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Coronavirus Economic Collapse ‘Way Worse Than The Global Financial Crisis’: IMF

WEB Notes: The IMF Chief explains more than 90 nations have already applied for financing, “We have never seen ever such a growing demand for emergency financing.”…

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Civil Unrest Coming? Store Owners Board Up Buildings Across Manhattan

WEB Notes: The article has numerous pictures that depict stores boarded up. Either the stores are all owned by the same company, or shop owners were advised to board up…

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Evidence Of Ancient Rainforests Found In Antarctica

WEB Notes: This is such an interesting discovery. Earth and our entire universe is very old. There is evidence all over the globe of life from long ago where there is no life today…

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European Leaders Warn Coronavirus Could Lead To Breakup Of E.U.

WEB Notes: Out with the old world order, and in with the new world order. We will see, but there is no doubt whatsoever…

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What Questions Do You Have?

Look, we are facing the most unprecedented moment in world history right now. You are living through it. You have questions, lots of questions. Many of you are already asking in the comments section on articles while others shoot over their emails.

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99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says

WEB Notes: This is what we keep trying to drill into your head folks. Italy is the hardest-hit country, and 99% of Italy’s Coronavirus deaths were in patients who already had health problems…

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Putin Seeks To Create New World Order Amid Coronavirus Crisis

WEB Notes: You see how this works? The media is saying Putin is trying to spread a conspiracy theory to “subvert the west”…

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United Nations Wants 10% Of Entire Planet’s Annual Income In Fund For Coronavirus Response

WEB Notes: More globalist propaganda. You know, I have seen numerous articles explain globalism is dead. Who are the flunkies writing that stuff?…

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6.6 Million Americans File For Unemployment, More H-1Bs On The Way!

WEB Notes: Add this to the 3.3 number and we have 10 million Americans out of work in the last 2 weeks. But hey, your government loves you baby, guess what?…

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44 Percent Say Coronavirus Is ‘Wake-Up Call’ from God, Sign of His Judgment

WEB Notes: With all due respect to my fellow Christians, this shows how foolish we have become. The Coronavirus is not the problem, it is the excuse for a larger agenda…

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