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What Will These Mortgage Rates Do to Homeowners Trying to Refinance, Homebuyers, and Mortgage Lenders?

WEB Notes: We figured at the beginning of the year, the market had about another year or two left in it. It is sure starting to look like that is correct. Good read here.

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U.S. Judge Strikes Down Texas Law Requiring Burial or Cremation of Aborted Babies

WEB Notes: So a Federal Judge overruled state law. What happened to the right of the states? What a lack of value for life here. If the baby is murdered by a doctor, it is discarded as “medical waste”. Lord have mercy on our souls.

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Putin Wants A Peace Treaty With Japan ‘Before The End Of This Year’

WEB Notes: There has been a fair amount of peace buildup this year. The biggest being North Korea which is still a project in the works. Now Japan and Russia are working toward peace, a subject that has been avoided for 70 years between the two nations. Prophecy comes to pass daily. How does it all end? “The Timeline of the Tribulation

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Georgia School Reinstates Paddle Policy

WEB Notes: This is fantastic. Our world needs more discipline, the lack of discipline is one of the reasons why it is a mixed up mess. The ol “paddle” or “stick” as some call it is a great motivator to do what is right. This is right inline with the Bible in case you are wondering…

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Study: More Than Half of Trans Male Teens Attempt Suicide

WEB Notes: 51% of male and 30% of female transexual teens have attempted suicide. They have attempted to take their own life and you have some states saying Christians cannot help them with their lifestyle decision? These kids need help, they need Jesus Christ in their heart. They are confused and need direction.

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17 Years After 9/11, US Counts Al Qaeda Among Allies in Syria, Yemen

WEB Notes: The US did not just begin to work with Al Qaeda openly and officially. They have been doing it for years. It should be no secret to anyone who keeps their head out of the sand.

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EU Pushes Internet Firms To Remove Extremist Content In One Hour

WEB Notes: This is the great push to remove content that goes along with the accepted global belief and Jesus Christ is not a part of that. We should stand strong against the ideal of banning content. If you do not like the content, close the browser, problem solved. We do not need to ban content, it is peoples right to say what they want and believe what they want. It is why we are here today, to decide whether we follow God, or Satan.

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Russia Launches Biggest Ever War Games, China Participates

WEB Notes: The nations are going to do what the nations are going to do. No, Russia is not going to drop a nuke on the US. Relax.

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Man Accused Of Switchblade Assault On GOP Congressional Candidate

WEB Notes: Something like this just happened in South America, now it takes place here in the US. I would say, “what is the world coming too,” but we already know.

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America Moves Closer To Being A Cashless Society

WEB Notes: Personally, I am not going to shop at a place that forces me into using some app to pay for my purchase. If cash or plastic does not work, so sorry on to the next store, for now. I understand why some companies prefer this payment method. There is no cash to account for and count, no worries of it being stolen by an employee and the list goes on. Even so, enabling a policy that is cashless only, is a grave mistake.

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Hurricane Florence Path Update: Latest Tracker Predictions, Evacuation Zones

WEB Notes: All of you in the path of the storm, be very careful, this sounds like a powerful one. Our prayers for saftey go out to you all.

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Things Are So Dire in Brazil That Millions Are Refusing to Vote

WEB Notes: Imagine if we did that here. Imagine if we all refused to vote in the shame we call elections… Imagine if we, as a nation turned back to God. You think everything is okay in this nation because the stock market says so? You must be five cans short of a six-pack. Stick around and read some of the headlines here. This nation is bankrupt financially (in debt) and morally.

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