The Timeline Of The Tribulation

Every day, our world grows a little colder, darker, and sinful. Jesus warned us in the parable of the fig tree, these are signs of the Last Days. It is these signs that help us identify when the Great Tribulation will transpire.

Jesus also told us, the Tribulation will bring a great time of trouble on the earth. It will be a time “not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be”. Christ made it clear, this will be an unprecedented time in world history, (Matthew 24:21).

So, what is the Tribulation, and why will it be so troublesome?

The Tribulation was originally a 7 year period of time. Yet, this time of trouble will be so grievous, Jesus shortened the duration of it for the Elect's sake; otherwise, “no flesh should be saved”, (Mark 13:20).

The Great Tribulation begins when Satan is cast from Heaven to earth, including his angels, (Revelation 12:7-9). This event will conclude the War in Heaven.

Once on earth, Satan (Antichrist) and his angels will claim to be God and His angels, displaying great miracles in the sight of men, all to convince them that Satan is God, (2 Thessalonians 2:4, 8-9, Revelation 13:13-14). “The abomination of desolation” has now been revealed, (Matthew 24:15).

The miracles and wonders of Satan will be so convincing, nearly the entire world will worship him, truly believing Satan to be God. This is when the world and most Christians will partake in the Great Apostasy, everyone, except for the Saints of Almighty God who are Sealed, (Revelation 7:1-4).

Nearly the entire world will worship Satan and accept his Mark of the Beast, believing it to be something righteous. 

Yet, the Saints of God will recognize Satan as the false messiah, so they will not accept his Mark. This means, they will be unable to buy or sell within the Antichrist’s government, (Revelation 13:17). The Saints will essentially be the black sheep of society for refusing to worship the perceived Savior of the world.

As we move through the Tribulation, we come to the Midst of the Week, the center point of this great time of trouble.

This is when the Silence in Heaven begins.

This is when the Two Witnesses from the book of Revelation appear, alongside the Saints who are the 144,000. This will also include the multitude of Revelation 7. Together, they unite to provide a testimony for God against Satan, his angels, and those who have accepted him.

These great testimonies initiate the beginning stages of the collapse of Satan’s reign on earth, (Revelation 16:10). Doubt will begin to creep into the minds of men as they listen to the Two Witnesses provide their testimony.

As the Tribulation carries on, we come near to the conclusion of it. This is defined when Satan, the perceived God of the universe executes the Two Witnesses before the entire world, (Revelation 11:7).

This is a critical time element.

Within just 3 1/2 days, their spirits re-enter their bodies and they rise to their feet, (Revelation 11:11).

Moments later, Jesus Returns to earth with an army of Angels to cast Satan into the bottomless pit, (Revelation 11:15, 19:19-20, 20:1-3). The Tribulation has just come to a conclusion, and Jesus Christ will now reign as the Millennium begins…

What you have read is merely a foreword to this study which includes eight individual chapters. Each chapter focuses on specific events, some of which precede the Tribulation, while other chapters dial in on specific events of it.

If you have ever wondered what the Tribulation is all about, and what it means for you and mankind.

This study is for you.

I hope you join us.

You may now begin reading our entire Great Tribulation Bible study series. We hope these studies help you understand the events of the Last Days.

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