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The Issue of “Illegal” Immigration… Part 2

By: Brandon T. Ward

The rage over Arizona’s new law on “illegal” immigration continues. A couple of weeks ago the city of Los Angeles, California passed a resolution boycotting Arizona in a move that could wipe out millions of dollars in contracts for Arizona. In reply to this attempted power play by Los Angeles, Arizona has threatened to turn off the power they provide to Los Angeles if they follow through with their attempted boycott.

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The Issue of “Illegal” Immigration… Part 1

By: Brandon T. Ward

Let’s talk about immigration, or better yet “illegal” immigration. First let’s define the two.

Immigration: The process of entering the country by means of the legal system, following the laws that are in place.

Illegal” Immigration: Breaking the law, bypassing the legal system and entering the country without permission.

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Come To The Father

Come to the Father - Sunset over the OceanFor many, it’s very difficult to seek out God, come to know Him and learn about His Word. Why is that? In today’s society, we are distracted from the Bible. It’s not at the forefront of our minds and we often forget about God until we need Him in our lives… We have TVs in every room, computers, video games, iPhones, social networking to do and shows to watch. If you’re a parent, there are the kids to teach and support. In today’s world many families have two working parents which makes spending time with each other very difficult.

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State of the Union – Written about 3500 Years Ago

By: Brian McCurdy

For a snapshot of where our nation is at and headed, read the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68. We’ve brought these upon ourselves. See how these line up with our current state of affairs…
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A Nation Out of Control

By: Brandon T. Ward

By now everyone has heard about the attempted car bombing in New York City. And once again we are seeing a push by “Big Brother” to try and take away more of our freedoms under the guise of “security.” New York officials are already planning on expanding their enormous camera project in an attempt to catch the bad guys in the act…

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Who Is The Antichrist? Answered.

Who Is The AntiChrist? Answered.

Who Is The AntiChrist? Answered.

Who is the Antichrist? This is an extremely important question for these end times. If you do not understand who the antichrist is, you are already setup for deception.

The antichrist (not the “type” as spoken of in John) will not be born in the flesh. The antichrist is a supernatural being who will be cast out of heaven onto earth by Michael the archangel. The antichrist will claim to be Jesus Christ. The antichrist is Satan himself.

Let us now remove the veil of darkness and confusion that has clouded this topic and shed the light of God’s Word onto it whereby we can remove all doubt.

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Al-Qaeda leader calls on Muslims to kidnap Westerners

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has urged Egyptians to restart their revolution to press for Islamic law and called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners, the SITE Intelligence Group said Friday.

In a video released on jihadist forums and translated by the US monitoring service, Zawahiri also lashed out at President Barack Obama, calling him a liar and demanding he admit defeat in Iraq, Afghanistan and North Africa.

Criticizing the new Egyptian government — led by a president drawn from the Muslim Brotherhood — as corrupt, he said a battle is being waged in Egypt between a secular minority and Muslims seeking implementation of Shariah law.

The Egyptian doctor, the former deputy to slain Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, said these Egyptians want to see their government liberated from US influence and Palestinian victory over Israel, SITE reported.

“The battle isn’t over, but it has started,” Zawahiri said, urging “every sincere person in Egypt” to “wage a popular campaign to incite and preach in order to complete the revolution, which was aborted.

“The revolution in Egypt must continue and the Muslim Ummah must offer sacrifices until it achieves what it wants and until it snatches from the corrupt forces … the dignity and honor of Egypt.” – France 24

Meteorite in Russia, Was it Prophesy?


Was the meteorite that hit Russia yesterday apart of prophesy? God said look for signs in the heavens and on earth for the return of our Lord and Savior. Not only do we have an increased number of earthquakes over the past few years but the intensity is unprecedented in recorded history.

The amount of active volcanoes stands at approximately 43 and the year is only getting underway. The average for a year on the high end is 60. We have some interesting comets flying by this year and one named ISON at the end of the year promises to shine in broad daylight. Some are calling this potentially the best show by a comet in recorded history! With that said we are starting to see many more heavenly signs. If you recall back to December 21st, 2012 the famed Mayan calendar date, it did mark the crossing of the galactic plane. Which happens once every 25,800 years! That’s a bench mark friends. So there are definitely some signs to watch out for.

To answer the question, the meteorite slamming into Russia doesn’t fulfill any specific prophesy. A sign of things to come, possibly. However, there will be a time when God will sent hail stones on earth the size of a talent. Which is approximately equal to 120 pounds! This event was a great reminder of the following prophesy.

Revelation 16
21 “And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.”

God will rain down these great hail stones against the armies of Gog as they come to attack God’s nation Israel (you can read more about this in the the great book of Ezekiel chapter 38). The attack will never be successful. Why will God do this?

Ezekiel 38
23 “Thus will I magnify myself, and sanctify myself; and I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the Lord.”

He will do this to show the world that there is a God and the Lord is His name.

That time is obviously future to us now and just before the return of the Lord. You will know when this event is at the door as Satan will be on earth proclaiming to be Jesus Christ.

The Lies of the Last Generation

By: Brandon T. Ward

Without a doubt, we are living through some of the most difficult times in the history of our planet. Not just a single country but the entire world is gripped by the economic collapse that has yet to crest.

The governments and media of the world continue to tell the masses that things will be ok. We’re told over and over that unemployment will take a turn and we’ll see jobs coming back. Yet unemployment continues to climb at an alarming rate. We are told the recession is over by the Federal Reserve, yet sales for 2009 were at their worst level on record, foreclosures also set records for 2009. Why? Because the jobs are not coming back!

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How Do We “Come Out of Confusion?”

By: Brandon T. Ward

Why do so many people find it difficult to come to the realization that there truly is a plan for global government? The Bible talks about a world government materializing before the end of this age, yet many remain oblivious to this fact. Why do so many people find it difficult to see through the lies we are fed concerning “climate change?”

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Analyzing the Attempted Bombing of Flight 253

By: Brandon T. Ward
Updated: 12/31/09

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines plane that was heading into Detroit from Amsterdam. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to set off a bomb just minutes before the plane landed. The bomb apparently burst into flames and the attempt obviously failed. An Al-Qaeda group in Yemen allegedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Hypocrites for “Climate Change”

By: Brandon T. Ward

As we documented earlier in The Falsification of Climate Change, weeks ago hackers broke into the Climate Research Unit (CRU) and released emails and other documentation damaging the so called “climate change” movement. Their act shouldn’t be looked upon as an act of crime but an act of Freedom! They have uncovered the biggest hoax the world has ever witnessed in the scientific community. Yet California Senator Barbara Boxer says, “This is a crime.”

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