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Canada Becomes Second Country To Legalize Marijuana Nationwide

WEB Notes: So it begins, first it was the US state of California and now the liberals in Canada think it is a good idea as well. Look for other drugs to be legalized in years to come. This is simply a stepping stone.

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America’s Budget Deficit Jumps 17% Amid Record Tax Revenue

WEB Notes: We also have this reoccurring headline, “Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes in FY 2018; Still Run $779B Deficit“. So the federal government once again collected a record amount of taxes (where did the tax cut go?) and the deficit went up 17%. Boy, how would your household work if those were your economic numbers?…

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Egypt Court Sentences 17 To Death For Attacking Christians

WEB Notes: This is actually positive news. For far too long Christians have been stabbed, blown up, you name it. I hope this helps set a new standard in Egypt and gives our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ some breathing room.

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US OKs More Than $54 Billion In Military Equipment To Foreign Nations

WEB Notes: From past articles, we know a lot of this is going to nations in the middle east to combat Iran. It sounds like more pieces are falling into place.

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North Korea Wants To ‘Ardently Welcome’ Pope Francis – South Korea

WEB Notes: There are also reports that North Korean leader Kim Jung Un is going to meet Russian President Putin. We have not heard much about the peace process lately with North Korea, you will notice we have not heard about war either, which leads me to believe that the peace process is moving forward, for now…

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U.S. Quietly Makes Progress Toward ‘Arab NATO’

WEB Notes: New readers may be wondering what this is all about. The article sums it up in this one sentence…

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U.S. Withdraws From International Accords

WEB Notes:And when he was strong, the great horn was broken“. This headline on one level should remind you of Daniel 8:8. We all know there will not be any true level of peace, Scripture has made that clear for us, (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

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Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To Tennessee’s Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment

WEB Notes: This would be a victory for the people.

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U.S. Reaches Trade Deal With Canada And Mexico, Providing Trump A Crucial Win

WEB Notes: A victory for Trump, but what about the American people? Will this bring us more jobs? Will it lower our costs on goods? Probably not. More NAFTA, which is globalism. It amazes me the degree of brainwashing that has taken place in this country. In the 90s people fought like crazy to keep NAFTA from becoming a reality. Today, they embrace the President who just re-negotiated it…

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Orange County Judge Rules California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Law Unconstitutional

WEB Notes: All we need to win is a few good men willing to make a stand. This is a big win for the people of California. No doubt the state will continue to push their agenda. These people, those in power who are removing your rights need to be removed from power and never elect them or their kind again.

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85 Members of Congress Ask FDA to Cancel Contract Purchasing Aborted Baby ‘Tissue’ for Research

WEB Notes: This is like a Frankenstein movie. Why are our tax dollars going to pay for something like this?

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Trump Secures First Trade Deal, Hailing It As ‘Historic Milestone’

President Trump and his South Korean counterpart on Monday signed the first major trade agreement finalized during Trump’s presidency – a deal which U.S. officials say will reduce a U.S. trade deficit that more than doubled since the original U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) came into effect in 2012.

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