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Texas Federal Judge Rules Affordable Health Care Act Unconstitutional

WEB Notes: Well that only took how many years? They pass these laws when they are not Constitutional and we are stuck with them. Notice, the Trump Administration said the law will remain in place for now. Surprise, surprise.

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Feds Collect Record Taxes Through November; Still Run $305.4B Deficit

WEB Notes: Record debt, record taxes for the government. You do know where taxes come from right? Your paycheck. I thought we all received a tax break? Despite record taxes, record debt, no pay raises for Americans we somehow think our government is helping us. Lord is there any hope left for the people?

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Supreme Court Gives Victory To Planned Parenthood In Medicaid Case

WEB Notes: On December 8th the Republicans failed voters and did not defund planned parenthood. Today the Supreme Court failed us.

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May Pulls Parliamentary Vote On Her Brexit Deal

WEB Notes: It was vote day for the so-called “Brexit” and she stopped the vote. No surprise, but why did they need to vote when the people already voted?…

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Australia Gets World-First Encryption Busting Laws

WEB Notes: You notice the governments of the world are always busying passing laws to pry more into your life. Who are the paranoid ones here? It would seem that government is…

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‘In God We Trust’ Returning to Public Schools, Buildings in More States

WEB Notes: This is a positive step, we have heard a lot about this in 2018.

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Our Deficits May Finally Be Coming Home To Roost

WEB Notes: Government spending is now double what it was in 2015. Remember, when Obama destroyed Bush’s spending numbers and overall debt? Trump has now destroyed Obama’s and the next President will continue the trend until this nation is destroyed…

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Syria Says U.S. Led Coalition Fired Missiles On Its Positions

WEB Notes: The article states this is rare, yet we know this happens regularly from other reports. US forces are actually in Syria and they have been there for sometime now without the permission of the Syria government. I wonder what the US response would be is Syria landed on our soil. I think we all know…

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Trump Signs New Trade Agreement With Mexico And Canada To Replace NAFTA

WEB Notes: Simple put, globalism continues on.

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Trump Proposes State-Run Television

WEB Notes: Even Obama did not suggest something like this and I bet the blind Republicans are still going to support this man. Sick. This is right out of China’s playbook and remember what Trump said about his Communist friend?…

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Kiev Declares Martial Law As World Powers Condemn The Seizure Of Ships By Putin’s Forces Near Crimea

Martial law was imposed in Ukraine for 30 days as president Petro Poroshenko warned of the “extremely serious” threat of a Russian land invasion.

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U.S. Agents Fire Tear Gas And Rubber Bullets At Hundreds Of Migrants

WEB Notes: Something has to be done to stop them. This is beyond an invasion at this point. Any failure to act by our own government will only further document the agenda is not to stop illegal immigration, but allow it.

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