will be “strong(Strong’s: H2388), they will be “courageous,” they will “conquer” and they will “prevail!

The word “fall(Strong’s: H3782) in verse 33 means “to totter or waver (through weakness of the legs, especially the ankle), stumble”. The Saints do not die or fail our Father, they are Sealed with His Word for a purpose, (Psalms 37:24). To help bring down the king of Babylon, Satan and his Beast Government and that is what they are going to do.

Our Father does not set up His children to fail, he sets up the victory which we have through Christ, (1 Corinthians 15:55). He has already promised, the Saints will overcome Satan just as David and Joshua were guaranteed the victory as well, (Daniel 7:27, Revelation 12:11).

Daniel 11:34
34 “Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.”

Fall” the same word we just discussed meaning “to totter or waver, stumble”. When Satan, his angels, the Clay Kings, rulers of the earth and seven billion souls stand against the Saints, it will be a difficult time for them.

Yet, they will stand, (Isaiah 35:3-4).

It will be especially tough for the leaders of our Father’s spiritual army who stand on the front lines directly in front of Satan.

Always remember our Father’s promises and ask Him to remember them.

God is faithful, Who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.” - 1 Corinthians 10:13

Though it will be a trying time, the Saints will prevail and through the Holy Spirit, they will lead many including those who convert through the dark days of Satan’s reign.

Daniel 11:35
35 “And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.”

To properly understand this verse we need to understand a little about metallurgy. If we dig up a large chunk of gold and heat it to its melting point we are attempting to “try” or “refine” that piece of gold. In its natural state, it is mixed with dirt, rock and other impurities. When the gold becomes liquefied we are able to “purge” or “purify” it by removing the “slag” or “dross” and then we are left with pure gold.

Some of the Saints are going to “fall”, meaning “to totter and stumble” as they are nearly pushed to the breaking point. If you have ever been through a difficult time in your life, when you get through it, you realize that difficult situation made you that much stronger of a person. That is what we are talking about here. The fire and intensity of the Tribulation will spiritually cleanse the Saints, it will “purify” them and they will certainly obtain white robes as Revelation 7:14 will document.

Daniel 7:18
18 “But the saints of the MOST HIGH shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.”

We are talking about Satan’s kingdom, which simply means the world that will be given to the Saints for the stand they made against Satan, (Daniel 7:27). We should not forget about the righteous who have passed on before us, as they will inherit the earth as well, (Psalms 37:11).

The Saints of the MOST HIGH will not “take(Strong’s: H6902) the kingdom, but they will “receive” it from Jesus Christ. Remember, while the Saints and the Two Witnesses pave the way for the destruction of Babylon which is Satan’s kingdom, Christ does the destroying. The Saints must simply stand and stand they will being “redeemed from the earth,” (Revelation 19:11-21, 14:3).

As it is written,

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” - Revelation 12:11

The Destruction Of Babylon

We are going to turn our Bible to Jeremiah 51 where our Father enabled the Median-Persian empire to destroy the kingdom of ancient Babylon. What we must understand is Jeremiah 51 is a two-fold prophecy. Simply meaning, portions of it were fulfilled, but as a whole, it awaits fulfillment during the Tribulation which we will document as we move forward.

In Jeremiah 51:61-62 we are told Babylon would be without an inhabitant and this great city would never exist after its destruction. Today, men still live in the region where ancient Babylon once stood. More importantly, we know Babylon lives on in the symbolical sense. “Mystery Babylon” is the woman, “the great whore” which rides the scarlet colored beast who is Satan and this “great whore” has reigned over the six kingdoms of the earth as we documented in “The Scarlet Beast With Seven Heads And Ten Horns”, (Revelation 17:3).

Further, her destruction awaits the final moments of the Tribulation as the Angel of Revelation declares, (Revelation 18:2). In essence, Jeremiah 51 is yet another example for us in these End Times and we know there is nothing new under the sun, what has happened before will occur once again, (Ecclesiastes 1:9, 1 Corinthians 10:11).

Please turn your Bible with me to,

Jeremiah 51:1
1 “Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in the midst of them that rise up against Me, a destroying wind;”

The LORD, that is YHVH, Jehovah our Father in Heaven. He will raise up “a destroying wind” against Babylon which is Satan’s kingdom in these End Times, the sixth and seventh kingdom that Satan will rule over.

This “destroying wind” should bring your mind to Revelation 7 and Chapter 3, “The Four Winds Of Revelation” where we covered the subject of those Four Winds. At The Four Winds Of Revelation, the Saints are Sealed with our Father’s Word and the Seven Trumpets begin to sound. In effect, this causes the destructive force of this wind.

Notice, our Father not only brings this “destroying wind” against Babylon, but ‘against those that dwell in the midst of them’, which means those in the center of Babylon that “rise up against” God, those who “had pleasure in unrighteousness”. Those who are deceived by Satan as he claims to be the Messiah. Our Father has promised, if you want to believe a lie, He will ‘send you strong delusion,’ (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12).

