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Trump, Pelosi and Schumer Have Explosive, Televised Shouting Match Over Border Wall: ‘I Won’t Take It!’

WEB Notes: You will need to head on over to the source and watch the videos. This was an embarrassment to our nations by all parties involved. Very disrespectful of the Democratic party as well in the way they addressed the President. Behind closed doors, hey, that is one thing. On national TV for the world to see is quite another.

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Prof Says Virgin Mary Didn’t Offer ‘Consent’ When Angel Gabriel Said She’d Carry Baby Jesus

WEB Notes: Apparently you do not have to be that wise to be a Professor these days if they will let people like this guy in. If someone refuses to believe in God that is their business. I will say, if I have the opportunity during the Millennial period, I would gladly go to this man to help him if that is an option for either of us.

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7.1 Magnitude Earthquake South Sandwich Islands region

Israeli Troops Raid Office Of Palestinian News Agency

WEB Notes: They went into Palestinian “territory” and removed security footage from the news agencies server room. Oh how we need Paul Harvey for the rest of the story. I can only imagine what would happen if Mexican troops invaded one of our news rooms.

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Voyager 2 Probe Moves Into Interstellar Space

WEB Notes: I just love space, it is so vast, words just cannot describe it. The last two paragraphs below are great. This gives you an idea of just how vast the universe is…

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Record Count Reported For Mysterious Paralyzing Illness

WEB Notes: With all the vaccines people take these days and we have this? Don’t worry readers, they go to the vaccine corner in this article. For those trying to understand the truth about vaccines, listen to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and then make up your own mind.

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The Stock Market’s Severe Drop: Normal Pullback Or An Ominous Sign?

WEB Notes: Everyone is beginning to talk about it. Just yesterday the market was down again over 400 points and rallied to close up 34. I expected some recovery and there may be more yet to come. But the signs seem to be building, economic uncertainty is here.

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Supreme Court Gives Victory To Planned Parenthood In Medicaid Case

WEB Notes: On December 8th the Republicans failed voters and did not defund planned parenthood. Today the Supreme Court failed us.

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May Pulls Parliamentary Vote On Her Brexit Deal

WEB Notes: It was vote day for the so-called “Brexit” and she stopped the vote. No surprise, but why did they need to vote when the people already voted?…

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Pig Hearts Could Soon Be Tested In Humans After Scientists Pass Important Milestone

WEB Notes: Talk about an abomination. Pigs are unclean for food and that would certainly include inserting their body parts into our bodies. On another note, pigs are commonly used as they share 98% of our DNA, that reminds me…

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CBC Tells Canadians To Have ‘Fewer’ Children To Stop ‘Climate Crisis’

WEB Notes: This is like China and their one child policy. We are being told more and more than the reason of climate change, formerly called global warming is due to mankind…

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Dow Drops Another 558 Point, Gains Wiped Out For Year

WEB Notes: The day before yesterday the market was down roughly 400. Overall the market dropped 4% for the week. It goes to show you how quickly everything could be wiped out. The most interesting part to me is…

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