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Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

WEB Notes: Eventually mankind and their understanding of our earth will catch up to what the Bible says. This is going to be a pretty damning study to evolutionists, one likely to be forgotten and dismissed. The human race certainly is not 100,000 years old, closer to 8,000 years would be a bit more accurate. Regardless, we know there was an entire earth age before this one. You can learn more in our Bible study titled, “The World That Was, The First Earth Age“.

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California University Encourages Child ‘Sex Play,’ Tells Parents To Let Kids Watch Porn

WEB Notes: For the sake of repeating ourselves so soon, refer to our WEB Notes here for what Jesus thinks about these types of people. These people are some sick puppies, they should not be in a position of authority much less as educators. They are teaching filth and perversion and something that is not common sense. Only a sicko would say you should allow your children to watch porn…

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Dumb And Dumber: Why We’re Getting Less Intelligent

WEB Notes: Does this really surprise anyone? I recently had a really nice, but 30 something gentlemen try and tell me the Pacific Ocean was not salty, nor did he realize the oceans were connected. How could our education systems fail us so badly? But hey, I bet they teach a heck of a same-sex education class.

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Welsh First Minister Celebrates LGBTQ+ Sex Education

WEB Notes: This guy is going to find he is long gone if he does not change his ways and stop trying to pervert our children. Did I just judge him? Nope…

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Teacher Fighting for Job After Refusing District’s Demands To Call Students By ‘Transgender’ Names

WEB Notes: This has gone way too far, we past the point of confusion on this one years ago. Our Father is not happy or pleased in any shape or form by these acts against nature. We have discussed this in depth many times

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NASA Curiosity Rover: Mars Has Life? Building Blocks Discovered

WEB Notes: Building blocks exist on Mars they say, yet there is no life there. Why?

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5-Year-Olds To Get LGBTQ+ Sex Education In Wales

WEB Notes: This is a complete brainwashing of the public. The more these types of programs are offered, the more the public will be conditioned to it. Some will say,

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How Schools Quietly Indoctrinate Your Kids On Abortion And Transgenderism

Now, the list of subtopics the teacher gave certainly contained some red flags for Christians, conservatives, and others concerned with the West’s moral decay. More interesting, however, were the items that weren’t listed but showed up in the curriculum nonetheless—abortion, for example. In the lesson “Great Expectations: Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy,” consider what teachers are instructed by the curriculum to tell students regarding pregnancy:

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65% of Public School 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading; 67% Not Proficient in Math

WEB Notes: Maybe if they were not doing all those lock down exercises they would have some time to focus on actual school work. That is why some send their children to public school right? To be educated… Apparently that is not happening and what are the parents doing about this? We pay a lot of money in taxes for the public school system, I think we need to get what we pay for and a grade of F is not acceptable.

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‘I Feel Like My Heart Has Stopped Beating:’ Kids Open Up About The Frightening New Reality Of Regular Lockdown Drills

WEB Notes: Fear and hype. They are teaching the children to live in fear. You know what happens when you let fear rule? You stop thinking, you become paralyzed by it. They even do these lock down or “active shooter” drills in the work environment and I walked out of one once. I am not going to participate in a public brain washing and I respectfully let people know that. The people are taught how to run and hide…

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‘Massive Victory for Homeschool Families, Parental Rights’: Thousands of CA Homeschoolers Rejoice

WEB Notes: Another example of people just like you making a stand for what they believe in. We may not always win, but we can at least put forward the effort. We posted an article about this titled, “California Communists Seek Private And Homeschool Oversight“.

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Stand For The Second: Students To Walk Out For Second Amendment

WEB Notes: Let this be a lesson to you, one person can make a difference and if we all stood together, under God, we could make earth shaking changes.

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