Jeremiah 51:2
2 “And will send unto Babylon fanners, that shall fan her, and shall empty her land: for in the day of trouble they shall be against her round about.”

What is a fanner?

In times of old, harvested “grain was thrown up against the wind to be cleansed from the chaff and straw,” (Smith’s Bible Dictionary p.190 “fan”). This was the job of the “fanner,” which removed the worthless portion of the harvest and left pure grain.

This is symbology, a grain harvester did not destroy ancient Babylon and will not destroy the future king of Babylon who is Satan. Our Father is explaining to us that He will send “fanners” and a “destroying wind” which are symbolic of His Saints. They will remove the chaff and straw which are Satan’s lies and deception and they will reveal the truth, that Satan is the false messiah. This will bring clarity to many of those who were deceived by Satan.

What day of trouble?

Jacob’s Trouble, the Tribulation of Satan, (Jeremiah 30).

The Saints, those with the Seal of God who Satan cannot harm will symbolically encompass the walls of Satan’s Babylon “round about,” just as Joshua and the Israelites encompassed the walls of Jericho.

Jeremiah 51:6
6Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of the LORD'S vengeance; he will render unto her a recompence.”

Those who wish to stand with God must come out of confusion, they must come out of Babylon. Through the Holy Spirit, the Saints and the Two Witnesses will make this a reality as they separate the “grain” from the “chaff and straw,” as they separate the “truth” from the “lies and deception”.

You should notice we have a direct reference to Revelation 18:4 where we are told,

Come out of her, My People, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

Those who do the bidding of Satan accept the Mark Of The Beast and are destined for great punishment if they do not repent, (Revelation 14:2, 16:11).

The Tribulation is, in fact, the time of the LORD’s “vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled,” (Luke 21:22). Further, Christ told us we should flee Jerusalem when Satan appears on earth claiming to be the Messiah as Jerusalem is where Satan will be crowned king of Babylon, (Matthew 24:15-18, 2 Thessalonians 2:4). If our Father needs the Saints in Jerusalem, He is more than capable of placing them there when He desires.

Jeremiah 51:7
7 “Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORD's hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad.”

This is one of the reasons why our Father is going to send the Saints to Battle Babylon, she has corrupted the nations and those who have allowed themselves to be corrupted. “The kings of the earth have committed fornication with her” and will find they are not virgin brides for Christ, (Revelation 18:3).

When you become intoxicated through alcohol you lose your sense of judgment and morality. You are easily misled and in this sense, the world is misled to the point of worshipping Satan, the king of Babylon.

This word “mad” means to “celebrate” and they are essentially celebrating their sin. We see this today and it will become worse as the days wear on, especially when the abomination, Satan stands on earth claiming to be God.

The verse we just covered is also found in Revelation 17:2;4 and 18:3 which document the Babylon being discussed is truly the Babylon that still reigns over the entire earth and will during the Tribulation.

Jeremiah 51:13 tells us Babylon “dwellest upon many waters” and Revelation 17:15 explains “The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.”

We should remember, the Saints, those with the Seal of God will board their Spiritual Arks and rise above Babylon’s waters which are the people of the earth. Those that have been deceived by her, those deceived by Satan and his angels.

Jeremiah is, in fact, explaining a parallel to us, a parallel to the former Babylon and “Mystery Babylon,” “that great whore” that reigns over the six kingdoms of the earth.

Jeremiah 51:53
53 “Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from Me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the LORD.”

Babylon “the great” is appropriately named for these reasons. She has ruled over the nations, the six kingdoms of the earth and will extend that reign over the seventh which is headed by her king, Satan.

Yet, from our Father the “spoilers” will come, who are the Saints, the “fanners” welding weapons of Truth from our Father’s Armory, (Jeremiah 50:25). These weapons of Truth make up the Oil in our Lamps.

Jeremiah 51:11
11 “Make bright the arrows; gather the shields: the LORD hath raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes: for His device is against Babylon, to destroy it; because it is the vengeance of the LORD, the vengeance of His temple.”

Again, this is a historical example, not a fulfillment of prophecy. The Medes removed the ancient nation of Babylon from power. Yet “Mystery Babylon”, “the great whore and mother of harlots” lived on and will continue to rule over the kingdoms of the earth until she is removed from power by Christ, (Revelation 17:1, 19:2).

To document that fact, we know during “the hour of judgment... Babylon is fallen” and we know when the Seventh Vial is poured out, the final event to unfold, (Revelation 14:7-8),

“The great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His wrath.” - Revelation 16:19

So without a doubt, we know “Mystery Babylon” was not destroyed, only the ancient nation named Babylon.

Just as Satan has fiery darts which are arrows, so do the Saints. They are Arrows of Truth that are highly polished with our Father’s Word to penetrate the lies of Satan. The Saints are also equipped with “the shield of faith” that will “quench all the fiery darts” of Satan, (Ephesians 6:16).

