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Financial Stocks Are Giving Us A ‘Warning Sign’

WEB Notes: In the last few editions of our daily newsletter these have been the headlines…

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Morocco: Around One Third Of Households Are Borrowing Money To Cover Their Expenses

WEB Notes: When we hear about people in debt, it is not only Americans. It is once again happening to everyone.

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Jeff Bezos Named Richest Man in History As Amazon Workers Strike Over Pay and Conditions

WEB Notes: The man is worth $152 billion dollars. I said, billion dollars. You cannot even fathom that kind of money. Let’s look at the numbers $152,000,000,000. You could not spend that kind of money if you tried, you could buy nations, all the land your heart desires, islands, anything. But for some, that is just not enough…

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The $247 Trillion Global Debt Bomb Is Ticking

WEB Notes: Note the bold and underline we added below. You should read the whole article from the source. Everyone’s debt is peaking is the point with rate hikes to boot and of course how could we forget, inflation

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Inflation Hits 6-Year High, Wiping Out Wage Gains For The Average American

WEB Notes: Inflation is a sign of a growing economy they say. They will spin the web anyway they can to brainwash you into their version of the truth. The economy maybe growing for the bankers, but not for the American taxpayer.

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Universal Basic Income Would Cost The US Up To $3.8 Trillion Per Year

WEB Notes: How many times have we heard that term this year? “Universal basic income”. You think it is a good idea? Let us know why. You cannot take from one man and give to another, we all know that, or we should anyway. That is called socialism and it does not work out so well. We have socialism in this country, not full-fledged, but it exists enough to the point that it makes me sick enough without something like “universal basic income” being established. You see…

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Donald Trump Claims Victory In NATO Spending Row Amid Reports He Threatened To Pull US Out Of Alliance

WEB Notes: The US is not planning to pull out of NATO, Trump is concerned with others not pitching in to the global organization. No where in here will you find that Trump asked the nations to boost their funding to NATO so the US could withdraw some of our funding. It would not surprise me in the least if the US did pull out of NATO however. We discussed a break up of the current global structure in “The Timeline of the Tribulation” Chapter 2 titled, “The Ram And The He Goat“.

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BMW Will Move Some Suv Production Out Of US Into China Response To Trump’s Tariffs

WEB Notes: There is no doubt in my mind, this “trade war” is a part of the next phase the globalists have in their playbook. This will continue to cause economic uncertainty and change the economic landscape.

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Homeowners Are Sitting On A Record Amount Of Cash — And Not Tapping It

WEB Notes: Do not tap that equity folks, your home is your castle, not your atm card. We have discussed this many times in the past.

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Warning Of A Global Crisis, Germany’s Angela Merkel Pledges ‘Every Effort’ To Avert A U.S. Trade War

WEB Notes: In other news, “China: US Is ‘Firing At The Whole World’ With Tariffs“. Even though we have a global order today, it is not complete and will not be complete until the six kingdom becomes solidified. Right now we are seeing the current global structure become a little rocky and yes, this is by design and when it crumbles it will bring about the completion of the sixth kingdom, no we are not talking about the “Deadly Wound“.

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A Month’s Pay In Venezuela Now Only Buys Just A Few Cups Of Coffee

Five million Venezuelan bolivars is the equivalent of $1.45. It’s also roughly a minimum-wage worker’s entire monthly salary in the South American country.

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Playing Politics With The Economic Numbers, Record 155M Employed in June

BLS Job Statistics July 2018

WEB Notes: I have noticed a disturbing trend by those on the right side of the fence since Trump became the President. For the most part, he can do no wrong. You will notice the media is touting these employment numbers as well, a media who many say is completely against Trump. You should know those who control the mainstream media control both sides of the argument, this is by design. On the softer side of the matter Obama was certainly not a good President, though I never read about those on the “right” praising him for the economy, yet the “official” numbers say the economy improved…

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