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Morgan Stanley Says Dollar Bull Run Has Ended, Time to Sell

The dollar’s bull run has ended and it’s time to sell the currency, according to Morgan Stanley.

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Total Household Debt Rises for 17th Straight Quarter

WEB Notes: This is nothing new, the cycle continues. People stay out of debt, if you do not have the cash, you do not need it.

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Feds Collect Record Taxes in October; Still Run $100B Deficit

WEB Notes: Another quarter, the same sad ol song. No matter who is in office the same song plays over and over again. We only expect to hear a different one.

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U.S. Imports Hit All-Time High, Trade Deficit With China Sets New Record Despite Tariffs

WEB Notes: Those tariffs are really working out there Mr. Trump. So who then is benefiting from the tariffs? It sure is not the American people or American businesses.

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Bank Of America Says The ‘Big Low’ For The Stock Market Isn’t In Yet

The recent stock market slide may look bad, but it wasn’t bad enough to indicate that the damage has been completely done, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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General Electric Bonds Are Trading Like Junk

Back to the grind. Tuesday’s markets bring General Electric (GE) bonds trading like junk, DowDuPont (DWDP) marketing bonds, and emerging-markets stress forecasts.

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NY Taxpayers To Pay $48,000 Per Amazon HQ Job

WEB Notes: Can you believe this? Do you think you could open a business and receive government funding from the taxpayers? A company the size of Amazon does not need any extra financing. What a racket.

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DOW Plunges 600 Points As Apple Leads Tech Rout

WEB Notes: How many of you recall headlines like this from the last economic collapse? We had wild swings like this on a daily basis for quite a while. The other day the market went up over 500 points. It has swung back and forth a few times now. This is showing us there is a lot of instability in the market right now. Add this to…

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10 Years After The Recession, Americans Wake Up To Rising Prices

WEB Notes: Someone has to tell me where these guys have been shopping all of these years. I do not see or recall low prices. This is propaganda. You should all remember after the last economic collapse of 2007 we saw prices go up…

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The Welfare Generation: 51.7% Kids in 2017 Lived in Households Getting Govt Assistance

WEB Notes: I suppose this must be apart of that “Great Again” economy right? I wonder how many people still have the wool pulled over their eyes? When Obama was in office, they told us everything was great too. Now Trump is in office and everything is still great. The numbers in this article are not great. The 95 million working age Americans not in the work force are not great numbers. It goes like this…

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20% Of Student Loan Borrowers Can’t Make Payments Next Year

WEB Notes: Well this must be more “fake news” I guess, right along with the 95 million working age Americans who are not working. But hey, the government tells me unemployment is around 3% or so. I believe them, they would never lie to me (insert lots of sarcasm).

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The Stock Market Lost More Than $2 Trillion In October

WEB Notes: Come on folks, this has to be the best line of the year. The money just vanished right? I mean that money was there and then it was gone. I tell you what, someone has your money don’t they, but you sure don’t…

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