This day will be the LORD’s vengeance as we have discussed. The vengeance of His Temple and we are that Temple, the many-membered Body of Christ, (1 Corinthians 12:12-27). God will obtain vengeance in part for those who have passed on before us, “the souls... under the altar... that were slain for the word of God,” (Revelation 6:9-10, 18:20,24).

Jeremiah 51:12
12 “Set up the standard upon the walls of Babylon, make the watch strong, set up the watchmen, prepare the ambushes: for the LORD hath both devised and done that which He spake against the inhabitants of Babylon.”

Jesus Christ is that Standard and in this verse, we can see our Father’s marching orders as the “destroying wind” He told us about in verse 1 takes hold.

The Saints who are the “fanners” and “spoilers” now begin to surround “Mystery Babylon”. The leaders of the Saints and no doubt the Two Witnesses will “instruct” and “have intelligence” with the rest of the troops, ‘preparing ambushes,’ in order to assist with the fall of Satan’s kingdom, Babylon.

This will most likely consist of the various levels of witnessing by all of the Saints that will ring out across the globe during the Tribulation.

How exactly will Babylon be thrown down?

With sweet words?

“With violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.” - Revelation 18:21

It will be Jesus Christ who utterly destroys “Mystery Babylon” with violence, however, He will use His Saints and the Two Witnesses to accomplish much of this work as we have learned in this study.

Jeremiah 51:44
44 “And I will punish Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall.”

Bel (Baal) was a god of the Babylonians and symbolic of Satan. Further, our Father declared the nations will no longer “flow” or “assemble” to Satan and we find this same witness in Revelation 18:22.

Thus saith the LORD of hosts; The broad walls of Babylon shall be utterly broken, and her high gates shall be burned with fire,” (Jeremiah 51:58). Just as the walls of Jericho came down, so will the walls of Babylon.

I have no doubt the symbolical walls of Satan’s kingdom will begin to crumble just after the “Midst of the Week,” when the Fifth Vial is poured “upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,” (Revelation 16:10).

Jeremiah 51:20
20Thou art My battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms.”

Historically, this Battle Axe was symbolic of Cyrus the Mede. In the future sense the Battle Axe is symbolic for “the portion of Jacob,” we are talking about the 144,000, those who are Sealed with our Father’s Word from Revelation 7 and “The Four Winds Of Revelation”. This is our example of what will transpire during the Tribulation of Satan.

We are reading about our Father’s spiritual army and how “Mystery Babylon” of the Last Days will be thrown down. Our Father will send “fanners”. Our Father will send “spoilers”. Our Father will send the “Battle Axe” and “Weapons of War” that are symbolic for the Saints that are Sealed to break down the walls of Babylon and bring a tremendous amount of pain to Satan and his kingdom. This pain will literally be delivered through the witnessing of the End Times.

It is through the Saints and the Two Witnesses that Great Babylon will be brought to its knees, yet utterly destroyed by Jesus Christ at His appearance. When the symbolical walls of Babylon come down, the Two Witnesses rise to their feet and Jesus Christ and the Armies of God will appear to destroy the armies of Satan, (Revelation 19).

This will be the grand finale, the final Battle of the spiritual war that has been raging for thousands of years. We have been forewarned about this great war in Ephesians 6 and we should always remember “no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”, but the “Weapons of War” from God, symbolic of His Saints and His guiding Spirit will prosper against Satan, (Isaiah 54:17).

We should also remember when the Sealing of the Saints is complete, they are ready for this great spiritual Battle, ready for the Seven Trumpets to sound just as in the days of Joshua and Jericho. Is it any wonder then why our Father said, “with thee will I break in pieces the nations”, plural?

A wound?

Possibly even the Deadly Wound that will occur sometime after The Four Winds Of Revelation.

Through our Father’s spiritual leadership, through His Holy Spirit, the Saints and the Two Witnesses will help cause,

“The wall of Babylon to fall. Babylon shall become heaps andthe heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers came until her. The land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of the LORD shall be performed against Babylon, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without an inhabitant and it shall be desolate for ever.” - Jeremiah 51:29; 37; 44; 48

And so it is written…

During the course of this Epic Battle, the Saints will have a very difficult time, yet they will prevail. They will obtain the victory and our Father will be with them every step of the way to Light their path, (Psalms 18:27-29).

The Saints will be victorious as they held fast to our Father’s Word and they know and believe “that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord,” (Romans 8:38-39).

Nothing will be able to separate the Saints from the love of our Heavenly Father. That love will be evident through the entire Tribulation as the Saints march against Satan and his kingdom. It is the love for God why the Saints will carry His Banner forward, that “love suffereth long”, it “beareth all things” and “endureth all things” and that love will never, ever fail, (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

In the name of our Eternal King, Jesus Christ, amen.

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