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DOW Jones Falls Nearly 800 Points Amid Trade War, Recession Fears

WEB Notes: It sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Did all of you become scared and sell your stocks or did the algorithms do it? 800 points must put this drop within the top ten, maybe the top 5 in history. The last several months we have seen instability start to creep into the markets just as we did roughly ten years ago.

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‘In God We Trust’ Returning to Public Schools, Buildings in More States

WEB Notes: This is a positive step, we have heard a lot about this in 2018.

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Most Adults Living Unhealthy Lifestyles

The overwhelming majority of adults in England are so unhealthy they put their lives at risk, a survey suggests.

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Satanic Statue Displayed At Illinois Capitol Building Alongside Nativity Scene, Menorah

WEB Notes: This is non-sense. They just created some statue to mock Christianity, what a failed attempt.

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6.6 Magnitude Earthquake southeast of the Loyalty Islands

7.5 Magnitude Earthquake southeast of the Loyalty Islands

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake southeast of the Loyalty Islands

Pope Francis: Church Closings A ‘Sign Of The Times,’ Should Not Cause Anxiety

WEB Notes: Why are churches closing? Why are there no “faithful”? As Bible teachers we need to take a good long hard look in the mirror…

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Our Deficits May Finally Be Coming Home To Roost

WEB Notes: Government spending is now double what it was in 2015. Remember, when Obama destroyed Bush’s spending numbers and overall debt? Trump has now destroyed Obama’s and the next President will continue the trend until this nation is destroyed…

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Millennial Men Ditching Traditional ‘Masculine’ Values, More Likely To Embrace ‘Emotional Strength’

WEB Notes: This article acts as if men are barbarians and they seek a softer side. I tell you what, men today are certainly softer. Being a man is not about beating people up and not caring about others. Christian men are strong in heart and spirit, they are not afraid to help people out and do not mind getting dirty. How could we forget our Biblical brothers who laid the example?…

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U.S. Navy Admiral Scott Stearney Found Dead In Apparent Suicide

WEB Notes: Prayers certainly go out to this family. I have to say I always find these things odd when we hear about high ranking officers taking their own lives. What is noteworthy here is this Admiral was over the 5th Fleet which is based out of Bahrain, operating in various locations including the “Strait of Hormuz and the Suez Canal”. Those are Iran’s waters, it makes you wonder.

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Taxpayer Dollars Help California Planned Parenthood Surpass Record High Income Level

WEB Notes: Taxpayer money to murder babies. I do not know what is worse, that or the idea that we are immune to this idea and no longer put up a fight.

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